How To Check Your Vehicle's Insurance Status?

Are you unsure if your vehicle's insurance is expired or due for expiry in the coming months? Here are a few ways to keep track of your vehicle's insurance!

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18-Jun-22 04:52 AM IST



    Don't fret, even if you have lost your policy documents or forgotten your vehicle insurance details, don't fret. The internet is a resourceful place that can also help you track the vehicle's insurance. The process of figuring out the insurance status of your vehicle through online and offline methods is straightforward. This vehicle insurance tracking guide compiles everything you need to know about tracking vehicle insurance status. Moreover, both bike and car owners will find this guide helpful. Let's get going!


    Checking Car Insurance Online

    The process of tracking the status of your car insurance online is pretty straightforward. The Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority of India has an insurance data repository – IIB. IIB is a web portal that facilitates checking and tracking insurance policy details. Here's how to check the status online:

    • Step 1: Visit the official IIB website.
    • Step 2: The page will ask for necessary details like registration number, name, etc. Enter these details.
    • Step 3: Press on submit.
    • Step 4: The policy details associated with your vehicle will now appear.
    • Step 5: If you are still unable to view the status, you can track your vehicle's engine and chassis number.

    Checking Car Insurance Offline

    To check the car insurance offline, you can ring your insurance company to procure the details. You can also reach out to your connected RTO to find your car's insurance information.

    Checking Bike Insurance Status Online

    Checking your bike's insurance involves pretty much the same process as car insurance status tracking. You can use the same IIB portal to track the insurance status of a bike. Like car insurance tracking, you have to enter the name, email ID, mobile number, vehicle registration number, and other details on the IIB portal.


    Checking Bike Insurance Status Offline 

    There are typically two ways to track the status of your bike's insurance offline:

    • Visit your respective RTO and enquire with them about your bike's insurance details. This step is also applicable in case you have met with an accident.
    • Alternatively, you can call the insurance provider, and they will be able to retrieve all the information related to your bike's insurance.

    VAHAN e-Services for Vehicle Insurance Status

    Vahan is a government enabled service that lets you track all information about your vehicle, not just insurance. Follow these steps to track the insurance status of your vehicle on this portal:

    • Step 1: Visit the official Vahan website and select "Know your vehicle details" from the top navigation menu.
    • Step 2: Enter number plate details and required verification code
    • Step 3: Select the "Search Vehicle" option
    • Step 4: Now, you'll be able to view your vehicle's insurance status and other details.

    With these simple methods, you can always stay on track with your vehicle insurance. Tracking your vehicle's insurance can't get any simpler! Share with us if you find a more straightforward way to track car insurance!

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