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Last Recorded Price:
3.45 Lakh

Hyosung GT250R Overview

Engine Capacity-icon

Engine Capacity

249.0 CC



30 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity-icon

Fuel Tank Capacity

17.0 L



5 Speed

Hyosung GT250R Prices

Hyosung GT250R price starting from 3.45 Lakh. Hyosung offers GT250R in 1 variants.


Last Recorded Price


3.45 Lakh
Petrol, 30 KM/L, 249.0 CC

Hyosung GT250R Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Hyosung GT250R specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.

Engine CC

249.0 CC




30 KM/L


Dual Disc/Single Disc

Max Torque

22.07 Nm

Max Power

28.00 bhp


110/70-17 54S/ 150/60-17 66S

  • YesHydraulic Disc Brakes
  • YesEngine Kill Switch
  • YesFuel Warning Indicator
  • YesLow Oil Indicator
  • YesFuel Gauge
  • YesPass Light

Hyosung GT250R Mileage

60 %
Better mileage than other Sports
Check GT250R Mileage in Detail

Hyosung GT250R Colours

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Hyosung GT250R is available in 3 different colors namely Titanium Black, Titanium White & Titanium Red.

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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 3.45 L₹ 3.43 L₹ 16.43 - 19.28 L₹ 19 - 24 L₹ 20.3 - 24.55 L₹ 17.9 - 22.5 L
C&B Expert Rating
Engine CC
249.0 CC296.0 CC999.0 CC1170.0 CC999.0 CC999.0 CC
5 Gears6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears
30 KM/L26.00 Km/L18.00 Km/L22.00 Km/L17.00 Km/L21.00 Km/L
Max Torque
22.07 bhp26.10 Nm114.00 Nm116.00 Nm113.00 Nm114.00 Nm
Max Power
28.00 Nm39.00 bhp189.00 bhp110.00 bhp206.00 bhp162.00 bhp
Dual Disc/Single DiscSingle Petal Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)Hydraulic Discs With 4-piston Calipers (Nissin/Brembo) (Front) / Hydraulic Disc With -piston Caliper (Rear)Dual Discs (Front) / Disc (Rear)Twin disc brake, diameter, 4.5 mm, 4-piston fixed caliper (5 mm M wheels) (Front) / Single disc brake, diameter, 1-piston floating caliper (Rear)Twin Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)
Fuel Tank Capacity
17.0 L17.0 L16.0 L18.0 L16.5 L17.5 L
Colour Count
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About Hyosung GT250R

The updated version of the Hyosung GT250R marked the entry of the Korean automobile giant into the Indian markets. The company entered into a strategic partnership with Garware Motors that agreed to sell the top-notch motorbikes of Hyosung to the Indian audience.

The initial variant of the Hyosung GT250R was designed and launched in 2012 but the refurbished model marked the upwards rising slope in their sales graph. The bike was loved by the sports bike class of riders owing to its stellar efficiency and ergonomic design.

The Hyosung GT250R comes in a single variant as the Korean company believes in providing the maximum value through minimum offerings. It is meant to accommodate two people which resonates with the standard rules according to the road safety standards.

The bike is also equipped with a comfortable seat and notable specifications that are required for long-distance rides. It has a heavy-duty engine of 249 cc that confirms its entry into the quarter-litre segment of sports bikes.

Hyosung also conducted an extensive survey of the Indian markets to finally install an efficient engine that is aggressively powerful yet fuel-efficient. The bike also comes with a double-disc braking system which is identified as a prerequisite for powerful machines.

Overall, the Hyosung GT250R is a great sports bike that has won a plethora of awards. It has also bagged plenty of recommendations owing to its sustainably unparalleled performance.

Hyosung GT250R Expert Review

Have a look at what the experts have to say after their first-hand experience with Bajaj Chetak. These reviews are handcrafted by industry experts to offer people credible and valuable insights.

How is the design of the Hyosung GT250R?

The exterior design of the Hyosung GT250R surely looks daunting as it has outclassed all its competitors. It is a powerful machine with a magnificent 249 cc engine and thus the company selected a durable frame.

There are many worthy upgrades from the previous design of the motorbike since the company was quick to understand the flaws in aerodynamics. The updated version comes with a subtle nose-job along with revamped air-scoops for better airflow.

Another major upgrade amongst the list of subtle refinements was the V-shaped headlight that made its first appearance. The LED light is extremely bright and is capable enough to brighten the route while riding through tricky terrains.

In terms of spare parts, every addition looks like a part of the design. Be it the sturdy and plushy saddle or the pillion footrests, you will not be able to distinguish between the pre-installed parts and other spare additions.

The inclusion of alloy wheels was also a great addition to the blockbuster mix of the bike that placed the Hyosung GT250R at an elevated pedestal. These robust wheels provide the rider with adequate ground clearance that comes as a value-added perk.

Hyosung shelled out an enormous amount of money while conducting the development of their newest design for the upgraded GT250R. Their efforts were rewarded in similar proportions as the bike became a hit in the market to mark a positive turn for the company’s sales.

If you are a fan of brilliant design clubbed with stellar mileage and unmatched power, your search for the perfect sports bike will end after scrutinizing the Hyosung GT250R.

How does the Hyosung GT250R ride?

The specifications of the Hyosung GT250R throw ample light at the power quotient of this motorbike. The 249 cc V-Twin engine that comes with air cooling technology has earned a lot of goodwill in the eyes of the critics and therefore you can be assured about its potency.

If you look at the capacity of the engine, you will find that the Hyosung GT250R has the acumen of producing a maximum power of 28 Bhp at 10,000 rotations per minute. This power is clubbed with the maximum torque of 22 Nm which provides a herculean touch to the offering.

However, it is not easy to control the bike on the first go. Each rider requires a fair share of attempts to find the right spot of comfort while riding the bike.

Even though, It takes some time for the rider to get accustomed to the stellar pick-up, the efforts do not go in vain. Once the familiarity is developed, there is no turning back to any other sports bike.

The utility of the Hyosung GT250R is tested best on competitive tracks and rough terrains. The torque is unleashed on similar roads that allow the riders to experience the unique set of features that set the bike apart from other sports bikes.

You might not experience the same level of efficiency while you are riding the motorbike in the city area where the roads are loaded with traffic. You can use it to run the daily errands but the experience of the real torque can be attained only on less congested roads.

Most people had a misconception about the weight of the bike. There was a notion that the extra weight might pose difficulties in handling the bike, whereas the real scenario was extremely contrasting.

The extra weight present in the bike helps it to stay glued to the ground which results in better handling and optimized control. Had the bike been devoid of this additional weight, it would have been difficult for the rider to manage the speed during sharp turns.

In a nutshell, the riding experience of the Hyosung GT250R is several classes apart from the regular sports bikes. It is a delight for every rider who likes to invest in sports bikes and enjoys the thrill that is attached to high speed.

How comfortable is the Hyosung GT250R?

Sports bikes usually do not include luxury and comfort in their unique selling proposition. In some bikes, the seats are rough, while in others, the width of the handle poses slight discomfort during the rides.

This stance has been common in all the top-tier sports brands and therefore many companies have given up redefining the level of comfort in their offerings.

However, Hyosung was prepared to deal with this common perception. The company put its best foot forward and invented a sports bike that harboured immense amounts of luxury and comfort.

The seat of the bike was redesigned into a more comfortable unit that outshined all the previous models without breaking a sweat. It was incorporated at the right angle to align with the entire ergonomic to uphold the levels of consistency.

In terms of ground clearance, the Hyosung GT250R offers a splendid clearance of 155mm which is a decent figure while considering sports bikes. The dimensions are finely tuned to balance the weight so that it gets easier for the users to control the bike irrespective of the speed.

Another feature of the bike that elevates the comfort for customers is its gigantic fuel tank. The unit can store up to 17 litres of petrol which is a rare sight in the domain of sports bikes. Many sports bike manufacturers include a smaller tank to reduce the overall weight of the bike.

This tank allows the users to store enough petrol to avoid the numerous visits to a fuel station. These detours obstruct the routine of the rider, and therefore Hyosung decided to remove this element from the equation.

Be it the top-notch suspension or the solid double-disc braking, The Hyosung GT250R is a sumptuous assortment of all the necessary inclusions that are required to upscale the offering. It is a highly comfortable bike that is specially designed for people who love lightning speed.

How is the tech of the Hyosung GT250R?

The technical specifications of the Hyosung GT250R are spread over a large canvas as almost every feature leaves the audience spellbound. The first and foremost inclusion is the highly potent engine that provides life to the motorcycle.

There are many sports bikes in the quarter-litre segment with identical specifications. However, the Hyosung GT250R is created with the excellence of Korean technology that is several decades ahead in terms of advancement and innovation.

The internal anatomy of the bike comprises many worthy parts that range from multiple camshafts and dual combustion chambers. These advanced mechanisms allow the bike to quickly shuffle between different levels of rotations per minute.

If you check out the speedometer, you will see the subtle job of excellence that was carried out by the company. The bike features a digital speedometer along with an analogue tachometer to show different metrics.

The digital screen shows the speed of the bike along with essential indications of petrol and oil change. The screen is covered with many other signs that are imperative to check before riding the bike.

On the contrary, the analogue meter shows the torque and capacity of the engine. It shows the shift in rotations per minute to help the rider in gauging their speed and control. The meter also gives a clear picture of over-revs as a precautionary signal to avoid burnout.

The Hyosung GT250R is a technical marvel in its entirety. Each part and addition is crafted par excellence to push this bike for attaining the highest pedestal in the world of sports bikes.

How is the mileage of the Hyosung GT250R?

While most sports bikes like the TVS Apache and Bajaj Dominar 400 claim mileage of 25 Kmpl, Hyosung has varying claims up to 30 Kmpl. This figure might be very less if compared to a commuters’ bike but it fares decently in the world of sports bikes.

Hyosung is a pioneer in creating the most optimum engines that provide a cost-efficient outlook to the bike. Its Korean technology aligns with the ideology of the Indian consumer and therefore they paid special attention towards delivering a handsome mileage.

The company also incorporated a vivacious fuel tank which solves the problem of lower mileage. The bike is positioned for a certain chunk of the audience that can afford the variable expense of high fuel requirements.

These increased levels of fuel consumption are necessary for the smooth-riding experience that is attached to the Hyosung GT250R. If the fuel is not present at the desired levels, the customer experience journey of the rider will be severely affected.

The mileage of the bike is not the most exciting feature in this offering. This is also the precise reason why it has never been marketed as a daily driver.

If you are looking for better mileage, you will have to shift to a daily driver bike that comes with a subtle and mute engine. The Hyosung GT250R is designed for racing and roaring through the silencer, both of which require a colossal amount of fuel.

How is the performance of the Hyosung GT250R?

The team of engineers behind the design and assembly of the Hyosung GT250R has done an impeccable job in creating a high-performance vehicle. Each part has been chosen after due consideration so that nothing is blown out of proportion.

The performance of the bike is directly related to the efficiency of the engine which is selected to support the bike. The Hyosung GT250R comes with a 249 cc engine that is the perfect fit according to its body weight and other features.

This engine is complemented by the presence of telescopic front suspension to negate the bumps and breakers that a rider will encounter while driving the bike. The choice of this suspension was a crucial decision since the ground clearance of the bike was restricted to 155 mm.

You will also find hydraulic shock absorbers that were chosen specifically to balance the impact of every roadblock, quite literally.

The numbers in the sales chart of the Hyosung GT250R provide ample evidence to conclude that the bike has a promising performance irrespective of the utility that it has been chosen to meet out.

The customers have given a positive review at every juncture to prove the claim of the highest customer satisfaction index. This bike has been created for the speed-loving audience that is not concerned about the mileage of the bike.

To summarize, you can trust this machine for its claimed performance and its capacity and torque will not disappoint you at all.

Is the Hyosung GT250R a good value?

Yes, this stellar bike from Hyosung is a great value for anyone interested in speed and torque rather than the average fuel requirements of the bike. As mentioned previously, this bike is not meant for running petty errands.

If you constantly take it out for a spin at free tracks and roads, you will be able to feel the power that comes with this offering.

The company has tapped every avenue to escalate the thrill that comes with riding this bike. The footrests and the twin rear-view mirrors offer high accessibility while the magnificent braking system and the suspension takes care of the internal dynamics.

Since the bike is a part of the 250 cc engine club, its mileage of 27-30 Kmpl shows its promising efficiency. A proven mileage of 27 Kmpl offers the customers more incentive to get this bike to suffice their monotonic preferences.

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Hyosung GT250R FAQs

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  • Hyosung GT250R ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 3.45 Lakh. The Hyosung GT250R on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 3.66 Lakh.
  • As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Hyosung GT250R Petrol variant returns 30.00 Kmpl.
  • The price of GT250R starts at Rs. 3.45 Lakh (ex showroom) and the GT650R"s price starts from Rs. 4.79 Lakh. Get detailed comparison between GT250R and GT650R on the basis of specifications, mileage, price & others.

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