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About Diesel Cars in India

Diesel cars have many advantages such as better fuel economy, higher resale value and greater torque. The popular diesel cars are Mahindra KUV100, Maruti Suzuki Baleno and Tata Tiago . Explore all the 917 cars in the diesel category on our site and choose the best one that suits you.

Diesel cars by budget

There are 0 cars in the 1 lakh - 3 lakh category, 4 cars in the 3 lakh - 5 lakh category, 349 cars in the 5 lakh - 10 lakh category, 270 cars in the 10 lakh - 20 lakh category and 256 cars in the Above 20 lakh category.

Diesel cars by category

There are 145 cars in the Hatchback category, 250 cars in the Sedan category, 361 cars in the SUV category, cars in the Minivan category, 0 cars in the Coupe category, 2 cars in the Convertible category.