2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF First Ride Review

We spend a few laps at the Buddh International Circuit (BIC) with the updated 155 cc Suzuki Gixxer SF to see if anything has changed in the bike's personality.

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The 2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF gets updated design and chassis, but retains the same 155 cc engine


  • The 2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF is priced at Rs. 1,09,870 (ex-showroom Delhi)
  • The Gixxer SF gets new design with LED lights, clip-on handlebars
  • 155 cc engine makes around 14 bhp of power, 14 Nm of peak torque

The Suzuki Gixxer SF is the only 155 cc motorcycle available in the market right now which comes with a full-fairing. The older generation 155 cc naked, the Suzuki Gixxer and the full-faired Gixxer SF SP both were nimble motorcycles, engaging and entertaining to ride. In the 2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF, the updates are primarily cosmetic, but there have been a few changes in the chassis and dimensions as well, with added weight as well. So, what really has changed, and does the Gixxer SF still make for a sensible motorcycle in the 150-160 cc segment? That's what we tried to find out after a few laps at the BIC.

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Suzuki Gixxer SF

1.24 Lakh * On Road Price (New Delhi)
Suzuki Gixxer SF Price


The 155 cc Suzuki Gixxer SF follows the new Suzuki Gixxer design language

It's got the look

The 2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF follows the brand new Gixxer design language which is seen on both the 155 cc Gixxer SF and the 249 cc Suzuki Gixxer SF 250. In fact, the Gixxer SF is near identical to the Gixxer SF 250 - in design, details and dimensions. In fact, at first glance, you won't be able to make out much difference, and only the eagle-eyed will be able to tell the differences. That's not a bad thing for a 155 cc to have, but 250 owners may have desired a slightly different design than the 150. So, the fairing is the same, as the LED headlight and taillight; only the different stickers on the fairing seem to indicate that this is the 155 cc variant.

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The Suzuki Gixxer SF is available in two colours and is near identical in looks and proportions to the 249 cc Gixxer SF 250

Like the 250, the 155 cc Gixxer SF also comes in two shades - black and silver. But here, the paint is gloss, unlike the matte finish paint on the 250, and the silver gets a dual tone finish, with glossy black inserts. The stickering on the fairing is also different, as is wheel design and tyre size. Compared to the fatter tyres on the 250, the 155 cc Gixxer gets a 100 mm tubeless front tyre and a 140 mm rear, and the brakes only get single-channel ABS. Also new is the sporty clip-on handlebar and the split seat, which are both shared with the 250.


The new Gixxer SF has the same smooth and refined performance with agile handling

It's still a hoot to ride!

The Suzuki Gixxer SF continues to be powered by the same same 155 cc, single-cylinder, SOHC, two-valve, air-cooled and fuel-injected unit which now puts out 13.9 bhp of maximum power at 8000 rpm and 14 Nm of peak torque at 6000 rpm. The performance is smooth and refined, and revs freely till the redline and gets to 100 kmph fairly easily. The updated chassis, new fairing, handlebar and cosmetic updates have added to some weight on the SF, which now weighs 146 kg, a full 6 kg more than the older generation model. On the move, and out on the racetrack, you can't really make out any difference in performance or handling, and we suspect the changes are bare minimum, and you can possibly, just possibly, make out the changes in the dynamics only if you ride both generation models back to back.


The Gixxer SF is a stable motorcycle with excellent agility and handling

The new Suzuki Gixxer SF is a stable motorcycle with excellent road manners which will be certainly welcomed by anyone looking for a new 150-160 cc motorcycle. The fuel-injected engine offers smooth and linear power, but experienced riders may find the performance lacking, and this is more apparent in a racetrack like the BIC, but shouldn't be much of a bother in the urban environment for its target customer base. Now, with standard single-channel ABS, the new Suzuki Gixxer SF retains its easy to ride, engaging personality, and continues to delight us with its fun, and entertaining personality. In the 150-160 cc premium commuter space, the Gixxer SF is possibly one of the very best in dynamics and performance, if not the best, and that is saying a lot!


The 2019 Suzuki Gixxer SF is an engaging and entertaining motorcycle

And yes, it still offers tremendous value!

The new Suzuki Gixxer SF has the same easy riding personality as its predecessor, and it handles beautifully. On the racetrack, it's taut, easy to dip in and out of corners , and is an altogether engaging and entertaining motorcycle to ride, and should be equally good, if not better, out in the real world. On the back straight of the racetrack, the Gixxer topped out at 128 kmph, and with the scale and size of the BIC, it does feel lacking in power, but show it a few chicanes and corners, and dips with confident agility, and immediately leaves you with a sense of enjoyment and thrill very few 150 cc motorcycles are capable of doing.


The Suzuki Gixxer SF offers tremendous value, whether you're upgrading from a smaller motorcycle, or even if it's your first bike

If you're someone upgrading from a smaller bike, or even if it's your first bike, the Suzuki Gixxer SF with fresh new styling certainly makes for a very good case. It's priced at ₹ 1.10 lakh (ex-showroom), and is significantly lower than the more committed Yamaha YZF-R15, and that makes it even more appealing. The Gixxer SF just got a healthy dose of fresh new styling, but it still retains its engaging personality and we definitely recommend it, as one of the best in its segment.


(Photography: Rakesh Singh)

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