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BMW CE 02 Urban Electric Two-Wheeler Debuts With Over 90 km Range

Designed for cities and urban areas, BMW says that the new CE 02 is neither an e-motorbike nor an e-scooter, but rather an ‘eParkourer’
The BMW CE 02 features large wheels for a robust ride. The frame, wheels, front fender, and triple clamp fairing are presented in black colour
Design of the CE 02
For those seeking a more vibrant appearance, there is a Highline version as well that comes with elements such as gold-anodized forks and a tape design with Petrol as a contrasting colour
Highline Version
The new BMW CE 02 has two standard riding modes: "Flow" and "Surf." The "Flow" mode is for smooth cruising in urban traffic, while the "Surf" mode is for a more spirited riding experience
Ride Modes
It comes in multiple variants depending riders and legal requirements. As standard it comes with a 15bhp motor with a top speed of 95 kmph. There is also a low-speed 4 kW version that comes with a top-speed of 45 kmph
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