Engine Capacity

255.9 CC

Fuel Tank Capacity

14.0 L


5 Speed

Ronin Variants


Ex - Showroom

Ronin Single Tone Single Channel


Starts at 1.49 Lakh

Ronin Dual Tone Single Channel


Starts at 1.56 Lakh

Ronin Triple Tone Dual Channel


Starts at 1.69 Lakh

Features & Specifications

  • Engine CC

  • 255.9 CC
  • Fuel

  • Petrol
  • Brakes

  • Disc/Disc
  • Max Torque

  • 19.93 Nm
  • Max Power

  • 20.00 bhp
  • Tyre

  • 110/70 - 17/ 130/70 - 17
    • Dual Channel ABS
    • Single Channel ABS
    • USB Smart Charger
    • Voice Assist
    • Turn Signal Alert
    • Side Stand Warning
    • Engine Kill Switch
    • Gear Indicator
  • Detail

    TVS Motor Company has launched the company’s first neo-retro roadster, the new TVS Ronin. Ronin arrives in three variants, with prices ranging from Rs. 1,49,000 to Rs. 1,68,750. The Ronin is built on an all-new platform, and could possibly be the first model to be announced on this platform, with a 225.9 cc, single-cylinder engine and a new split dual-cradle frame. The engine puts out 20.1 bhp at 7,750 rpm and 19.93 Nm of peak torque at 3,750 rpm, and it is tuned for a strong low and mid-range than higher-end performance. The motorcycle has a claimed top speed of 120 kmph. The engine is mated to a five-speed gearbox and according to TVS, the Ronin is built for urban adventures, to take on rough roads, and can double up for mild off-road duties, more like a crossover, than a pure off-road ready scrambler.

    The shape of the fuel tank is more retro than modern roadster, while the side panels have a hint of 1980s roadster design. The single-piece flat seat is also more retro-styled than contemporary, and the blacked-out wheels, engine cases and alloy wheels are more 21st century than harking back to the later part of the last century, as is the case with most modern classic designs.

    On the feature front though, the TVS Ronin is a completely modern motorcycle. The Ronin runs on 17-inch alloy wheels, and are wrapped in new Remora block pattern, dual-purpose tyres. The motorcycle has gold-finished Showa upside down front fork with big piston tech for better damping, and a gas charged monoshock rear suspension with a floating piston. Braking duties are handled by by disc brakes at either end with standard fit ABS - dual channel on the higher variants. Moreover, the ABS also has two switchable modes - Rain and Urban. The motorcycle gets full-LED lighting, and TVS claims a better light throw compared to the best in segment motorcycles. The instrument console is full-digital, and features Bluetooth connectivity through the TVS SmartXonnect system, offering multiple connected features.

    With the Ronin, TVS is aiming to create an all new segment of motorcycle targeted at a new generation of buyers, which want a motorcycle that can be used daily, but can also be taken on long tours on the weekends. Keeping this in mind, the Ronin gets ergonomics for long ride comfort, as well as a short wheelbase, offering much better manoeuvrability in the city riding conditions. TVS has especially tuned the gear ratios on the 5-speed box to allow fewer gearshifts, and the low and mid-range grunt from the engine should allow the bike to be pulled hard in third gear in lower revs too. With a weight of 160 kg, the Ronin has a potential to be a good all rounder, and we will be riding it soon to tell you what we make of the motorcycle.

    Upcoming Model is Zeppelin

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    TVS Ronin

    Price in India

    On-Road Price
    1.49 Lakh

    TVS Ronin Colors

    TVS-Ronin Galactic Grey

    TVS Ronin : Galactic Grey

    Available for all variants.
    TVS-Ronin Dawn Orange

    TVS Ronin : Dawn Orange

    Available for all variants.
    TVS-Ronin Magma Red

    TVS Ronin : Magma Red

    Available for all variants.
    Expert review

    TVS Ronin

    TVS has attained huge popularity with a slew of models in the Indian market. How does its Ronin compare to the rest? Should you consider it for future needs? Here’s taking a closer look.

    How is the design?

    The TVS Ronin has an entirely unique appearance in comparison to any other vehicle now on the market. The easiest way to explain the look of this motorcycle is to think of it as a mash-up of many types of motorcycles. The Ronin is a cruiser-style motorbike that appears to have been styled after scramblers and neo-retro motorcycles for its influence in terms of its exterior design. It has a spherical headlamp on the front of the Ronin with a T-shaped LED DRL within, an offset, single-pod instrument cluster, and a gold USD fork, all of which contribute to its strong presence on the road. The TVS also features a single-piece seat that is brown in colour, a bulky gasoline tank, engine casings that are blacked out, a large belly pan, and an exhaust system that is all black and has a tip that is silver in colour on the end-can. It has a sleek LED taillight that gives off a very streamlined and sophisticated appearance at the back of the vehicle. Other features worthy of mention include the alloys with a "diamond cut," the indicators with a small LED profile, and the mirrors that have an attractive appearance.

    How is the performance?

    A 225.9 cc, four-valve, single-cylinder engine that produces 20.4 horsepower at 7,750 revolutions per minute and 19.93 Nm of torque at 3,750 revolutions per minute is what drives the TVS Ronin. This brand-new engine has the same bore and stroke dimensions of 66 millimetres, an oil cooler, and a 5-speed gearbox that transmits power to the back wheel. The Ronin can accelerate from 0 to 60 kilometers per hour in a quick 4.26 seconds, but it takes it 14.19 seconds to reach 100 kilometers per hour. The maximum speed of the TVS Ronin is 120 kilometers per hour. These numbers aren't anything to write home about, but they're respectable for a motorcycle of this type. If you want the engine to settle into a refined idle, all you have to do is hit the starter button once and the Ronin comes equipped with a silent starter system, so all you have to do is tap the button once. The engine does produce a sound that is fairly low and raspy, which lends it some personality; however, other than that, the ride is relatively smooth and TVS-like, with just a small amount of vibration at higher revs. When the vehicle is in motion, the engine has a very smooth and tractable feeling, which is a significant benefit when driving in urban environments. As a result of the excellent bottom-end performance, you will be able to move into traffic gaps much more swiftly. On the other hand, when driving on the highway, the Ronin's engine has a propensity to feel rather stressed, particularly when traveling at triple-digit speeds. In addition to this, this can be attributed to the gear ratios that TVS utilized while designing this motorcycle.

    Because the Ronin's gear ratios are quite short, it has a respectable amount of low-end pull, and you won't need to make as many gear changes as you would with other models. The engine is particularly capable of operating at low speeds while in higher gears, and this is reflected in the figures describing its fuel efficiency. On the other hand, due to the short gearing, the engine can spin at greater RPMs when traveling at faster speeds. This has a negative impact on highway efficiency.

    How does the motorbike ride?

    On the TVS Ronin, the front suspension is a 41mm USD Showa fork, and the rear suspension is a gas-charged monoshock. Both of these components are shown in the image below. You won't be able to weave through traffic as easily as you would want because the turning radius isn't very good, despite the fact that the raked front fork does contribute to greater stability. On the other hand, there is no ignoring the fact that the Ronin gives off the impression of being a very comfortable motorcycle when ridden on the road. Because it is adjusted such that it is on the softer side, the suspension is able to perform an excellent job of smoothing out all of the bumps and irregularities that are present on our roads. This is due, in part, to the fact that the suspension was designed to be this way. While the manner in which you are seated on the motorcycle also has a significant role in the whole experience. The rider is in an upright position, and the handlebar is positioned such that it is not difficult to reach it. The foot pegs are positioned rather close to the front of the bike, and the seat has a lot of padding, both of which contribute to this. We also had a pillion rider join us for part of the journey, and while the seat itself is pleasant, the pillion rider informed us that it simply lacks the space necessary for two people to sit side by side in it.

    Because of the Ronin's minimal steering, changing the direction it is traveling in requires relatively little exertion on the part of the pilot. It has a feeling of being relatively grounded in the corners, and the TVS Rambler tyres provide a decent amount of grip for the vehicle. Overall, TVS Ronin is an excellent choice if you are looking for a sporty motorcycle that can handle tight roads well.

    How comfortable the motorbike is?

    The TVS Ronin is an easy bike to ride thanks to its comfy design. To get things started, the height of the rider's seat has been brought up to a more convenient level. In addition to that, it has some great contouring to it, and it offers really good support, preserving the traveller’s sense of well-being throughout the course of a protracted trip. The handlebars of the TVS Ronin are set at the appropriate height and have the suitable degree of inclination for the rider's comfort. Because of this, as well as the fact that the foot pegs are somewhat offset to the rear, the resulting riding stance is one that is simultaneously athletic and comfortable. The motorcycle is equipped with footrests, allowing you to put your feet up and relax while you ride. Because the fuel tank that comes standard on the TVS Ronin is quite large, you won't have to pull over nearly as frequently to refuel it throughout your rides.

    Handling that is both steady and accurate contributes to the feeling of stability, in addition to the gripping MRFs. The TVS Ronin is great for negotiating the heavy traffic found in urban areas. On the other hand, the additional weight that was positioned at the front of the TVS Ronin contributed to the impression of having slightly increased stability.

    The excellent riding qualities of the motorcycle were the second aspect of it that utterly blew consumer minds when it arrived. The front fork has outstanding compliance across sloped streets, and it performs an excellent job of cushioning the ride over craters and potholes. Additionally, the front fork has excellent compliance across uneven roadway surfaces. When compared to other shock absorbers, the monoshock has a more apparent edge of firmness, but it also absorbs stress in a very elegant manner. Because it has this kind of ride quality, as well as stable handling, and performance from the engine when it is not being stressed, we believe that the TVS Ronin will be able to perform well as a touring machine because it has these characteristics. Despite the fact that they are not very sharp, all that is required to bring the bike to a halt is a brisk pull on the lever that controls the brakes. They are, on the other hand, of acceptable quality. The only gripe with it is that it does not have dual-channel ABS, which is particularly disappointing when one considers how straightforward it is to lock the back wheel when applying heavy braking power.

    How’s the tech?

    Some of the most important characteristics of the TVS Ronin 225 are as follows: Fully Digital Console, All LED Lamps, Asymmetric Speedometer, Block Tread Tyre between Chain Cover, Integrated Starter Generator (ISG), Distance to Empty (DTE), Gear Shift Assist, Side Stand Indication, Side Stand Engine Inhibitor, Hazard Lamp, Two Trip Meter, Service Due Indication, Ride Modes (Rain & Urban), Upside Front Fork, and Glide Through.

    The Ronin comes standard with TVS' Smart Xonnect Bluetooth connectivity system, which provides call and message alerts, turn-by-turn navigation, and voice assistance features. Additionally, the Ronin features LED lighting all around, a fully digital instrument cluster, an optional USB charger, dual-channel ABS (only available on the top variant), and LED lighting all around. In addition to that, it features an assist-and-slipper clutch in addition to two different settings for the anti-lock braking system (ABS): urban and rain. The quality of the switchgear is typical of what you would expect from TVS, which is to say that it is fairly decent.

    The TVS Ronin is a superb motorcycle that comes with advanced features to make you feel the thrill of riding. The bike is made with top class materials and features advanced technologies to give you an amazing experience. It has a powerful engine that makes it easy to ride and handle.

    How’s the mileage of the motorbike?

    The actual mileage of a TVS Ronin is said to be 30 kmpl on average.

    Is the motorbike good value for Money?

    TVS's goal with the Ronin is to establish an entirely new category of motorbike that will appeal to a younger generation of consumers who are interested in purchasing a bike that is versatile enough to be ridden on a daily basis as well as for extended journeys on the weekends. With this in mind, the Ronin features ergonomics that provide for a more comfortable ride over longer distances, as well as a short wheelbase that allows for significantly improved manoeuvrability in the context of riding in the city. TVS has specifically tweaked the gear ratios on the 5-speed box to allow for less gearshifts, and the low and mid-range torque from the engine should allow the bike to be pulled hard in third gear at lower revs as well. The Ronin, which weighs in at 160 kilograms, has the potential to be an excellent all-rounder, and we will be riding it shortly to give you our impressions on the motorcycle after we have had some time to become acquainted with it.

    The TVS Ronin is a great bike for both beginner and experienced riders. It is a very versatile machine that can be ridden on the street and some rougher roads as well. It has a comfortable riding position and is well-made. The bike is also very affordable, making it an excellent value for money option.

    How is the after sales service?

    The after sales service of TVS Ronin Bike is excellent. They have a team of experts who are available 24/7 to help with any queries or issues that you may have with the bike. They also offer a warranty on the bike, which is great news if you do experience any problems with it.

    Which Motorbikes Compete in this Segment?

    The TVS Ronin competes with the Royal Enfield Hunter 350, JAWA 42, and the Honda CB 350 RS along with other models.

    Verdict (Is it Value for Money?)

    The TVS Ronin has a price range of between 1.49 and 1.69 lakh rupees (INR) and can be pretty attractive when one considers the qualities that it provides. Although it is challenging to pin down just what the Ronin is, arguably the most accurate way to characterize it is as an urban-focused motorcycle that prioritizes comfort and convenience. It could be the perfect upgrade for someone moving up from a humdrum commuter who is looking for strong performance, a suitably retro-modern appearance, and a comfortable ride.

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