How Does Indian Blue Book Give You the Precise Valuation?

Buying and selling commercial vehicles is a tricky task. The most important part of the transaction (buying as well as selling) is making sure the price is fair. At IBB we believe in, never undersell or overbuy philosophy. The transaction that happens at this price is the precise price or in the simple term the right price of any commercial vehicle. Price of a commercial vehicle depends on the following factors:

  • The price of the vehicle when it was new
  • Age of the vehicle and number of previous owners
  • The usage, kilometer the vehicle has run
  • The condition of the vehicle
  • Region and landscapes- Some vehicles are favorites in some states/ cities and they command better resale. Also a vehicles registered in one state or city gets comparatively lesser price if sold in a different state or city
  • The urgency factor of seller and buyer. The rule is simple, more you are desperate to close the deal, and you lose money


"We at IBB has done the research for you and the precise price for each and every model in India is just a few clicks away!
Indian Blue Book and the science of precise pricing, helps you to arrive at that fair price for the car you are considering to buy."

Why Choose Us

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We're all about pricing

Indian Blue Book (IBB) is India's first vehicle pricing guide. With access to numerous daily car transactions, IBB uses scientific methods to determine vehicle prices.

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And it's interesting what we do

IBB helps you find the true value of a vehicle, whether buying or selling. Using transactions from various channels, IBB's analytical engine determines a pricing index to establish the market benchmark price.

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Because it's all for a reason!

IBB is a unique valuation platform grounded in thorough research and rationality. Driven by a passion to clarify transaction data, it ensures you never overpay or undersell.

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IBB - Passion for Precise Pricing

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Open and exclusive access to millions of real transactions
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Unique scientific valuation backed by complex statistical models
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Over 40 manufacturers, 300 models and 3000+ variants covered.
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Evaluating all Indian vehicles, spanning across 300 cities, for over two decades
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Undisputed excellence in price discovery and post transaction harmony


  • Call us on 9930565555 or reach out to us via email at help.mfcw@mahindra.com.

  • For a physical copy, reach out to our customer support on 9930565555 or send a request via mail to help.mfcw@mahindra.com. You can also access the IBB reports online: https://www.ibbtruck.com/industry-insights

  • IBB has exclusive access to a large number of vehicle transactions that take place every day via several channels. IBB’s analytical engine logically deduces a pricing index which is then used to derive the benchmark market price of any vehicle.