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Mini Cooper's Next-Gen Interior Gets Advanced Tech Features!

Mini reveals detailed interior and advanced tech in next-gen Cooper, including circular OLED display and cloud-based navigation.
OLED Display
Mini's next-generation Cooper features a 9.44-inch circular OLED display. It serves as an interface for Mini's new cloud-based navigation system and Mini Experience Modes.
Cloud-Based Navigation System
Mini's new cloud-based navigation system offers optimized route planning for electric versions of the new Mini Cooper. It also incorporates 3D maps and AI views.
Mini Experience Modes
Mini Experience Modes provide different experiences inside the cabin. There are three modes: Core, Green, and Go-Kart. Each mode features a unique design and additional light and sound effects.
Intelligent Voice Assistant
It features an intelligent voice assistant called Spike. Spike can be activated by saying "Hey Mini", and it can be used to control a variety of functions in the car, such as navigation, telephony, radio, and temperature.
5G Connectivity
Mini's next-generation Cooper offers optional 5G connectivity. This allows for faster interface updates, scheduled several times a year. It also grants access to the Mini Connected Store where users can download applications like AirConsole games, video streaming apps, Spotify, and more.
Image Credit : www.motor1.com
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