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1 Millionth ‘Made-in-India’ Kia Rolls Out!

The milestone vehicle was the first customer unit of Kia’s latest offering for the Indian market. Read on for more details!
Seltos Facelift Is the One Millionth Kia Built in India
It is unlikely to be a coincidence that the milestone vehicle happens to be the first customer unit of the facelifted Kia Seltos, with the refreshed compact SUV having made its debut just a few days ago
Seltos Accounts for Over 50% of Total Production
It was the Seltos that kickstarted Kia’s India innings in 2019, and over 5.30 lakh units of the compact SUV have been produced in less than four years
Sonet, Carens Fast-Tracked the Journey
The carmaker followed the compact SUV up with three other models – the Carnival MPV (14,584 units produced), Sonet sub-compact SUV (over 3.32 lakh units produced) and the Carens MPV (over 1.20 lakh units produced)
Total Production Figures Decoded
More than 7.5 lakh vehicles produced have been for domestic consumption, and nearly 2.5 lakh units have been exported in less than four years
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