The Supernova DC fast charging stations have been installed in Maharashtra, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu

Ultraviolette Launches Supernova DC Fast Charging Stations

With 10 DC fast charging stations in place and operation, Ultraviolette will be deploying 100+ charging stations under phase one of the UV Supernova DC fast charging network. Ultraviolette has strategically opted for locations like popular cafes and alongside major highways, to ensure the experience of fast charging the F77 is as convenient as possible.

Supernova Charging Stations

The stations are equipped with Type 6 connectors, ensuring compatibility and ease of use. The 6 kW charging stations are equipped with dual 3 kW DC fast charging guns, while the 12 kW charging stations are equipped with dual 6 kW DC fast charging guns.


Currently the fastest electric two-wheeler on sale in India, the F77 also holds the merit of offering the biggest battery pack on a two-wheeler EV. The F77 is available in two variants, original and Recon.

Ultraviolette F77

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