Hyderabad Man Builds Coronavirus Car To Raise Awareness

The single-seater four-wheeler is powered by a 100 cc engine and has been built like the Coronavirus to raise awareness about the ongoing crisis.

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The Coronavirus car is powered by a 100 cc engine and can travel up to 40 km


  • The Corona car has been bullt by K. Sudhakar of Sudha Car Museum
  • The one-off example has been created to raise awareness in Hyderabad
  • Telangana has reported over 400 positive Coronavirus cases so far

The Coronavirus pandemic is the modern-day plague and we need to take every precaution necessary to keep ourselves and our loved ones safe. However, despite a lot of effort, there are new cases coming up every day and more awareness is needed about the crisis at hand. Contributing towards raising awareness on COVID-19, Hyderabad's Sudha Car Museum has revealed a very interesting Corona car on the streets of the Telangana capital. The car has been designed to look like the novel coronavirus infection. Sudha Car Museum owner Kanyaboyina Sudhakar is the brains behind this project and managed to develop the car in just 10 days.

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The Coronavirus-shaped car is a single-seater four-wheeler that is powered by a 100 cc engine. The car car can travel up to 40 km and will be mainly used to raise awareness about the fatal infection caused by the COVID-19 virus. So far, the state of Telangana has over 400 positive cases of the virus with the death toll mounting to seven people. About 35 people have recovered from the infection. 


The now discontinued Corona (from Toyota) was just the name of a car before being known as a deadly virus

This isn't the first time Sudhakar has taken up crazy projects to raise awareness. Previously, the museum owner had built a condom-shaped bike to spread awareness about AIDS, and a helmet-shaped car for road safety. He also built a cigarette-shaped vehicle in the past urging people to kick the bud.


Given the current situation, it's all the more important to stay indoors and maintain hygiene to avoid further spread of the Coronavirus. Please do not step outside unless necessary and if you have to, remember to wear a mask. Stay home, stay safe!

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