Diesels Still Make Up More Than Half Of Mercedes-Benz's India Sales

According to Mercedes-Benz India, even sales of petrol and electric models combined don't match the number of diesel cars sold by the brand in India.

By Shams Raza Naqvi


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Published on May 27, 2024

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  • Mercedes-Benz is India's biggest luxury car brand in terms of sales
  • The company sells cars with petrol, diesel & electric powertrains in India.
  • Luxury brands such as Audi and Volvo have stopped selling diesel cars in the Indian market.

Luxury carmaker Mercedes-Benz has revealed  more than half of its cars sold in the Indian market are diesel models. This means the combined sales of petrol and electric models are still not able to match the demand for diesel cars when it comes to the German luxury brand. This is despite the falling sales of diesel cars in some locations across the country, especially in Delhi-NCR, where only a maximum use of 10 years is allowed for diesel vehicles. 

Mercedes Benz GLA 220d 5

The brand offers a diesel engine in all body styles.


In a special chat with car&bike, Lance Bennett, Vice President, Sales and Marketing, Mercedes-Benz India said," It (diesel) represents roundabout 54 per cent of our sales, 6 per cent is EVs and the balance is petrol. So it's still skewed towards diesel but we're happy to offer each of those powertrains to our customers. We're seeing that some markets are a bit more receptive towards petrol models due to emission norms."

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Mercedes Benz GLA 220d 9

Mercedes-Benz India sold a record 5,412 units between January and March 2024.


Mercedes-Benz India is offering diesel powertrain options with all body styles and some of its bestsellers such as the E-class sedan and GLC SUV have commanded a high share of diesel models in total sales. Like Mercedes-Benz, BMW, too continues to sell diesel models in India while rivals such as Audi & Volvo have restricted their offerings to just petrol models and EVs. Mercedes-Benz India sold a record 5,412 units between January and March 2024, the highest ever quarterly number in the luxury segment in India. 

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