Harley-Davidson’s EV brand, LiveWire has officially announced the new S2 Mulholland performance cruiser, the company’s third electric motorcycle. The Mulholland is also based on the company’s affordable S2 platform.

LiveWire Takes The Wraps Off Its Third Electric Motorcycle 

The S2 Mulholland shares most of its components with the Del Mar, including the S2 Arrow’s integrated battery, motor and on-board charger and inverter, which also forms the centrepiece of its chassis. That means it uses the same 10.5kWh battery pack and claimed performance figures of 84 bhp and 263 Nm. 

LiveWire S2 Mulholland Specifications 

The Mulholland claims a top speed of 160 kmph, or around 6 kmph slower than the Del Mar’s claimed velocity, and its 0-60 time is also 0.3 seconds slower at a claimed 3.3 seconds. According to LiveWire, the battery pack is capable of delivering around 195 km range in city riding and 117 km range at highway speeds of around 88 kmph. 

LiveWire S2 Mulholland Speed & Range 

Using Level 1 and Level 2 charging, the company says the battery can be charged from 20 to 80 percent in 5.9 hours or 78 minutes, respectively. 

LiveWire S2 Mulholland Charging Time 

The 2024 LiveWire S2 Mulholland is now available in North America and is expected to be offered in other markets, including select European markets, in 2025. It’s not expected to be introduced in India anytime soon. 

LiveWire S2 Mulholland Not Coming To India 

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