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Countries With The Cheapest Driving Test in the World!

The top three countries that have the most affordable driving tests in the world are in Asia. Where does India rank? Read on to find out!
India Has the 2nd Most Affordable Driving Test
When it comes to the cheapest driving test, India holds second place, with an average cost of
₹ 103 (£1)
Driving Tests Cheapest
in Pakistan
On the affordability front, India is only trailing neighbouring Pakistan (223 PKR; £0.89), and in third place is Vietnam
(63,680 VND; £2)
Learning How to Drive Is the Easiest in…
…Mexico, where applicants are not legally required to take a practical test to get a driver’s licence. Another plus is that one can legally drive in Mexico from 15 years of age
Learning How to Drive Is the Toughest in…
Croatia, which has the highest driving test cost globally of close to ₹ 1 lakh (£930). In addition, an applicant is required to take about 85 hours of driving lessons on average
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