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Coming soon: A New Electric Motorcycle Brand From the US!

India hasn’t seen too many performance-oriented electric motorcycles as yet, but this will soon change thanks to one of Hero MotoCorp’s strategic partners. Read on for more details
Zero’s EVs Are Coming to India
Hero MotoCorp has revealed it will be introducing the Zero Motorcycles portfolio in the Indian market, and Zero’s models will also be manufactured in the country
Why Hero Chose Zero
This partnership enables the marriage of Zero’s expertise in building electric two-wheelers with Hero’s manufacturing, sourcing, marketing and distribution capabilities
Zero’s Present Model Line-Up
Zero’s portfolio comprises dual-sport models, naked bikes, an adventure-tourer as well as a fully-faired sport bike. The bikes employ battery packs ranging from 7.2 kWh to 17.3 kWh
Hero’s Investment With Zero
Having made a substantial $60 million (approx. ₹ 490 crore) investment in the California-based company in 2022, Hero had previously said it will also co-develop electric two-wheelers with Zero
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