All three premium motorcycle manufacturers, Harley-Davidson, Triumph Motorcycles and Ducati have entered the market with single-cylinder motorcycles. Here is a breakdown of why the premium single-cylinder motorcycle market is seeing rapid growth in India.

Premium Motorcycle Focus - Single & Ready To Mingle!

Purchasing power of the Indian middle-class is on the rise and with that comes awareness of new products and technology and the demand for quality yet affordable products.

Potential In Volumes

A global OEM brings in the technology and the high brand value, while the Indian manufacturer pitches in with economies of scale, high production capacity, in-depth understanding of the Indian market and more.

New Partnerships

India is the largest two-wheeler market in the world and while the market has built itself on the basis of the extraordinary sales numbers that come from the commuter segment, the story seems to be changing and the tide seems to be turning, slowly but surely.

Crunching Numbers

While the above factors are of chief importance there are a couple more that have contributed to the change in the two-wheeler market’s direction. To know about the new upcoming genres to the outlook of the modern buyer, click on the link for all the information

Multiple Other Factors

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