Arc Vector Electric Motorcycle Gets Resurrected; Ready For Deliveries

The British-made luxury electric motorcycle has a price tag of 90,000 GBP (approximately Rs. 91 lakh), and the brand almost went into administration around a year ago.

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Published on January 5, 2022

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  • Arc Vector electric motorcycle ready for deliveries, says Founder & CEO
  • The company went into administration in late 2019 before being revived
  • Each Arc Vector electric motorcycle will cost 90,000 GBP

Arc Vector, one of the UK's most advanced electric motorcycle brand, seems to have been revived after almost shutting shop. The price tag is a cool 90,000 GBP (approximately Rs. 91 lakh), although there's no denying the fact that the Arc Vector promises to be a unique and extraordinary product, in the way it looks, as well as the specifications and technology it comes with. The cafe racer-styled naked electric bike is made from carbon fibre and comes with a front swingarm suspension and hub-centre steering. The company has now announced that the Arc Vector electric hyper naked bike is ready for deliveries.

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The Arc Vector is claimed to produce 127 bhp with a top speed of over 200 kmph

"We have a very healthy order book and customers are already going through our new commissioning suite in Central England to individually tailor each Vector motorcycle so that they are all unique," said Mark Truman, Founder, CEO and Lead Designer, Arc Vector Motorcycles.

The electric bike is powered by a 95 kW (127 bhp) electric motor capable of a top speed electronically limited to 200 kmph, and a 0 to 100 kmph acceleration time in just 3.2 seconds. The 16.8 kWh battery pack can provide a range of up to 322 km, for urban riding, or 200 km of highway riding. DC fast charging is also offered, which will enable a recharge of the battery pack in just 45 minutes.


The Arc Vector electric motorcycle gets features like a riding jacket with haptic feedback and helmet with head-up display

The bike is also designed to operate with a "human machine interface" that includes a tech-embedded jacket to provide haptic feedback warnings as well as a special helmet with head-up display which will show useful information on the visor, enabling the rider to keep their eyes on the road.

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The Arc Vector electric motorcycle was first unveiled in 2018.

The Arc Vector was first unveiled in 2018 as an ultra-premium electric motorcycle, and was all set to go into production by mid-2019. But later that year, the company filed for bankruptcy after running out of funding. It took almost a year after which founder, CEO and lead designer Mark Truman successfully managed to buy back the company from administration. While it's good to see a motorcycle brand being revived once again, from the brink of disaster, the price tag of the Arc Vector will ensure that this will be a very exclusive motorcycle, built only for a few, who can afford it.

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