India Adventures: About The Show

24 contestants. 4 unknown locations. 1 SUV. NDTV and Renault Duster present India Adventures – a show which combines reality with travel and a whole lot of thrilling adventures as four teams of contestants land in an Indian city unknown to them to compete with each other in a gripping contest.

With only the new Renault Duster AMT to help them cross the finish line first. It is a war of wits as the chemistry and commitment between the participants as pairs of a parent-child, siblings, spouses – is laid bare as they battle it out and race against time and their competitors to win challenging tasks that leads them to the grand finale in the difficult yet majestic terrain of Ladakh.

In the series, contestants will race against time, against other teams, and will race to win an all-expenses paid trip to 2016 Paris Motor Show.

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