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Facts You Did Not Know About These Indian Cars!

Indian cars are a diverse bunch, from small hatchbacks to large SUVs. Here are 5 amazing facts about Indian cars that you might not know.
The Ambassador was the quintessential Indian car for over 5 decades even though it was based on the Morris Oxford Series III. Moreover, it was one of the first cars to be manufactured in India.
Hindustan Ambassador
The Tata Sumo is not named after the Japanese Wrestler style, but after a man Sumant Moolgaonkar, the former CEO of Tata Engineering and Locomotive Company (TELCO). He was called the architect of Tata Motors.
The Man Behind Tata Sumo
First arrived in 1984, the HM Contessa was highly regarded by owners and enthusiasts until it bid goodbye in the year 2002. It was famously called ‘The Muscle car of India’.
India’s Muscle Car
The Maruti Suzuki Baleno hatchback is one of the best-selling cars in India. However, the car also created a history by becoming to first Made-in-India car to be exported to Japan, Suzuki’s home market.
The Baleno
Notoriously called as the ‘Kidnap Car’ the Omni had the longest production run compared to any other Maruti Suzuki models. First introduced in 1984, it was in production for 35 years.
The Maruti Omni
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