Maharashtra Introduces Speed Limit For Four-Wheelers With Yellow Plate

The ruling affects not only the black and yellow cabs but also vehicles from app-based aggregators Uber and Ola. Cargo vehicles, vans and pick up vehicles will under 3500 kg are also affected by the new rule across the state.

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Published on May 12, 2017

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  • All commercial vehicles weighing under 3500 kg will get speed governors
  • Speed governors need to be installed on all commercial vehicles
  • RTOs won't issue fitness certficates till speed governors are installed

All commercial and cargo vehicles in Maharashtra bearing a yellow number plate have been imposed with a speed limit of 80 kmph, as per the state's new ruling. The speed limiter extends to all black and yellow taxis, app-based cabs, small capacity tempos, cargo vehicles and pick up vans with a gross weight less than 3500 kg. The rules imposed by the state government also mandates the installation of speed governors, a device that limits the top speed of a vehicle.

Speaking to carandbike.com on the speed limit rule imposed, Transport Commissioner - Mumbai RTO, Praveen Gedam said, "All vehicles as per clause 4 of Rule 118 [of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989]are now no more exempted." In August 2015, the central government had made speed governors mandatory for heavy vehicles, but exempted vehicles weighing under 3500 kg. However, a few months later, the Karnataka High Court held the exemption as 'illegal'.

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Cabs from Ola and Uber will also need to be installed with speed governors

Following the High Court's ruling, the Centre issued a new notification last week making speed governors mandatory in all four wheelers with yellow plates that can carry up to eight passengers and weigh under 3500 kg. The state government has issued the order based on the Centre's notification.

The state government has also asked cabs and other yellow plate vehicles to have the speed governor installed. On the older black and yellow taxis, the governor will be installed when the vehicle comes to the RTO for its next fitness test. RTOs in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai, Vasai-Virar and Kalyan have also been asked to deny them a fitness certificate unless the vehicle has been fitted with a speed governor. However, given the fact that a speed governor costs Rs. 10,000, cab owners aren't too happy with the decision. Instead, taxi unions now plan to challenge the order in the Bombay High Court.

The move has been made in response to the increasing number of accidents involving commercial vehicles. Transport experts suggest that about 42 per cent of accidents in the state were due to speeding by commercial vehicles. The move is aimed at lowering the number of accidents involving four wheelers with yellow plates.

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