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Hero Electric Photon HX

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Hero Electric Photon HX Overview

Battery Type-icon

Battery Type

Advanced Lithium-Ion

Battery Range-icon

Battery Range

108 Km/Full Charge

Charging Time-icon

Charging Time

5 Hours



87 Kg




Starting Mechanism-icon

Starting Mechanism

Electric Start

Wheel Type-icon

Wheel Type

Alloy Wheels

Body Type-icon

Body Type


Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Hero Electric Photon HX specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.




108 Km/Full Charge




90/90-12 TL/ 90/90-12 TL

  • c&b icon Alloy Wheels
  • c&b iconTelescopic Suspension
  • c&b iconDigital Instrument Cluster
  • c&b iconPortable Battery
  • c&b iconRegenerative Braking
  • c&b iconRemote Lock with Anti-Theft Alarm
  • c&b iconLED Headlamp
  • c&b iconUSB Port
  • c&b iconLow Battery Indicator

Hero Electric Photon HX Expert Review

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  • Decent charging time
  • 80 km range
  • Light weight


  • Top speed could be better
  • Built quality
  • Limited sales

The Hero Electric Photon is the company’s premium commuter scooter, and is quite a popular model from Hero Electric's line up. The Photon has a top speed of 45 kmph, comes with claimed range of 90 km and takes 5 hours for a full charge. The electric scooter comes with a removable battery, regenerative braking, LED headlamp, LCD instrument cluster, and alloy wheels, with telescopic front suspension.

Hero Electric Photon HX

When it comes to electric scooters, the current market offers a wide variety of options to choose from. The Hero Electric Photon HX is the model that you should go for if, on the other hand, you want an electric scooter that is not only powerful but also efficient and loaded with amenities. The Hero Electric Photon HX is a high-performance electric scooter that provides a one-of-a-kind combination of power and efficiency for its users. The Photon HX is an excellent option for getting around town quickly and efficiently, as it has a top speed of up to 30 miles per hour and a range of up to 60 miles. The scooter also includes a plethora of features, such as a digital display, and a USB charging station, all of which are standard equipment.

The electric vehicles branch of Hero MotoCorp, known as Hero Electric, recently made an announcement on the launch of an all-new, high-speed electric scooter called "Photon" in the Indian market. The car was revealed to the public for the first time earlier this year at the Delhi Auto Expo. The corporation asserts that "the product got great response during test marketing in select regions and was on waiting" after saying that the product "was on waiting." The brand-new scooter comes equipped with a variety of features, including front telescopic suspensions, an anti-theft alarm, a float-cum-boost charger, an aerodynamic look, and Economy and Power Modes.

How is the Design?

A sleek and contemporary appearance may be found in the electric scooter offered by Hero Electric called the Photon HX. Its primary colors are black and white, and blue is used to emphasize those colors. The scooter has a digital display that provides information regarding the range, speed, and current battery level. The scooter also contains a USB connector that may be used to charge other electronic items. The Hero Electric Photon HX features a mechanism that allows it to fold up, which makes it possible to store it in limited areas. The scooter's easy-to-maneuver rear-wheel drive arrangement is one of its many appealing features.

The Hero Electric Photon is a high-end commuter scooter that is offered by the firm. It is also one of the most well-liked models in the Hero Electric product lineup. The Photon has a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour (about 28 miles per hour), has a range of up to 90 kilometers, and can be fully charged in five hours. The electric scooter has a battery that can be removed, regenerative braking, an LED headlamp, an LCD instrument cluster, alloy wheels, and telescopic front suspension. It also has regenerative braking.

How does it perform?

Those individuals who are seeking for an option that is dependable, reasonably priced, and simple to use will find that the Hero Electric Photon HX is a good choice. This scooter has a robust motor that allows it to achieve speeds of up to 20 miles per hour, which makes it an excellent option for getting around town or doing errands. There is no need for concern about running out of power because the scooter comes equipped with a long-range battery that can travel up to 40 miles on a single charge of the battery. In addition, the Photon HX comes standard with front and rear brakes for greater stopping performance, as well as LED headlights and taillights for enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. The Hero Electric Photon has a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour and has a rated power of up to 1,800 watts. In addition, the Hero Electric Photon has the same peak speed. 1200 watts makes up the power of the Hero Electric Photon Engine. The scooter comes equipped with its own charger, and in order to power up, the vehicle just needs to be plugged into a standard household power outlet that provides 5 amperes.

What's the range?

The Hero Electric Photon is a model of electric scooter that can be found in the City Speed line of products offered by the firm. The Photon can be purchased with a motor that has a power output of 1.8 kW and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 45 kilometers per hour. According to the manufacturer, the 72V/26Ah battery just needs four hours to be fully charged, and when put through the paces, it can provide a range of up to 80 kilometers.

How is the riding experience?

Those in need of a riding experience that is both pleasant and within their price range will find that the Hero Electric Photon HX is an excellent choice. Because the scooter can reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour and has a range of up to 40 miles, it is an excellent option for traveling to work or running errands in the city. The motor of the Hero Electric Photon is capable of producing 1200 W of electricity. The combined braking system of both wheels is offered by the Hero Electric Photon, which features drum brakes both in the front and in the back. A number of features, such as front and rear suspension, LED lights, and a digital display, are included with the purchase of a Photon HX, all of which contribute to the enjoyable riding experience offered by this model.

When it comes to fuel efficiency, Hero claims that the new Photon can travel up to 50 kilometers (km) on a single full charge when utilizing the Power model. On the other hand, the more energy-efficient Economy mode boasts an even greater range of 80 kilometers when fully charged. The Photon comes equipped with a number of standard features as standard equipment. These features include a polycarbonate head lamp for great night vision, front telescopic suspension, a front disc brake, and an anti-theft alarm which gives the rider an amazing experience while riding the Hero Electric Photon HX.

Tech and features

Your trip will be more enjoyable because to the abundance of cutting-edge technology and features that come standard on the Hero Electric Photon HX. To begin, the scooter can reach a maximum speed of 25 miles per hour and has a range of up to 40 miles on a single charge of its battery. It also comes standard with a regenerative braking technology, which allows for the range to be increased by recapturing energy whenever the vehicle is decelerating. The digital display and digital console that come standard on the Hero Electric Photon HX are a nice touch. It has a display that is waterproof. In addition to that, it comes with a speedometer that displays the current speed. The sophisticated digital instrument cluster places all of the information that you require at your fingertips, right in front of the rider.

In order to enhance the rider's nighttime visibility, the Hero Electric Photon HX comes equipped with an LED headlight, taillight, and turn signals. In addition, there is a USB connector provided so that you may keep your electronic gadgets charged even while you are on the move. And last, the Photon HX is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity, allowing users to adjust a variety of settings using the Hero Electric app.

Battery Capacity and Electric Motors

The Hero Electric Photon HX is equipped with a lithium-ion battery with a capacity of 48 volts and 20 ampere hours and a potent 2000 watt motor. The maximum speed of the scooter is sixty kilometers per hour, and it can travel one hundred kilometers on a single charge of its battery. The scooter also has LED headlights, regenerative brakes, and a digital display added to its list of amenities.

The ride is virtually devoid of noise thanks to the water-proof brushless DC motor that is equipped with low electro-magnetic interference. The scooter also contains electronic controllers, each of which is equipped with 12 mosfets and a 24MHz high-speed controller. These components work together to provide a rapid reaction to the drive-train while minimizing signal losses. The AGM VRLA battery that comes with the Photon is purpose-built to withstand the most severe conditions that may be found in India.

Safety Equipment

The Hero Electric Photon HX comes equipped with a number of vitally critical safety measures. To begin, it comes standard with both a horn and a headlight, both of which will make it easier for other drivers on the road to spot you when visibility is poor. Second, the motor scooter features a rearview mirror, which allows the rider to keep an eye on what is happening behind them at all times. The kickstand that comes standard on the scooter allows you to store it away from harm's way while it's not in use. Charging is made simple and convenient thanks to the portable battery contained within HX. Simply separate the battery, and you may charge it without leaving the convenience of your own home or place of business. Your rides will be jerk-free and smooth thanks to the cutting-edge telescopic suspension system that's been installed. Even when it's dark out, you can ride safely thanks to the strong LED headlamps.

What's the warranty on battery?

The motor and battery of this Hero Electric Photon HX are covered under warranty for three years, and any electrical issues that arise within the first three years after purchase will be fixed free of charge. In addition, Hero Electric made the announcement that its lithium-ion range of electric scooters will now come with a warranty good for 5 years.

Which two-wheelers compete in this segment?

The Hero Electric Photon HX Electric is an Exceptional Product that was Developed by Hero Electric Vehicles Pvt. Limited, a pioneer in the Indian electric two-wheeler industry as well as the market leader in this sector.

The Hero Electric Photon HX competes in the market for electric scooters against other products such as the Bajaj Chetak, the TVS iQube, and the Ather 450X. The Photon HX comes with a guarantee that is valid for either two years or 25,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. The battery is covered under warranty for either one year or 10,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. So, The Hero Electric Photon HX is a scooter that can go at high speeds.

Verdict (Is it Value for Money?)

According to the Central Motor Vehicle Rules, the Hero Electric Photon HX is classified as a vehicle that falls under the L1 category. The base model of the Hero Electric Photon HX, an electric scooter cycle, can be purchased for a price that starts at Rs. 74,240. The electric scooter is offered in one different configuration, and customers can choose between two different colors. The advanced lithium-ion battery pack is included with the electric motor purchase. The Photon HX has a battery life or mileage of 90 kilometers on a single full charge. Beige, blue, and matte black are the three appealing colors that are included in this offering.

Hero Electric has kept pushing the boundaries of innovation and developed some truly exceptional items for the electric vehicle market in India. We are prepared for the onslaught of electric vehicles in India, where there is a great deal of untapped potential. Companies are coming to terms with this reality and are putting their efforts toward developing products and technologies. To better meet the diverse requirements of our valued clients, we have made it a priority to pursue ongoing innovation in the field of electric two-wheelers as part of our commitment to earning and retaining their trust. We are certain that the newly released Hero Electric High Speed Photon will contribute significantly to the expansion of our business inside the EV market. The Photon possesses a high mag-flux in addition to its 46 magnetic poles, which contribute to its great efficiency and strong torque. The guarantee that comes with the Hero Electric Photon HX is good for either two years or 20,000 kilometers, whichever comes first. The battery and the motor both come with a warranty that is good for three years or 30,000 kilometers from the manufacturer.

Hero Electric Photon HX Price List (Variant Wise)

Hero Electric Photon HX price starting from 74,240. Hero Electric offers Photon HX in 1 variants.


Ex-Showroom Price

Photon HX STD
Starts at
₹ 74,240
Electric, 108 KM/L,

Hero Electric Photon HX EMI Calculator

Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 74,240

Loan Amount




Duration (3 years)

3 years

EMI ₹ 2,448
For 3 Year @11.5%* Interest Rate

*Interest rate may vary subject to your credit score.

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Hero Electric Photon HX On-Road Price In India

Explore Hero Electric Photon HX pricing in India's major cities. Hero Electric Photon HX price starts from 74,240.

CityOn-Road Price
New Delhi₹ 78,780
Mumbai₹ 81,007
Bangalore₹ 78,780
Hyderabad₹ 82,492
Chennai₹ 78,780
Kolkata₹ 77,371
Ahmedabad₹ 80,265

Hero Electric Photon HX Mileage

Km/Full Charge
88 %
Better mileage than other Scooter
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Hero Electric Photon HX Colours

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Hero Electric Photon HX is available in 2 different colors namely Black & Beige.

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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 74,240₹ 75,000 - 97,500 ₹ 71,990₹ 69,999 - 99,999 ₹ 69,900₹ 69,900
C&B Expert Rating
Battery Type
Advanced Lithium-IonLi-ionLithium-ion BatteryLithium-ion Battery250 watt BLDC hub motorLithium ION
Battery Range
108 Km/Full Charge75 Km/FullCharge170-200 Km/FullCharge91 Km/FullCharge60-70 Km/FullCharge70 Km/FullCharge
Charging Time
5 Hours3.5 Hours6 - 8 Hours7 Hours 20 Mins4-5 Hour5 to 6 Hrs
Fast Charging Time
N/A1 - 2 HoursN/A3N/A
Kerb Weight
87 Kg75 Kg96 Kg101 Kg95 Kg94 Kg
Max Torque
N/AN/A0.00 NmN/AN/AN/A
Colour Count
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  • The on-road price of Hero Electric Photon is 78,780.
  • The range of Hero Electric Photon is 108 Km/Full Charge.
  • No, you do not need a driving license to ride Hero Electric Photon.