8 Reasons To Choose An SUV Over A Sedan

Are you confused between an SUV and a sedan? Read ahead as we enlist eight convincing reasons why you should pick an SUV over a sedan!

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Published on March 29, 2022

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    One of the most challenging decisions to make while buying a car is buying an SUV or a sedan. Moreover, with the SUV market advancing more than ever, they might feel like a more viable choice than sedans.

    In any case, the dilemma between SUVs and sedans can drive buyers crazy. Worry not, as we have enlisted eight reasons which make SUV a better choice than a sedan to help you make your decision!

    More Spacious

    There's no denying that SUVs have more room and are more spacious than sedans. There's more legroom, and all the passengers can ride in comfort. This type of space also makes SUVs perfect for camping and road trips.

    Improved Ride Height

    If you like to catch a full view of the road ahead, then an SUV is the right pick for you. Thanks to improved ride height, you can easily spot potholes while driving. A sedan, on the other hand, requires some careful maneuvering over the tall speedbreakers that are all too common in India.


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    More Seating Capacity

    If you happen to be considering a car for a family of four to six people, then look no further beyond an SUV. Most of the SUVs come with a capacity of five to six seats. Moreover, the third row in the SUVs is a significant advantage.

    Ease of ingress and egress

    Family cars need to be suitable for the entire family. The added height of an SUV ensures easy boarding and alighting for even the elderly members of your family as opposed to lowering oneself down into a sedan.

    Off-roading Capabilities

    If you are a fan of weekend road trips or adventures, an SUV will be your best buddy! Unlike a sedan, SUVs can offer a rugged performance on any trail. These models can drive on the steepest roads and conquer the best off-roading capabilities.


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    Allows Better Towing

    The best part about an SUV is that it is perfect as a tow vehicle. Since the weight of an SUV is much higher than that of sedans, they can pull most things with ease. For example, the Toyota Fortuner has a braked towing capacity of 2500 kg.

    Aesthetically Pleasing and Awesome Colours

    One thing that we can all agree on is that the new SUVs are all about awesomeness and aesthetics. Carmakers are stretching their limits when it comes to offering high horsepower SUVs. Brands like Lamborghini and Jeep are the best example of how stylish SUVs can be.


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    Different Sub-Segments and Sizes

    You'll love the fact that SUVs are available in all sizes and sub-segments. You can choose a crossover, mid-size, or large SUV based on your needs and requirements. The number of passengers seats increase with the size of SUVs.


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    With these eight solid reasons, you might find it more convincing to invest in an SUV!


    Last Updated on March 29, 2022

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