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XC Adventure

XC Adventure

Ended. 12 contestants, paired up into 6 teams, will each drive a premium SUV through the wilderness. Their tasks will be varied, but the aim will be just one - to win. Each task and each step will take them closer to the grand prize. #Adventure

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The Quest Heats Up – Grand Finale of Volvo XC Adventure
Jun 26, 2014 08:30 PM
It is time for the grand finale. The last day in the last leg of this race when finally the adventure culminates to declare a winner. But the final destination is still unknown and many hundreds of miles away. Managing in Rs 1,500 and in the bid to save maximum money, the teams have skipped meals, slept in their car or even charmed their way to be comfortable during the long and tiring night. But this is just the half-way and the morning is rude with clues and tasks. They have to wash their cars squeaky clean before heading out for the gorgeous Bedhaghat Waterfalls. A cryptic clue waits which will reveal the land of the world famous for medieval temples – Khajuraho - as the final destination. To be crowned in this exotic land, the teams must traverse miles and miles of patchy, sign-less and misleading roads through nondescript villages in the heat and dust. Will the teams overcome fatigue, hunger pangs and the frustrations that the road throws at them? Desire, hope and passion along with the will to win are their companions. Who will be the best team of this series? Who are the true Volvo XC Adventurers?

About the Anchor

Keith Sequeira

Started of as a VJ with B4U music and have ever since anchored several lifestyle shows on TV , the most recient...

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