Gixxer Overview


Engine Capacity

154.9 CC


64 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity

12.0 L


5 Speed

C&B Verdict on Suzuki Gixxer
car&bike Expert Rating
The Suzuki Gixxer may be a bit long in the tooth, having been around for close to a decade. When it was launched it immediately set new benchmarks for the segment, and even today, offers a very well-rounded package. The Gixxer is the near-perfect beginner motorcycle, which has decent power and performance from its 155 cc engine, impressive refinement and good ride and handling.
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Suzuki Gixxer Variants


Ex - Showroom


Gixxer STD BS VI

Petrol,64 KM/L

Starts at 1.41 Lakh

Features & Specifications

  • Engine CC

  • 154.9 CC
  • Fuel

  • Petrol
  • Mileage

  • 64 KM/L
  • Brakes

  • Disc/Disc
  • Max Torque

  • 14.00 Nm
  • Max Power

  • 13.90 bhp
  • Tyre

  • 100/80 - 17 - Tubeless/ 140/60R - 17 - Radial Tubeless
    • ABS
    • Sporty Dual Muffler
    • Ultra Light And Robust 155cc Engine With Sep Technology
    • Single Channel ABS
    • Rear Disk Break
    • Single floating caliper
    • Sporty Twin Exhaust
    • Key Mascot for Pride of Ownership
  • About Suzuki Gixxer

    The Suzuki Gixxer is one of the highest selling motorcycles in its segment. It launched first in September, 2014 and is a key contender in the 150 cc segment. The bike has become immensely popular amongst buyers looking for a smooth, comfortable and affordable city commuter. The feature list is decent and includes single-channel ABS.

    The Gixxer looks and feels stylish, particularly for its chiselled fuel tank and sporty exhaust with dual chrome outlets. The design is a head-turner and this is a big draw for buyers. There is also the chunkier 140 section tyre at the rear and sportier Y-shaped alloy wheels too. The fully digital instrument cluster is neatly arranged with easy-to-read speedometer, gear position indicator, shift lift and digital clock among other readouts. The bike is priced from Rs. 1,40,500 (ex-showroom) and comes with just a single variant. The 154.9 cc engine makes 13.90 bhp and 13.8 Nm of maximum torque at 8,000 rpm and 6,000 rpm respectively.

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    Suzuki Gixxer

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    Pros & Cons of Suzuki Gixxer

    Things We Like

    • Sporty riding experience
    • Good braking ability
    • Stellar ergonomics

    Things We Don't Like

    • Stiff suspension
    • Lower power output
    • Headlight illumination needs improvement

    Suzuki Gixxer Price in India

    On-Road Price
    On-Road Price
    On-Road Price
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh
    1.41 Lakh

    Suzuki Gixxer Colors

    Suzuki-Gixxer Metallic Triton Blue

    Suzuki Gixxer : Metallic Triton Blue

    Available for all variants.
    Suzuki-Gixxer Metallic Sonic Silver/Pearl Blaze Orange

    Suzuki Gixxer : Metallic Sonic Silver/Pearl Blaze Orange

    Available for all variants.
    Suzuki-Gixxer Glass Sparkle Black

    Suzuki Gixxer : Glass Sparkle Black

    Available for all variants.

    Suzuki Gixxer Expert Review



    Available at an ex-showroom price of 1.40 Lakh, the Suzuki Gixxer is among the highest selling bikes in its segment. Launched in 2014, the bike is one of the key contenders in the 150cc segment, and its popularity has grown among buyers looking for comfortable, smooth, and affordable urban commuter. It is available in a single petrol variant, and sports three attractive colour options: Pearl Mira Red, Metallic Triton Blue and Glass Sparkle Black. 

    How is the design? 

    Coming to its design, the Suzuki Gixxer flaunts an appealing and sporty design template, and reasonably retains the fit and finish and the build quality of its predecessor. Even though the plastic panels around the bike’s bodywork do not feel adequately premium, they do not appear to be flimsy either, the fitment of the welding and bolt portions of the Gixxer have been executed very well, and with precision. A minimalistic LED unit has been integrated and it is surrounded by a plush looking bezel. Easy-to-access buttons are integrated in the switch-gear and it functions well with a tactile feeling. The muscular fuel tank blends with the sharper and longer extension, making its design and bodywork even busier. Apart from that, it is identical to Gixxer SF, its fully-faired sibling. The tail and under seat cowl have been redesigned to appear even meatier, and is mated with a petite LED tail lamp. The signature dual exhaust comes with a longer chrome-finished shield. 

    How is the performance?

    Powered by an air-cooled 155cc motor, the Suzuki Gixxer gets a fuel injection setup, which increases the maximum power of the bike by 0.6bhp at 14.6bhp, and it produces a peak torque of 14Nm. The bike also comes with a smooth-running engine and it is exemplified by a pleasant thrum, which the rider might hear after jabbing the starter. The performance of the bike owes to its slick gearbox and light clutch. While the five-speed transmission unit of the Suzuki Gixxer has a short throw, the gear shifts without much effort. The great tuning of the suspension and chassis makes it possible for the Gixxer to deliver a high-end performance. It is ideal for cruising through heavy traffic while holding its line around hairpins and sweeping corners. 

    How does the Suzuki Gixxer ride? 

    Overall, the Suzuki Gixxer is able to assure a good ride-quality. The bike has the capacity to absorb minor potholes and bumps, without unnerving riders. The Suzuki Gixxer is all about comfortable commuting, and this must be topped with the necessary and rideability modern features. The motorbike also sports a refined engine that packs adequate grunt for the highway as well as for the city. Coming to the handling department of the bike, the Suzuki Gixxer scores pretty well, thanks to the rightly-tuned suspension setup and well-engineered chassis. The impressive braking setup has the right tuning with the low kerb weight, which is important for the hike’s stability. 

    How comfortable is the Suzuki Gixxer? 

    Even though it looks like the Suzuki Gixxer sports an aggressive stance, it is believed to be a fairly comfortable motorcycle. It is almost effortless to reach the bike’s handlebars, and requires the rider to bend only slightly forward. The foot-pegs are low and centre-set creating a perfect balance between the commanding and upright riding stance. The cushioning of the seat is mildly soft, which might feel uncomfortable after riding for a while. The Gixxer is 5Kgs heavier than its predecessor, but it is still considered as a fairly lightweight motorcycle. The wide handlebars of the bike provide ample leverage for moving around, and this is thought to be apt for riding in a city. Because the suspension is on the harder side, the ride might feel bumpy while going over deep potholes, speed breakers, road joints and stones. 

    How's the tech? 

    The bike sports a fully-digital instrument cluster, along with a redesigned digital console, featuring a simpler layout with clearer and bolder fonts for numbers and letters. However, it only displays the basic information including the speed, fuel level, RPM, odometer, clock, gear position indicator, and dual trip metres. It also comes with a fancy-looking LED headlamp, that offers a decent spread and throw on high beam, but brightness in low beam is lacking severely. 

    How's the mileage of the Suzuki Gixxer? 

    With the integration of the fuel injection system, it was expected that the Suzuki Gixxer would return a better fuel economy than that of the carb version. Strangely enough, it was only able to return a fuel economy of 42.2 Kmpl, which is at least 5Kms lesser than the previous model. The bike comes with a 12 Litre fuel tank, translating a mileage of 506 Kms. 

    Is the Suzuki Gixxer good value for money? 

    At a price tag of 1.40 Lakh, the Suzuki Gixxer is an affordable commuting bike. In terms of performance, design, mileage, comfort, and price, there is no reason for not buying the bike. Moreover, it is equipped with a set of attractive tech features, which adds to the convenience of the riders. It has been designed in a manner so that it is ideal for city commuting, highways and even for long rides. The updates of the bike range from LED lighting at the front and rear and to all-new bodywork

    How is the after sales service? 

    Suzuki offers four free services for its Gixxer. The first free service is offered after 1 month from the date of purchase or 750 Km, whichever is earlier. The second free service is offered after 4 months or 3500 Kms, whichever is earlier. The third free service is provided after 7 months or 7,500 Kms, whichever is earlier, and the fourth service is offered after 10 months, or 11,500 Kms, whichever is earlier. 

    Which motorbikes compete in this segment? 

    The other motorbikes competing in the same segment as Suzuki Gixxer are TVS Apache RTR 160 4V, Yamaha FZ-FI Version 3.0, Honda Xtreme 160 R and so on. 

    Verdict (Value for money)

    At its price, there is no better choice than the Suzuki Gixxer. It has delivered a high-quality performance and served the purpose for daily commuting. 

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    Suzuki Gixxer Images

    Suzuki Gixxer
    Suzuki Gixxer
    Suzuki Gixxer

    Suzuki Gixxer Alternatives

    TVS Apache RTR 160
    Apache RTR 160
    ₹ 1.18 - 1.25 Lakh
    Yamaha FZ S V3.0 FI
    FZ S V3.0 FI
    ₹ 1.16 - 1.19 Lakh
    Honda CB Shine
    CB Shine
    ₹ 77,378 - 82,878

    Gixxer FAQs

  • The top speed of the Suzuki Gixxer is around 127 km/h (79 mph). This puts it on par with other bikes in its class, such as the Yamaha FZ-S and the Honda Hornet. However, top speed is not always the most important metric for determining a bike's performance, as acceleration and handling can be equally important.

  • The Gixxer can accelerate from 0 to 60 km/h (37 mph) in around 4.5 seconds. This is quite quick for a bike in its class, and it makes the Gixxer a fun and nimble bike to ride in city traffic. However, its acceleration is not as quick as some other bikes in its class, such as the KTM Duke 200.

  • The fuel efficiency of the Gixxer is around 45-50 km/l (105-118 mpg). This is quite good for a bike in its class, and it means that the Gixxer can travel quite far on a single tank of gas. However, actual fuel efficiency will depend on a variety of factors, including riding style, road conditions, and weather.

  • The range of the Gixxer on a full tank of gas is around 450-500 km (280-310 miles). This is quite good for a bike in its class, and it means that the Gixxer is well-suited for long-distance riding.

  • The Gixxer handles quite well in corners and at high speeds, thanks in part to its lightweight design and responsive suspension. However, its handling may not be as precise as some other bikes in its class, such as the KTM Duke 200.

  • The braking distance of the Gixxer is quite good, thanks to its front and rear disc brakes. However, its braking performance may not be as strong as some other bikes in its class, such as the Yamaha FZ-S.

  • The Gixxer is relatively comfortable to ride over long distances, thanks to its well-padded seat and upright riding position. However, its suspension may not be as plush as some other bikes in its class, which could make for a less comfortable ride on rough roads.

  • The Gixxer weighs around 148 kg (326 lbs). This is quite light for a bike in its class, and it means that the Gixxer is easy to maneuver in city traffic and on twisty roads.

  • The suspension system on the Gixxer consists of telescopic forks at the front and a monoshock at the rear. This setup provides a good balance between ride quality and handling, although it may not be as plush as some other bikes in its class.

  • The Gixxer's engine is a 155 cc, air-cooled, single-cylinder unit that produces around 14.1 horsepower and 14 Nm of torque. It features Suzuki's Eco Performance (SEP) technology, which helps to improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions. The engine is quite responsive and offers good low-end torque, although it may not be as powerful as some other bikes in its class.
  • The Suzuki Gixxer features a 155cc single-cylinder air-cooled engine. The engine displacement affects its performance by providing a balance between power and efficiency.

  • The maximum power output of the Suzuki Gixxer is 14.8 bhp at 8,000 rpm. It is comparable to other motorcycles in its class and provides adequate power for city and highway riding.

  • The maximum torque output of the Suzuki Gixxer is 14 Nm at 6,000 rpm. It contributes to the motorcycle's responsive acceleration and ability to tackle inclines and corners.

  • The fuel injection system of the Suzuki Gixxer contributes to its performance and efficiency by providing precise fuel delivery and reducing emissions.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer features a 5-speed manual transmission that provides smooth gear shifts and enables the rider to maintain optimal speed and power delivery.

  • The frame and suspension system of the Suzuki Gixxer contributes to its handling and performance by providing stability and agility. The telescopic front suspension and swingarm rear suspension provide a comfortable and smooth ride.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer features a disc brake system with single-channel ABS that provides effective stopping power and safety in different riding conditions.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer comes equipped with tubeless tires that provide excellent grip and handling on different road surfaces. The front tire is a 100/80-17 and the rear tire is a 140/60R-17.

  • The design and styling of the Suzuki Gixxer contribute to its performance and functionality by providing aerodynamics and a sporty appearance. The motorcycle features a full fairing and LED headlight.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer features a full LED lighting system that provides optimal visibility and safety while riding. It includes LED headlight, tail light, and turn signals.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer comes equipped with a fully digital instrument cluster that provides essential information such as speed, RPM, fuel level, and gear position. It contributes to rider convenience and safety by providing easy-to-read data.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer features a split-seat arrangement that provides comfort and support for both the rider and pillion. The seat height is 795mm and the rider's footpegs are rearset for a sporty riding position.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer comes equipped with a dual-exhaust system that enhances its performance and provides a sporty sound.

  • The weight and balance of the Suzuki Gixxer affect its handling and performance by providing stability and maneuverability. The motorcycle has a kerb weight of 148 kg.

  • The Suzuki Gixxer offers additional features and accessories such as a USB charging port, engine cowl, tank pad, and skid plate. These accessories improve its functionality and convenience for the rider.
  • The Suzuki Gixxer's aerodynamic fairing was designed with a focus on reducing wind resistance and improving overall stability at high speeds. The fairing's shape and angle were carefully optimized through wind tunnel testing and rider feedback to achieve the best possible performance.

  • The Gixxer's fuel tank design was carefully considered to achieve a balance between style and functionality. The tank's shape and positioning were optimized to provide a comfortable riding position and improve handling, while also accommodating the bike's fuel system components.

  • Rider feedback played a crucial role in the design of the Gixxer's suspension system. The team conducted extensive testing and research with riders from various backgrounds and skill levels to ensure that the bike's suspension offered a smooth, responsive ride that could handle a variety of road conditions.

  • The Gixxer's wheels and tires were designed with performance and handling in mind. The bike features lightweight alloy wheels that provide a smooth ride and improve agility, while its tubeless tires offer excellent grip and stability on a variety of surfaces.

  • The Gixxer's design includes a range of features aimed at enhancing rider comfort and ergonomics, including a well-padded seat, easy-to-reach handlebars, and foot pegs positioned for optimal legroom.

  • The bike's digital instrument cluster offers a range of features designed to enhance the rider's experience, including a speedometer, tachometer, fuel gauge, and gear indicator. The display is easy to read and provides all the essential information riders need at a glance.

  • The placement and shape of the Gixxer's mirrors were carefully optimized to provide maximum visibility and minimize wind resistance. The mirrors are positioned to provide an unobstructed view of the road behind, while their streamlined shape helps to reduce drag and improve overall aerodynamics.

  • The Gixxer's overall design stands out in its class and price range, thanks to its sporty, aggressive styling and advanced features. The bike's combination of performance, style, and affordability makes it a popular choice for riders looking for a bike that can deliver on all fronts.

  • The Gixxer's design includes a range of features aimed at making maintenance and repair easier for owners, including a tool-less air filter access and easily accessible engine oil check and refill points.

  • Suzuki's racing heritage played a significant role in the design of the Gixxer, with the bike's advanced features and sporty styling drawing inspiration from the company's championship-winning racing bikes.

  • The bike's headlights and other lighting elements were designed to provide optimal visibility and safety, while also complementing the bike's overall aesthetic. The Gixxer features bright LED headlights and turn signals, as well as a stylish LED taillight.

  • The placement and shape of the Gixxer's seat were carefully optimized to provide a comfortable riding position and reduce rider fatigue. The seat is well-padded and contoured to provide optimal support, and is positioned to promote good posture and reduce strain on the back and shoulders.

  • The Gixxer's exhaust system was designed with a focus on performance and sound quality. The system is tuned to provide optimal power and torque, while also producing a satisfying exhaust note that enhances the overall riding experience.

  • The bike's design includes a range of features aimed at enhancing rider safety and visibility, including bright LED lighting, a powerful front brake system, and a responsive suspension that can handle a variety of road conditions.

  • The Gixxer's overall dimensions and weight were carefully considered to optimize its handling and maneuverability. The bike features a lightweight, agile design that offers excellent stability and control
  • Suzuki Gixxer is powered by a 154.9 cc engine.

  • Suzuki Gixxer offers mileage of 64 Kmpl.

  • The on-road price of Suzuki Gixxer is Rs. 1.48 lakh.

  • Suzuki Gixxer is a dual seater street bike.

  • Suzuki Gixxer is accessible in 4 different colours. These colours are Metallic Triton Blue, Metallic Sonic Silver/Pearl Blaze Orange and Glass Sparkle Black.

  • The wheel type of Suzuki Gixxer is alloy and tyre type is tubeless.

  • This bike has electric start.

  • Some of the primary compeitors for Suzuki Gixxer are: TVS Apache RTR 160, Hero Xtreme 160R, Honda X Blade, Yamaha FZ FI/FZ-S FI and Bajaj Pulsar NS160
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