2 Variants

Last Recorded Price
9.23 - 9.38 Lakh

Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Overview

Engine Capacity-icon

Engine Capacity

883.0 CC



20 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity-icon

Fuel Tank Capacity

12.5 L



5/6 Speed




Starting Mechanism-icon

Starting Mechanism

Self Start

Wheel Type-icon

Wheel Type

Alloy Wheels

Body Type-icon

Body Type


Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.

Engine CC

883.0 CC




20 KM/L



Max Torque

69.00 Nm

Max Power

50.00 bhp


100/90B19 57H/ 150/80B16 77H

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  • c&b iconHeadlight
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Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Expert Review

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  • Good design
  • Good performance
  • Low seat height


  • Heating Issues
  • Heavy motorcycle
  • Brand no longer in India

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 offers the classic appeal of an all-American cruiser motorcycle. Despite the fact that Harley-Davidson does not have official presence in India anymore, its motorcycles are still on sale and that includes the Iron 883. It is one of the more accessible models from Harley but has engine heating issues and is heavy too. Although its low seat height and decent performance are relevant for a new owner joining the Harley family.

Harley-Davidson Iron 883

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is a motorcycle that combines traditional good looks with cutting-edge technological capabilities flawlessly. This bike is ideal for anyone who desires to have the advantages of both road and mountain riding.

The Iron 883 is an entry-level cruiser and is assembled in India. However, this one has more sporty features and, as the name suggests, is the recipient of an 883 cc Air-Cooled Evolution V-Twin engine that produces 51 hp of power. The five-speed gearbox transmits power to the rear wheel effortlessly. A tubular steel frame forms the base of the motorcycle, and it gets a 100/90 B19 tyre at the front and a 150/80 B16 tyre at the rear. The bike weighs in at 256 kg and is available in three colours, Black Denim, Gunship Gray and White Sand Pearl.

How is the design?

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is a motorcycle that features an old-school style. It has a low seat, which makes it easy to handle, and a wide handlebar gives stability while riding. Both of these features contribute to its overall convenience. In addition, the bike has a manual 5-speed transmission, contributing to its low maintenance requirements.

Within the Harley Davidson family of motorcycles, the Iron 883 is among the most recognisable and well-known of all the cruiser bike ranges. The 2017 Iron 883 is an aggressive-looking motorbike styled more like a roadster than a cruiser. Despite this, it offers a surprisingly comfortable ride while manoeuvring through congested city traffic. The Iron 883 maintains the Sportster ethos, resulting in a raw design devoid of unnecessary details. The tank, which is in the shape of a peanut, has a clean design, and the name of the maker is written in a prominent font. The use of chrome has been reduced to an absolute minimum thanks to the blacking out of the exhaust system, frame, and wheels.

Additionally, the dynamic nature of the Iron 883 is complemented by the riding stance, which is front-biased. It has an LCD display in the instrument cluster that displays the gear position, the revs, and other relevant information.

How is the performance?

One of the most handsome two-wheelers from Harley Davidson, the Iron 883 is an entry-level cruiser assembled locally in India. The bike is more of a veteran motorcyclist’s choice than a beginner’s. The bike confidently shows off the all-black charm devoid of chrome highlights. The cruiser has an elongated and low shape with a seat at 760 mm above the ground. The bike sports sturdy 9-spoke wheels and a drag-style handlebar that urges the rider in a slightly bent, aggressive riding position, similar to retro sport bikes. The gorgeous beast draws dynamism from the air-cooled Evolution V-twin 883 cc engine that sits in a bared chassis and generates 51 hp at 6000 rpm worth of maximum power along with 68 Nm of peak torque at 4750 rpm. This power is transmitted to the 9-spoke bike’s wheels with the help of a seamless 5–speed transmission gearbox.

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is consistently ranked as one of the most well-liked bikes in the Harley-Davidson lineup. It is well-known for both its efficiency and its longevity. The motorcycle features a robust engine that can handle the challenges posed by any terrain. In addition, the bike has a robust suspension system, making it simple to ride even on unpaved or gravel routes. Because of its cushioned seat and wide handlebars, riding the bicycle is also a particularly pleasant experience for the rider.

The Iron 883 is propelled by a V-twin engine with a displacement of 883 cc and generates 68 Nm of peak torque at 4750 revolutions per minute without any issues. This air-cooled engine is a member of the Evolution family of engines, and it is paired with a five-speed gearbox that sends power to the back wheel through a belt drive. The Iron 883 is supported by twin springs at the rear and traditional telescopic front forks. The frame of the Iron 883 is constructed out of tubular steel.

How does the motorbike ride?

The bike’s look was conceptualised after traditional Harley-Davidson models from the 1950s and 1960s. The Iron 883 stands out from the crowd of other bikes on the road because of its design which has hints of both classic and contemporary Harley bikes at the same time. It was designed specifically for long-distance travel; thus, it has a low seat height and broad handlebars, which provide a relaxed riding position. In addition, because the fuel tank on the motorcycle is on the bigger side, you won’t have to pull over nearly as frequently to get petrol.

Regarding its riding characteristics, the Iron 883 is agile and simple to control. Even though it’s not the quickest bike on the market, it’s still speedy enough to get you about the city or on the rural roads. Furthermore, because the suspension was designed with comfort, you won’t even notice the bumps in the road when driving. Additionally, the bike’s low weight makes it simple to control when making sharp bends or navigating through congested traffic areas.

How comfortable the motorbike is?

The feeling of riding a Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is extraordinarily relaxing. Because of the low seat height, mounting and dismounting the bike is a simple process, and the wide handlebars provide significant leverage for steering the bike. The suspension is strong without jarring, and the bike’s overall shape makes navigating congested areas simple. In addition, the Iron 883 Bike features a well-padded seat and an upright riding position, making it suitable for rides of any length without becoming uncomfortable. Overall, the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is an excellent option for riders who are looking for a motorcycle that is both comfortable and simple to use.

How’s the tech?

The Harley Davidson Sportster Iron 883 is an entry-level cruiser put together in India. It is also one of the most attractive two-wheelers that Harley Davidson produces. The bike is recommended for experienced motorcyclists rather than novices who are just starting out. The motorcycle stoically preserves the all-black appeal by not featuring any chrome accents whatsoever. Instead, the cruiser is given an extended and low design, with the seat being elevated only 760 mm from the ground. The bike has sturdy 9-spoke wheels and a drag-style handlebar, which puts the rider in an aggressive riding position similar to a vintage sport bike.

The new 2019 Harley-Davidson Iron 883 has a completely blacked-out design and an aggressive posture, all of which give it an appearance that is guaranteed to get people’s attention. The Iron 883 bike’s 883 cc Evolution engine, which is paired with a five-speed transmission, is located beneath the vehicle’s bodywork. The front suspension is taken care of by telescopic forks, while dual-adjustable shock absorbers handle the rear suspension.

How’s the mileage of the motorbike?

As per ARAI, the average mileage of Iron 883 is 22 kmpl. With a fuel tank capacity of 12.5 L, this bike can go up to 275 km on a full tank.

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 motorcycle gets excellent mileage for its class. It can cross great distances with ease and without any difficulty. The bike also has a very good ratio of efficiency to fuel consumption.

Is the motorbike good value for Money?

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 offers a lot of bang for the buck and is an excellent value. It is a reliable bicycle that has earned a good name for itself. Because it is also a trendy bike, you can be certain that you will receive your money’s worth if you decide to buy one.

An all-American cruiser motorcycle with the timeless good looks of a Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is what the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 has to offer. Even though Harley-Davidson does not maintain an official presence in India any longer, the company’s motorcycles, including the Iron 883, may still be purchased from Indian dealers. It is one of the more approachable models from Harley, although there have been difficulties with the engine overheating, and it is also rather heavy. Although it has a modest seat height and reasonable performance, it is appropriate for a new owner to enter the Harley family.

How is the after sales service?

Harley-Davidson is often regarded as among the very finest in the industry of after-sales service providers. The brand maintains an extensive dealer and service centre network around the country, enabling it to provide consumers with efficient and timely services. In addition to that, the brand gives its clientele a free-of-charge telephone line that they can call with any issues or questions they may have.

Which Motorbikes Compete in this Segment?

Those in the market for a powerful and stylish motorcycle might consider purchasing a Harley-Davidson Iron 883. This motorcycle belongs to the same category as other motorcycles, including the Yamaha VMAX, the Suzuki Hayabusa, and the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-14R. The performance and characteristics of each of these bikes are excellent; nevertheless, the Iron 883 is distinguished from the others by its one-of-a-kind appearance and demeanour.

The Evolution V-twin 883 cc air-cooled engine is housed in a bare-bones chassis and provides maximum power coupled with peak torque at 4750 rpm; it is the source of the beautiful beast’s dynamic. This engine sits in the middle of the stunning beast. With the assistance of a seamless 5–speed transmission gearbox, this power is transferred from the bike’s frame to the bike’s 9-spoke wheels. The Iron 883 is an excellent option if you want a bike that will draw attention to you and cause others to notice you.

Verdict (Is it Value for Money?)

The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 unquestionably comes up to its name by featuring a robust, ironclad build that is constructed to last for a very long time. As a result, it is an excellent option for anyone seeking a motorcycle that is not only long-lasting but also dependable and affordable.

The Iron 883 offers an exceptional price-to-performance ratio considering its starting price of just under 11.99 lakh. It has a robust 883 cc engine with plenty of torque and power, making it suitable for riding on city streets and highways. In addition, the bike has a precise steering system and a comfy seat, all of which combine to make it an exceptional choice for riding on the weekend and during the week.

It is highly recommended that you give some thought to the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 if you are in the market for a sturdy and dependable cruiser motorbike that will not strain your finances.

Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Price List (Variant Wise)

Harley-Davidson Iron 883 price starting from 9.23 Lakh. Harley-Davidson offers Iron 883 in 2 variants.


Last Recorded Price

Iron 883 STD
₹ 9.23 Lakh
Petrol, 20 KM/L, 883.0 CC
Iron 883 STD BS VI
₹ 9.38 Lakh
Petrol, 20 KM/L, 883.0 CC

Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Mileage

37 %
Better mileage than other Cruiser
Check Iron 883 Mileage in Detail

Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Colours

View All Iron 883 Colours

Harley-Davidson Iron 883 is available in 4 different colors namely Scorched Orange/Silver Flux, River Rock Gray, Barracuda Silver Denim & Black Denim.

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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 9.23 - 9.38 Lakh₹ 9.49 - 10.09 Lakh₹ 7.95 - 8.08 Lakh₹ 10.61 - 10.98 Lakh₹ 10.99 - 11.79 Lakh₹ 11 Lakh
C&B Expert Rating
Engine CC
883.0 CC900.0 CC900.0 CC1202.0 CC1200.0 CC999.0 CC
5,6 Gears5 Gears5 Gears5 Gears6 Gears5 Gears
20 KM/L26.30 Km/L18.00 Km/L20.00 Km/L18.00 Km/L25.00 Km/L
Max Torque
69.00 bhp80.00 Nm80.00 Nm97.00 Nm105.00 Nm88.80 Nm
Max Power
50.00 Nm64.10 bhp64.10 bhp60.00 bhp79.00 bhp76.90 bhp
Disc/DiscDisc (Front) / Disc (Rear)Single Ø310mm floating disc, Brembo 4 piston fixed axial caliper, ABS (Front) / Single Ø255mm disc, Nissin 2 piston floating caliper, ABS (Rear)Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)
Fuel Tank Capacity
12.5 L14.5 L12.0 L7.9 L14.5 L12.5 L
Colour Count
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  • Harley-Davidson Iron 883 ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 9.38 Lakh. The Harley-Davidson Iron 883 on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 9.9 Lakh.
  • As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Harley-Davidson Iron 883 Petrol variant returns 20.00 Kmpl.
  • The price of Iron 883 starts at Rs. 9.38 Lakh (ex showroom) and the Forty-Eight"s price starts from Rs. 10.61 Lakh. Get detailed comparison between Iron 883 and Forty-Eight on the basis of specifications, mileage, price & others.