Coronavirus Pandemic: Bugatti Continues Vehicle Development During Lockdown

Even Bugatti has suspended production of the Chiron and Divo at the Molsheim production facility and in the meantime engineers are utilizing their time in the development of its hyper sport car.

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Due to the current situation, all test drives have to be carried out alone.


  • Due to the current crisis, all test drives have to be carried out alone.
  • Engineers has to make frequent stops while test driving.
  • The company has to keep a track of the real-time data.

Work from home has become the new normal ever since the Coronavirus pandemic forced the world to stay indoors and maintain social distancing. Automakers like Bugatti, which has suspended production, but employees have channelised their resources for product development. Bugatti has suspended production of the Chiron and Divo at the Molsheim production facility and in the meantime Lars Fischer, head of chassis testing and application at Bugatti along with Sven Bohnhorst, chassis setup engineer are continuing testing the hyper sports cars from Molsheim.

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Bohnhorst and Fischer analyzing data from the damper and steering of the new Chiron Pur Sport.

Speaking about the change in his work environment, Fischer said," Although we are not working in the office at present, we are constantly developing the vehicles further and driving numerous kilometres at the test sites and on public roads. This means we are still on schedule. At the moment, we agree every morning on which applications we want to test over the next two days so that we can react quickly to new situations. Normally we would plan our tasks in advance on a weekly basis."

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Fischer checks the data from the test drive.


Usually, there are two engineers working on test drives for the Chiron or Divo so that the tests can be driven according to the checklist and the real time data can be recorded. Bohnhorst has his expertise in steering and damper calibration and has helped to develop cars such as the Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300 Plus. "Since we always maintain the recommended safe distance from our colleagues and this is not possible in a car, we are currently driving solo," Bohnhorst said. He now has to stop to use the computer so that he can change certain test parameters. This means that calibration takes a longer time of up to 30 percent as some test facilities have only a few stopping points but the data obtained is as accurate as ever. The engineers are currently working in shifts and are alternating between three vehicles, sitting in the car for up to seven hours in a bid to comply with the currently applicable occupational safety regulations.

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