Smart Hybrid - The First Step Towards Green Mobility

Smart Hybrid is Maruti Suzuki's innovation and initiative towards a cleaner environment and efficient cars. Smart Hybrid re-uses the energy produced during braking and idle start stop function to increase fuel-efficiency of the vehicle and lower the emissions.

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Maruti Suzuki has been offering cars with Smart Hybrid system for a while now

Today we live in the 'Smart Age'. Our cell phones, our watches, our televisions, everything is becoming smart, and with the changing regulations and the technological advancements in the auto industry, our cars too come with the same prefix - Smart. The future is electric, and there no denying that, however, before we move towards eco-friendly, zero-emissions electric cars, there's a lot we need to know about the technologies that are more relevant to the Indian market. Technologies that are steppingstones for our entry into the world of electric mobility. Yes, we are talking about Smart Hybrid!

Maruti Suzuki has been bringing cars to India with the Smart Hybrid system for a while now, and the technology is offered in car models like the Ciaz, Brezza, Ertiga, Baleno, S-Cross and the XL6. Cars with Smart Hybrid technology are not just great to drive, but also offer better fuel efficiency, and that's something that every Indian car buyer looks for, isn't it? In fact, the concept of Smart Hybrid has gone beyond that and is a lifestyle statement now. This is the future and it is available now for one and all in the country. But before you decide to buy one, it is important to understand this technology.

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Maruti Suzuki Cars

Understanding Smart Hybrid Technology

While Maruti calls it a 'Smart Hybrid', the technology itself comes under the more generic term of 'Mild Hybrid' category. Cars equipped with a mild-hybrid system are designed to offer good fuel economy, better drivability, and, of course, improved performance. However, the main reason why Maruti Suzuki calls its technology a Smart Hybrid is because, the system comes with an ISG (Integrated Starter Generator) and an advanced dual-battery system, which assists the engine's power during acceleration, thereby resulting in improved engine efficiency.

The ISG uses the hybrid system's regenerative braking function to generates electric power which charges the dual batteries on the go. To simply put, the kinetic energy that is generated by the vehicle while braking is converted to electric energy and then stored in the car's advanced dual battery setup, which, in turn, effectively increases the efficiency and performance.

But there is more, a Smart Hybrid system also comes with Idle Stop/Start function, which let us tell you, is of great use in our country where we have to drive through bumper to bumper traffic every day. What it does is, when you are waiting for someone and have kept the engine on, this system shuts off the engine. When you ready to move, just pressing the clutch activates the ignition and the car is started again, thus making sure that there's no fuel loss when the car is in idle.

Today, when frugality and being environment-friendly is the key discussion topics, it is great to know that an Indian manufacturer took a head-start as early as 2015 with the introduction of Smart Hybrid in its line-up.

Here's Why It's Right For You

Today vehicular pollution is escalating in metro cities in India, the smart way, going forward, is to make mild hybrids the norm. By offering its Smart Hybrid technology on a wide range of cars, Maruti Suzuki has already taken the leap to contributing towards cleaner and greener tomorrow. The technology today is available on Maruti Suzuki Ciaz, Ertiga, Baleno, Vitara Brezza, S-Cross and XL6. Also, unlike conventional hybrids, these Smart Hybrid cars in by Maruti Suzuki are cost-efficient, and at the same time, help reduce emissions while also helping you cut your fuel cost.

Now, especially, with India moving towards green cars, Smart Hybrid cars are definitely the right starting point.

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