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The Popular Barbie Car!

The upcoming Barbie movie is driving interest in pink Corvettes, with searches for the iconic car more than doubling in the months leading up to the film's release

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Margot Robbie is seen driving a modified C1 Corvette from 1955 in the movie’s trailer. It is finished in neon pink with white and chrome bodywork and has a light-pink leather interior
The Hot Pink Corvette
Credit: Warner Bros-Pictures YouTube
Following the trailer launch,
UK AutoTrader, an online automotive marketplace, experienced a remarkable surge in organic searches for the legendary Corvette
The Sudden Popularity
Image Credit: caranddriver.com
Auto Trader users searched for convertible Chevy Corvettes 12,000 times, according to data released by the website on Wednesday. That’s a 120% increase compared to the same period last year
The Sudden Popularity
Image credit: robbreport.com
Barbie has known to be associated with many cool cars over the years—among them a Mercedes-Benz 190SL, a Ferrari 328 GTS, and a Porsche 911 Cabriolet—but the Star Vette, which launched in the 1970s, remains the vehicle she is mostly spotted in!
Cars Popular in the Barbie World
Image credit: lot-art.com
In the movie, Ken will be seen driving the all-electric and powerful SUV - GMC Hummer
What Does Ken Drive?
Image credit: magzter.com
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