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Maruti Suzuki True Value: The Trusted Go-To Destination For Pre-Owned Cars

Maruti Suzuki True Value has been one of the most trusted players in the organised used car space. So far, it was only selling pre-owned cars, however, the company has expanded its business model and has started buying used cars, becoming the one-stop-shop for pre-owned vehicles.

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Maruti Suzuki True Value has a wide network of over 1252 outlets spread across 942 cities in India

The average car buyer in India is getting smarter with his/her choices and is beginning to understand the merits of owning a pre-owned car. In fact, according to a study, in FY2019, the pre-owned car market grew steadily with sales crossing the 4 million units mark making it bigger than the new car market, which stood at 3.4 million units for that year. However, it is still a very unorganised market out there for pre-owned cars. Understanding this, several car manufactures have tapped into this market, and Maruti Suzuki True Value has been one of the most trusted players in this space. So far, True Value was only selling pre-owned cars, however, the company has decided to expand its business model and has now started buying used cars, becoming the one-stop-shop for pre-owned vehicles.

It was back in 2001 when Maruti Suzuki India decided to enter the pre-owned car business with the brand True Value, becoming the first major organised used car seller in the market. All cars that come to True Value go through 376 quality checks and this includes a thorough inspection of the engine, suspension, transmission, brakes, exterior and interior, equipment and more. The company also refurbishes the cars by fixing any and all kinds of problems, and if required, the cars are also re-equipped with genuine Maruti Suzuki parts, before they are put on sale.

Additionally, to ensure utmost transparency, True Value cars also come with a verified history of ownership details and kilometre run. It also offers up to 1-year warranty & 3 free services. Then you have the hassle-free documentation process with registration certificate (RC) transfer and paperwork, all of which is taken care of by a dedicated relationship officer. It is these factors that have helped Maruti Suzuki True Value become a trusted pre-owned car seller over the past two decades and create a wide network of around 570 outlets spread across 280 cities in India.

Using these same principles, Maruti Suzuki True Value is now expanding its business model to create a smart, convenient, and channelised platform for customers to sell their cars. In fact, all a customer needs to do is visit the True Value website and enter the vehicle details, post which he or she can book an appointment for Home Evaluation of the car from the comfort of their homes. An authorised True Value evaluator will then come to your doorstep and do a physical evaluation of the car, in front of you.

maruti suzuki true value pre owned car business

True Value has implemented some important measures to ensure utmost safety and hygiene at its dealerships.

Furthermore, to minimise human error and offer total transparency, the company also does a detailed digital evaluation which covers every aspect of car inspection and ensures that the vehicle's estimated value is as accurate as possible. Finally, based on the findings of the evaluations, True Value's AI-based scientific pricing engine comes up with a price quote for the car based on several parameters like - vehicle age, depreciation value and more. Also, like when buying a car from True Value, here too, throughout this entire selling process the customers are appointed with a designated evaluator, to help them throughout the process of selling their car with paperwork and collection of documents. True Value also assigns an RC Coordinator who looks after the transferring process of the registrations certificate.

True Value dealerships have always tried to offer a wholesome experience to its customers, and the company has been relentless in building a future-ready ecosystem. However, these are testing times for the nation, and with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, consumers have been avoiding going to the showrooms. Therefore, True Value has implemented some important measures to ensure utmost safety and hygiene at its dealerships. All True Value showrooms are being disinfected on daily basis, targeting frequently touched surfaces such as tables, door handles, light switches, countertops, handles, desks, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, and sinks. All relationship officers wear mask and gloves at all times to safeguard themselves as well as customers, and every showroom has sanitiser dispensers installed for the use of visitors and staff. Customers can also take a test drive without any safety concern, as all test vehicles are thoroughly sanitised after every single test drive.

However, for those who are still sceptical about physically visiting a retail outlet, True Value has also created an elaborate digital platform. With the True Value Website and Mobile Application, customers can search for their desired model and book the vehicle online. To make the buying process completely contactless, the company has also been encouraging customers to complete the documentation and payment process through emails and other online channels.

Be it buying or selling a car, the process is always special and an important one for all. Even after spending hours on the internet and screening through multiple options, dealing with an individual or an unauthorised party always comes with unwanted risks. Whereas at True Value, everything is transparent. For someone who's selling their car, True Value's physical and scientific evaluation methods ensure that you get the right price for your vehicle. On the other hand, if you are out to buy a car, it offers you the complete history of the vehicle, and with warranty and free services part of the package, the process becomes as assuring as buying a new car. So, in a nutshell, True Value is an organised, trusted and convenient platform that certainly makes life easy for those who are trying to sell or buy a pre-owned car.

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