Top 10 Cars in the World

Let’s be honest, when we think of the best cars in the world, we often think about the fastest cars. Speed is an essential parameter in deciding whether the vehicle is a hit or miss in the market. All the best car brands in the world are known for their fast cars that can pick up from 0 to 100 km/h in just a few seconds. Car enthusiasts like to experience the throttle when they press their feet on the accelerator pedal. The sound of the engine revving is music to the ears of passionate car lovers. The top speed of a car is an important parameter because it helps understand the quality of the engine. Below we have listed the top 10 cars in the world on the basis of their speed.

Name of the car

Top Speed

0-100 km/h



Lamborghini Sian Roadster

>350 kmh/217.48 mp h

<2.9 seconds

720 NM

774 bhp

Pagani Huayra BC Roadster

383 kmh/237.98 mph

3.3 seconds

1049 NM

745 bhp

McLaren Speedtail

403 kmh/250 mph

3 seconds

1150 NM

1036 bhp

Aston Martin Valkyrie

402 kmh/250 mph

2.6 seconds

900 NM

1160 bhp 

Hennessey Venom GT

435.31 kmh/270.8 mph

2.4 seconds

1566 NM

1244 bhp

Koenigsegg Jesko Absolut

483 kmh/300 mph

1.9 seconds

1500 NM

1280 bhp

SSC Tuatara

508.73 kmh/316.11 mph

2.5 seconds

1735 NM

1750 bhp

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

482.80 kmh/300 mph

2.4 seconds

1600 NM

1577 bhp

Bugatti Bolide

498.89 kmh/310 mph

2.17 seconds

1850 NM

1824 bhp

Koenigsegg CCR

388 kmh/241 mph

3.7 seconds

920 NM

806 bhp

Top 10 cars in the world / Parameter - Electric

Electric cars have taken the automobile world by storm in recent years. With advancing technology and increasing demands, we are yet to see the best of what electric cars have to offer. Due to the changing consumer demands and an increasing need to switch to cleaner modes of transport, car companies are investing heavily in electric cars. They are cool, stylish, less harmful to the environment, and offer an exciting driving experience.

What seemed impossible a few years ago is now a reality. Governments across the world are encouraging and promoting electric cars. By the looks of it, that day is not too far where the only cars being sold on the market will be electric. It is not too difficult to understand why electric cars are such a hit in today’s time. There are hundreds of electric cars to choose from. So, we have made your job easier by creating a table featuring the top 10 electric cars in the world.


Top Speed




Porsche Taycan

260 kmh/162 mph

412 kms/280 Miles

1050 NM

408 bhp

BMW i4

189.90 kmh/118 mph

590 kms/366.60 miles

430 NM

523 bhp

Audi e-tron

200 kmh/124 mph

328.30 kms/204 miles

230 NM

495 bhp

Tesla Model 3

260 kmh/162 mph

568 kms/353 miles

639 NM

443 bhp

Tesla Model S Plaid

321.86 kmh/200 mph

627.64 kms/390 miles

2300 NM

1006 bhp

Jaguar I-Pace

180 kmh/112 mph

376.58 kms/234 miles

696 NM

394.26 bhp

Mini Electric

149.66 kmh/93 mph

235 kms/146 miles

270 NM

181 bhp

Volvo XC40 P8 AWD Recharge

180 kmh/111.84 mph

490 kms/304.47 miles

660 NM

402 bhp

Volkswagen ID.4

160 kmh/99.41 mph

480 kms/298 miles

310 NM

297 bhp

BMW ix3

180 kmh/111.84 mph

458.66 kms/285 miles

400 NM

282 bhp

Top 10 cars in the world - Overall

Although you might judge cars on different parameters depending on your requirements or choices, there are some cars that are simply considered to be the top in the market. These cars might be out of your budget or might have some specs that you actually do not need. Nonetheless, they are considered to be among the top cars in the world simply because of their brand value or unique features. The top cars in the world are fascinating and often have a futuristic look to them. Car manufacturers around the world strive non-stop to release a model that will end up being on this elite list but it is no easy task.

Also known as supercars, these cars are indeed engineering marvels. They are a testimony of humankind's development and progress in the field of automobiles. These cars push the boundaries with the latest innovations and exciting specs that are unheard of before. Owning one of the top 10 cars in the world is a dream of every motorhead. In the table below, we have listed the top 10 cars in the world.


Top Speed

0-100 kmh



McLaren 720 S

341 kmh/212 mph

2.9 seconds

720 NM

710 bhp

Ferrari Pininfarina Sergio

320 kmh/199 mph

3.4 seconds

539 NM

493 bhp

Aston Martin Valkyrie

402 kmh/250 mph

3 seconds

900 NM

1160 bhp

Lamborghini Huracán Evo

325 kmh/201 mph

3.4 seconds

600 NM

630 bhp

Bugatti Centodieci 

379.80 kmh/236 mph

2.4 seconds

1600 NM

1578 bhp

Lamborghini Veneno

355 kmh/221 mph

2.9 seconds

720 NM

740.24 bhp

Ford GT

348 kmh/216 mph

3.3 seconds

746 NM

700 bhp

Lamborghini Aventador SVJ

350 kmh/217 mph

2.8 seconds

720 NM

759 bhp

Aston Martin Valhalla

354 kmh/220 mph

2.5 seconds

900 NM

1000 bhp

Bugatti Chiron Super Sport 300+

482.80 kmh/300 mph

2.4 seconds

1600 NM

1577 bhp