भारत में नई बाइक और कारें
एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस -
₹ 9.8 - 13.55 लाख
Check 6 वेरिएंट
₹ 10.85 - 13.75 लाख
Check 7 वेरिएंट
से ईएमआई शुरू
18,309 9% / 5 yrs
कस्टमाइज एमी

महिंद्राथार कीमत

महिंद्राथार ex-showroom price starts at ₹ 9.8 लाख and goes upto ₹ 13.75 लाख. The top variant महिंद्राथार on road price is ₹ 15.98 लाख*. महिंद्रा offers थार in 13 variants

वेरिएंट एक्स-शोरूम स्पेसिफिकेशन कम्पेयर

Thar AX Standard Manual Soft Top 6 Seater

9.8 लाख 1997 cc, Petrol, 15.2 Kmpl, Manual

Thar AX Manual Soft Top 6 Seater

10.85 लाख 1997 cc, Petrol, 15.2 Kmpl, Manual

Thar AX OPT Manual 4 Seater Convertible Top

11.9 लाख 1997 cc, Petrol, 15.2 Kmpl, Manual

Thar LX Manual Hard Top 4 seater

12.95 लाख 1997 cc, Petrol, 15.2 Kmpl, Manual

Thar LX Automatic 4 Seater Convertible Top

13.45 लाख 1997 cc, Petrol, 15.2 Kmpl, Automatic

Thar LX Automatic 4 Seater Hard Top

13.55 लाख 1997 cc, Petrol, 15.2 Kmpl, Automatic

Thar AX Manual 6 Seater Soft Top Diesel

10.85 लाख 2184 cc, Diesel, 13 Kmpl, Manual

Thar AX OPT Manual 4 Seater Convertible Top Diesel

12.1 लाख 2184 cc, Diesel, 13 Kmpl, Manual

Thar AX OPT Manual 4 Seater Hard Top Diesel

12.2 लाख 2184 cc, Diesel, 13 Kmpl, Manual

Thar LX Manual 4 seatetr Convertible Top Diesel

12.85 लाख 2184 cc, Diesel, 13 Kmpl, Manual

Thar LX Manual 4 seatetr Hard Top Diesel

12.95 लाख 2184 cc, Diesel, 13 Kmpl, Manual

Thar LX Automatic 4 Seater Convertible Top Diesel

13.65 लाख 2184 cc, Diesel, 13 Kmpl, Automatic

Thar LX Automatic 4 Seater Hard Top Diesel

13.75 लाख 2184 cc, Diesel, 13 Kmpl, Automatic

महिंद्राथार कीमत

एक्स-शोरूम 9,80,000
इंश्योरेंस 26,720
आरटीओ अमाउंट 85,750
टीसीएस 0
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 10.92 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 10,85,000
इंश्योरेंस 29,537
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,35,625
टीसीएस 10,850
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 12.61 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 11,90,000
इंश्योरेंस 32,352
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,48,750
टीसीएस 11,900
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 13.83 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 12,95,000
इंश्योरेंस 35,168
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,61,875
टीसीएस 12,950
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 15.05 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 13,45,000
इंश्योरेंस 36,508
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,68,125
टीसीएस 13,450
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 15.63 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 13,55,000
इंश्योरेंस 36,776
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,69,375
टीसीएस 13,550
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 15.75 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 10,85,000
इंश्योरेंस 29,537
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,35,625
टीसीएस 10,850
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 12.61 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 12,10,000
इंश्योरेंस 32,889
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,51,250
टीसीएस 12,100
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 14.06 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 12,20,000
इंश्योरेंस 33,156
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,52,500
टीसीएस 12,200
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 14.18 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 12,85,000
इंश्योरेंस 34,900
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,60,625
टीसीएस 12,850
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 14.93 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 12,95,000
इंश्योरेंस 35,168
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,61,875
टीसीएस 12,950
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 15.05 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 13,65,000
इंश्योरेंस 37,044
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,70,625
टीसीएस 13,650
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 15.86 लाख
एक्स-शोरूम 13,75,000
इंश्योरेंस 37,312
आरटीओ अमाउंट 1,71,875
टीसीएस 13,750
अनुमानित ओन-रोड प्राइस* 15.98 लाख

लेटेस्ट अपडेट थार

The 2020 Mahindra Thar is launched in India. The prices for the base AX trim start at Rs. 9.80 lakh and go up to Rs. 13.75 lakh for the top LX trim. The new-generation of the Thar offers wider appeal and is much more sophisticated when it comes to design, engine options and even equipment. The new Thar 2020 is built on a new body-on-frame platform and is significantly bigger than its predecessor. However, it continues to retain its boxy silhouette and we are definitely not complaining about that! The AX range will have 16-inch steel wheels, less equipment and no automatic gearboxes while the higher spec LX or lifestyle trim will have bigger 18-inch alloy wheels, automatic gearbox options and more features.

Mahindra Thar 2020

The Mahindra Thar 4x4 off-road SUV has received a major generation upgrade in 2020, and it comes with a new chassis, new powertrain options, yet manages to retain its charm and off-roading characteristics. The Thar has received a generation upgrade after 10 years, and the new-gen model will come in two series AX series & LX series, the former being an off-road-focused offering and the latter will come with more lifestyle-oriented features.

Thar 2020 Styling & Design

The new Mahindra Thar 2020 is more attractive and upmarket than ever. And the changes point to one direction; lifestyle. Mahindra wants to build onto that very word when it comes to the Thar. The upright nose features circular headlamps and a seven slat grille. The hood too gets some muscle on it and has been raised and the bumper and arches round off to make it ready for pedestrian protection. It looks wider than before and the plastic cladding gives it that lifestyle quotient. As with all modern cars, there are LED DRLs integrated into the front fender, while the fog lamps are integrated into the bumper and that adds to its signature look. At the rear, the stand-out element remains the new LED taillights with the Thar badge in the centre. The spare wheel too remains and it all looks very Thar-ish.

New Mahindra Thar Interiors & Exteriors

The new Mahindra Thar comes with an all-black cabin giving it an upmarket appeal with sporty seats and a host of creature comforts as compared to the older Thar. It now gets a new 7-touchscreen infotainment system featuring Apple Car Play & Android Auto with an integrated voice command. Interestingly, the washable interiors of the Thar make the off-roading experience more stress-free. Also, the buttons and controls on the new Thar are IP54 certified, meaning it is dust and water-resistant, built to withstand off-roading adventures.

The cabin has been reasonably upgraded in the features department as well and gets a touchscreen infotainment system for the very first time. It's a new 7.0-inch unit which has in-built navigation and smartphone integration like Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. It even shows data like angle of articulation and tilt, compass for direction and water wadding depth while off-roading and has dedicated on road display as well. In fact, the screen can be customised as well to display data from off-road and on-road settings. Other features include manual HVAC, power windows, two USB ports, one 12 V power socket, remote locking, central locking dual front airbags, rear parking sensors and speed alert system among others.

In terms of off-road equipment, the new Thar gets a mechanical 4x4 transfer case as standard with four-wheel low, four-wheel high and two-wheel drive modes and has a low crawl ration of 42:1 which can multiply the low end torque by 2.48 times. It is equipped with an independent suspension at the front while the rear gets a multi-link unit. The rear axle comes with a mechanical locking differential as well and the electronic stability program (ESP) helps shift traction to the right wheel, precisely when needed. It has a water wading ability of 650 mm with and an unladen ground clearance of 226 mm, which will differ in the variants equipped with 16-inch wheels. There is an approach angle of 42 degrees, ramp-over angle of 27 degrees and a departure angle of 37 degrees that should be more than adequate in case you want to take your Thar off-roading.

Performance & Mileage – Petrol & Diesel

Under the hood, the new Thar 2020 comes with a 2.2-litre mHawk diesel engine and a brand new 2.0-litre mStallion turbocharged petrol. Both comply with the latest BS6 emission regulation. The updated diesel engine makes 130 bhp and 300 Nm of torque, whereas the all-new turbo petrol mill develops 150 bhp and 320 Nm of power figures. Transmission duties will be carried out by a 6-speed manual gearbox and a 6-speed torque converter automatic transmission. There’s a 4x4 available as well and a mechanical differential where you'll be able to engage 4L and 4H. As of now, Mahindra hasn’t revealed the mileage figures for the SUV.


In terms of creature comforts, the new Mahindra Thar comes with new, more comfortable seats that are upholstered in premium fabric, and the LX series, in particular, comes with forward-facing rear seats along with features like roof-mounted weather-resistant speakers, a colour multi-info display for the instrument cluster, automatic climate control, a rear-view camera, tilt-adjustable steering wheel with mounted audio controls, cruise control, power-folding mirrors, keyless entry, rear de-mister and more.

Safety Features

In terms of safety, the new Mahindra Thar SUV comes equipped with dual airbags, ABS with EBD, cruise control, hill-hold and hill descent control, ESP, ISOFIX child seat mounts and rear parking assist system. It also gets passenger airbag deactivation switch, seat belt reminder, speed sensing front door locks, vehicle over-speed warning and more.


Mahindra Thar: Modified vs Old

The Mahindra Thar has been around since 2010, and there's no doubt the car had a cult following – despite being crude and limited in its appeal. Now a new one has arrived, and it very obviously surpasses the old car in numerous ways. The new car becomes plusher, more practical and more universal, and yes, comparing it to the old one is something all of you were looking forward to. Compared to the old Thar, the new one gets a raised hood for pedestrian crash safety. The wheelbase is much tighter too. You still have the exposed hinges and some elements that have been carried over and those big fenders, all the cladding and of course all the wide bumpers add to the stance. In a nutshell, one look, and you'll know straight away that this is a new Thar and the good part is that it's very recognizable as a Thar. It's the finish; it's the metalwork. You can straight away tell that in terms of quality, Mahindra has taken it up a notch.

Similar SUVs

In India, the Mahindra Thar doesn’t have a direct rival in this segment right now, but Force Motors’ will soon launch its BS6 Gurkha to compete with the Thar. However, we also have similar retro-styled off-roaders in the luxury segment like the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon and the upcoming Land Rover Defender. Globally there is the Jeep Wrangler and the new Ford Bronco as well.

Thar 2020 On-road Price

The estimated on-road price of Thar 2020 base variant is 11.05 Lakh.

Pros & Cons of New Thar

Pros Cons
Powerful Petrol Engine LX Series Is Not Premium Enough
Gets Automatic Option Less Rear Seat Space
New Platform Technology Bumpy Ride Quality
Strong Off-Road Prowess  
Gets More Creature Comforts  

Final Verdict

The Mahindra Thar 2020 has come a long way from the previous-gen model and with the new lifestyle variants, it will attract a lot of car buyers who are not necessarily looking for an off-road SUV. We have already done an extensive review on the new Thar, you can check it out here : New Mahindra Thar Review; SUV Tested Off-Road Too.

Upcoming महिंद्रा Models are the eKUV100, New TUV300, S204, New XUV500, New TUV300 Plus, eXUV300 and New Scorpio

महिंद्राथार माइलेज

21%better mileage than other SUV
57.0 L Fuel Tank Capacity

महिंद्राथार mileage is 13 to 15.2 Kmpl, as per ARAI. The Manual Petrol engine has a mileage of 15.2 Kmpl. The Automatic Petrol engine has a mileage of 15.2 Kmpl. The Manual Diesel engine has a mileage of 13 Kmpl. The Automatic Diesel engine has a mileage of 13 Kmpl.

Fuel TypeTransmissionMileage
Petrol Manual 15.2 Kmpl
Petrol Automatic 15.2 Kmpl
Diesel Manual 13 Kmpl
Diesel Automatic 13 Kmpl

पर नयी वीडियो महिंद्राथार

महिंद्राथार एक्सपर्ट रिव्यू

The Mahindra Thar is a legend to some, definitely very desirable to many, and just plain exciting to most. But since its arrival in 2010, the Thar always stopped at mere conversation because the actual car was far from practical. That is, until now. Everything has changed with its second generation. The new Mahindra Thar is slicker, sexier, safer, and more sophisticated in every sense of that last word. Be it the engineering or the design. The new Thar also gets new distinguishable variants with the AX targeted at hardcore adventure enthusiasts, while the LX or lifestyle variant aims to be more versatile. So, it is this urban version of the Mahindra Thar that we are driving. But is it just all for show? That's what we intend to find out.


The new-generation remains every bit the Thar offered in only the three-door avatar, and yet immensely modern and better finished. Does it look like a Jeep Wrangler? Yes, but the reasons for that are not exactly what you may think. The metal and paint on its body panels, the styling and shaping of said metal, the plastic parts like the fenders, wheel arches and even the hardtop - all so much better done than before. The daytime running lights on the fenders are a nice touch, but having xenons or LED headlamps as an optional extra at least would also have been nice. The LED taillights are a nice design detail, as is the split tailgate. The hood is raised and it now meets pedestrian and crash safety while adding more heft to the design. The exposed door hinges and rugged wheels are very much in keeping with the Thar. But, let's talk about that controversial grille. Mahindra has had to work its way around copyright issues and what you get then is a slightly more evolved version of the vertical slats. A new design direction that retains a part of the brand's shared history. On the whole, the car's design is very butch but slickly finished. It is very appealing and even more universally desirable than before.


The design of the cabin has come a long way. The steering used to be a little off-centre is now where it's meant to be! The appearance has changed with a properly designed dash and instrument console that looks more modern. The plastics feel reasonably good, as do the well-cushioned seats. In fact, both are washable if you get dirt or mud on them. The ergonomically placed buttons and a better quality of materials make the Thar's cabin way more appealing. There's a 7-inch touchscreen infotainment system with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. The instrumentation is simple yet smart, and there is a screen within the dials to give you car and trip information. Steering mounted controls and a very strong AC round things off. The fan on that AC is a bit noisy though and feels like it's at a higher number even when you set fan speed at 1. The rear is new to the urban LX - since it gets a two-seater front-facing bench with three-point seatbelts. There's decent knee-room, but it's still small for bigger individuals. On very log drives, the rear is best suited for kids and it still needs to be accessed from the front seat. The seat has a 50:50 split so you can fold them for additional luggage space and increase the limited boot space available.

There are fixed glass windows in the hardtop and removable ones. You get the rear speakers mounted on the roof - which is a nice touch. The convertible has a simple catch release that lets you fold the canvas top all the way back and down behind the seats. You can also unscrew the entire roof fitment altogether and put it away to become a true open-top jeep as it were. You also get the car's real-time adventure readouts. The MID unit also shows you engine output in its on-road avatar. An outside temperature reading would''ve been nice given how outdoorsy this car is. So that's a definite miss.

Drive Experience

We began by driving the diesel Thar on tarmac with a highway run. The 2.2-litre mHawk diesel common rail unit that makes 130 bhp. It also has 300 Nm of peak torque that kicks in nice and early at 1600 rpm and travels in a wide band to 2800 rpm. So even though like on the last car, the focus is on low-end torque you get more of it on the new one. The engine feels very pliable, and the gearbox is married to it nicely. It is a new manual transmission that the Thar gets and yes it is progressive - a 6-Speed. All that torque means frequent gear changes are not necessary, even in traffic. The new 6-speed is smooth and takes the whole experience to a different level over the predecessor. The motor is also quieter than the older one with the performance outright impressive. Pickup is good, and the car also cruises comfortably. The brakes, however, lack precision and get even more squidgy on wet surfaces.

It's an all-new engine that powers the new Thar petrol. The 2.0-litre Stallion turbocharged petrol engine makes a healthy 150 bhp and 320 Nm of peak torque. The motor is more powerful than the diesel and there's minimal lag. A 6-speed gearbox is offered in manual and torque convertor options, and both are calibrated well. Power is available at your disposal and the new Mahindra Thar feels very planted. The ride quality is pretty good - almost plush. So the car has a very comfortable feel and there are no vibrations anywhere. The car handles much better than before. The stiffness and short wheelbase give it good road manners, and it does much better around corners now, than the old car did. Four-wheel drive is standard across the range, and the suspension - while stiff, has been tuned well to give you a good balance of on-road comfort and off-road requirements.

Speaking of which, it was time to take the new Mahindra Thar off-road through slush, ruts and deep ditches. The SUV has a dedicated torque split transfer case, a mechanical rear diff, and an easy to use shift on the fly. We did not need to engage four-wheel drive all through and rarely had to go to 4 low. The suspension is perfectly tuned to endure punishment and is very forgiving. Comfort is not compromised much even though the chassis is pretty stiff on the whole. The Thar has an approach angle of 41.2 degrees on the AX with 16" wheels, and 41.8 degrees on the LX. The departure angle is 36 and 36.8 degrees respectively. The ramp-over angle is at 26.2 for the AX and 27 degrees for the LX. The ground clearance is at 226 mm for the LX and 219 mm for the AX. The car's water wading capability stands at a 650 mm depth.


The new-generation Mahindra Thar not only meets all the latest and future safety and pedestrian safety norms, it also gets a host of equipment as well. Features like dual airbags, ABS, reverse parking sensors and ISOFIX child seat anchors are standard on the SUV. The top variants also get ESC, while the automatic versions come with hill hold and hill descent features. The AX version still gets side facing rear benches but are likely to be discontinued in the interest of safety. The reverse parking sensors though aren't the most responsive, while the lack of a reverse camera even as an option is hard to ignore.


The new Mahindra Thar is priced from Rs. 9.80 lakh going all the way up to Rs. 13.75 lakh. So, shelling out just a little more than Rs. 10 lakh for a 4x4 with great off-road capabilities is pretty good a price but yes the top-end model is pretty steep when it comes to pricing.



  • Impressive new design and overall build quality

  • A feature-rich cabin that is on par with some modern SUVs

  • Excellent ride quality and refinement levels

  • Powerful petrol and diesel engines and well-calibrated transmissions



  • The grille remains a controversial piece of design

  • Brakes lack feedback and feel very spongy

  • No reverse camera even as an option


What we have been doing today leaves us with wanting more. More hard-core off-road madness, more adventure and more time with this tyke. We think that Mahindra has the potential to go even plusher and offer us a glitzier version of the Thar still. The family - and yes it should be a family - has plenty of room to grow. Yes, we are hinting at a five-door version. However, in its three-door avatar, the new Thar is so much desirable and a quantum leap ahead of its predecessor.

महिंद्राथार स्पेसिफिकेशन

इंजन सीसी 1997/2184 cc
माइलेज 13 - 15.2 Kmpl
अधिकतम पावर 130/150 bhp
अधिकतम टॉर्क 300/320 Nm
फ्यूल Petrol/ Diesel
ट्रांसमिशन Manual/ Automatic
लंबाई/चौड़ाई/ऊंचाई 3985/1855/1500 mm

महिंद्राथार फीचर्स

  • ब्रेक लॉकिंग डिफरेंशियल

  • मैकेनिकल लॉकिंग डिफरेंशियल

  • तैलगाते माउंटेड स्पेयर व्हील

  • मैन्युअल डे-नाईट irvm

  • डैशबोर्ड ग्रैब हैंडल फॉर फ्रंट पैसेंजर

  • Centre Roof Lamp

  • बोतल होल्डर इन फ्रंट डोर्स

  • लोकबले ग्लोवबॉक्स

  • इल्लुमिनटेड के रिंग

महिंद्राथार के कलर्स

महिंद्राथार Red Rage

Red Rage
Available for all variants.

महिंद्राथार Aqua Marine

Aqua Marine
Available for all variants.

महिंद्राथार Mystic Copper

Mystic Copper
Available for all variants.

महिंद्राथार Napoli Black

Napoli Black
Available for all variants.

महिंद्राथार Galaxy Grey

Galaxy Grey
Available for all variants.

महिंद्राथार Rocky Beige

Rocky Beige
Available for all variants.

महिंद्राथार FAQs

  • What is the On-Road & Ex Showroom Price of Mahindra Thar ?

    Mahindra Thar ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 9.8 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 13.75 Lakh. The Mahindra Thar on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 15.98 Lakh.
  • What is the mileage of Mahindra Thar ?

    As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Mahindra Thar base Diesel returns 13 Kmpl, whereas its base Petrol counterpart gives 15.2 Kmpl.
  • What is the Seating capacity of Mahindra Thar?

    Mahindra Thar has a seating capacity of 6 people.
  • What are the variants of Mahindra Thar 2020 ?

    Mahindra Thar 2020 comes with a total of 13 variants. AX, AX Optional and LX.
  • What are the color options that will be available for Mahindra Thar 2020 ?

    The Thar will be offered in 6 colours, Red Rage, Mystic Copper, Galaxy Grey, Napoli Black, Rocky Beige, Aquamarine.
  • What is the Crash Test Rating of Mahindra Thar ?

    New Mahindra Thar received 4 star for adult and 4 star for child in the safety crash test result recently conducted by Global NCAP.

कार्स जैसे थार


(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस New Delhi)
1997 CC
130 bhp
15.2 Kmpl

ह्युंडई क्रेटा

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
1497 CC
113 bhp@6300 rpm
16.8 Kmpl

किया सेल्टोस

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
1497 CC
113 bhp@6300 rpm
16.5 Kmpl

रेनो डस्टर

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
1498 CC
105 bhp@5600 rpm
13.06 Kmpl

एमजी हेक्टर प्लस

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
1451 CC
141 bhp@5000 rpm
17 Kmpl

टाटा नेक्सन ईवी

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
127 bhp@ rpm
312 Km/Full Charge

जीप कम्पास

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
1368 CC
161 bhp@5500 rpm
14.3 Kmpl

फॉक्सवैगन टी-रॉक

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
1498 CC
147 bhp@5000-6000 rpm
16 Kmpl

एमजी जेडएस ईवी

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
141 bhp@3500 rpm
340 Km/Full Charge

ह्युंडई कोना इलेक्ट्रिक

(एक्स-शोरूम प्राइस नई दिल्ली)
134 bhp@ rpm
452 Km/Full Charge

महिंद्राथार के लिए बैंक से लोन की सुविधा

कीमत 13,75,000 ( में एक्स-शोरूम कीमत)
60 महीनें
  • लोन अमाउंट
  • ब्याज देय
  • कुल लोन पेमेंट
एक्स-शोरूम कीमत के हिसाब से जोड़ा गया
महिंद्रा ईकेयूवी100

महिंद्रा ईकेयूवी100

(अनुमानित कीमत: ₹ 8 - 9 लाख)
महिंद्रा टीयूवी300

महिंद्रा टीयूवी300

(अनुमानित कीमत: ₹ 8 - 12 लाख)
महिंद्रा एस204

महिंद्रा एस204

(अनुमानित कीमत: ₹ 10 - 13 लाख)
महिंद्रा न्यू एक्सयूवी500

महिंद्रा न्यू एक्सयूवी500

(अनुमानित कीमत: ₹ 25 - 32 लाख)
महिंद्रा नई टीयूवी300 प्लस

महिंद्रा नई टीयूवी300 प्लस

(अनुमानित कीमत: ₹ 10 - 12 लाख)
महिंद्रा एकशूव 300

महिंद्रा एकशूव 300

(अनुमानित कीमत: ₹ 18.6 - 19.6 लाख)
महिंद्रा नई स्कॉर्पियो

महिंद्रा नई स्कॉर्पियो

(अनुमानित कीमत: ₹ 9.5 - 15 लाख)
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