Five Songs For the Road

I remember the peace I felt the first time I drove a car; I thought it couldn't get better than this. However, since it was the first time I had laid hands on the steering wheel with the intent to drive, I was visibly nervous. So my brother, aka my first driving instructor, put on my favourite music because he knew how it calmed me down. And what do you know? I was smiling like a baby in a matter of moments. I have always heard about music being a phenomenon, but I never knew before that day that it could also add to the absolute joy that driving already is.

Though I like to worship David Guetta, in my free time, I have to accept that you can always do with a hint of badass (some other word - lunacy, crazy, ) in the music you listen to while you are in the car. No, I don't mean that David Guetta and the rest of his frat boys don't make that kind of music. Anyway, since I am not driving a car right now and the opportunity being World Music Day, I put together a list of songs to rock to, while on the road.

1. Faster - Within Temptation: A single by the Dutch band Within Temptation, Faster makes me feel like it would be the soundtrack that would best describe the biography of a race car driver, such is the tempo of the song. The music will probably make you want to pick up that air-guitar and feel like a total boss. Though I do not advocate going 'faster' on the road, I would say you give this symphonic rock track a shot when you pop the ignition and see where it takes you.


2. One Big Holiday - My Morning Jacket: It starts out rather tenderly, but will take you by surprise as it slowly builds up and transforms into an almost mythical track. The lyrics are perfect too, 'from this town we'd escape...we'd all live one big holiday'. Quite a song to sum up 'one big holiday'.


3. Gasoline - Audioslave: The song has a basic pentatonic hard rock feel throughout, though the lyrics might come across as a tad bit murky. Also, the drum solos in the beginning along with the overall country magic of the song will have you humming along for at least a couple of hours.


4. Roadhouse Blues - The Doors: This fascinating song starts off with a heavy riff that almost begins to flounder when the drums, pianos and harmonicas join in the groove. Written by Jim Morrisson and others, this one is indeed a gripping one for the road.



5. Turn The Page - Metallica: Basically the Metallica's cover of Bob Segar's song, it kind of stays true to the original song albeit the addition of their own heavy touches. The lyrics might make you want to drive into the sunset, so be sure that the tank is full to the brim.

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