Mercedes Will Use Vision EQXX Tech In CLA-Sized EV

The Vision EQXX has managed a range of 1,202 km on a single charge and this new car could have a similar range.

By Sahil Gupta


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Published on October 22, 2022

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  • The EQXX has a range of 1,202km
  • Mercedes will use the aerodynamics from this car in the mid-sized sedan
  • The battery has been developed by CATL that is smaller and lighter than the one on the EQS

Mercedes has now revealed that it will be using the technology it showcased with the Vision EQXX prototype and will first make its way in a car that is the size of the CLA. This car would launch in 2024 and will be a 185-inch long four-door sedan that will compete with the likes of the Tesla Model 3, BMW i4, and Polestar 2. Right now, there is no new name for the model it is working on, but there will also be an AMG variant of the same that will launch a year later. 

Mercedes says that it has focused on active aerodynamics including moving the diffuser and active spoiler. These details were revealed by Robert Lesnik, who is the head of exterior design at the Stuttgart-based automaker. Mercedes had always been clear the technology developed for the Vision EQXX will make its way to a production car and these are the first details of the same. Lesnik also revealed that the new car will look slightly similar to the concept without the obvious compromises as it wants it to be a more practical car.

This car will be using the Mercedes Benz modular architecture (MMA) which was first revealed by the EQXX. This architecture has been designed for mid-sized sedans that promise unprecedented range. The Vision EQXX has already managed to achieve a range of 1,202 km when the went from Stuttgart in Germany to the Silverstone racetrack in the UK on a single charge in June. 

It will also use the Vision EQXX battery technology which has been sourced from CATL and is 100 kWh but 35 per cent lighter and half the size of the 107.8 kWh pack used on the EQS. This allows Mercedes to have great range while also not compromising on the space within the car and also having a lighter car which helps with driving dynamics and power. 


Last Updated on October 22, 2022

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