Stellantis, Ample Partner For Modular Battery Swapping Tech

Stellantis and Ample have already established a pilot program that will begin in Madrid, Spain, in 2024 and will be using 100 Fiat 500e EVs within Stellantis Free2move car-sharing service.

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Published on December 10, 2023

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    Auto giant Stellantis has partnered with California-based start-up Ample for its battery-swapping technology. As part of the partnership, Stellantis’ next-gen electric vehicles will come with Ample’s modular battery-swapping solution with both companies working towards integrating the same. The move will allow electric vehicle (EV) owners to swap the depleted battery for a fully charged unit in a matter of minutes. 

    Stellantis and Ample have already established a pilot program that will begin in Madrid, Spain, in 2024. The test vehicles will be 100 units of the Fiat 500e EVs that will be pressed into service in Stellantis Free2move car-sharing service. The Fiat 500e is the highest-selling EV under the Stellantis umbrella and is a leading EV offering in many European markets. Both companies are also in discussions about the application of Ample’s modular battery-swapping tech in the automaker’s fleet and consumer vehicles across vehicle platforms and geographies. 

    Stellantis, Ample Partner For Modular Battery Swapping Tech

    Speaking about the collaboration, Ricardo Stamatti, Stellantis Senior Vice President, the Charging & Energy Business Unit, said, “The partnership with Ample is another example of how Stellantis is exploring all avenues that enable freedom of mobility for our electric vehicle customers. In addition to other projects we are focused on, Ample’s Modular Battery Swapping solution has the opportunity to offer our customers greater energy efficiency, outstanding performance and lower range anxiety. We are looking forward to executing the initial program with our stellar Fiat 500e.”

    Khaled Hassounah, CEO of Ample, said, “At Ample, we believe in the importance of making electric vehicles accessible to everyone without compromises, which is the only way that we will make a significant impact on lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Stellantis’ ambitious electrification goals, its range of electric vehicles, and the commitment of its leadership make Stellantis a perfect partner in achieving our goals. The combination of offering compelling electric vehicles that can also receive a full charge in less than five minutes will help remove the remaining impediments to electric vehicle adoption.”

     Stellantis, Ample Partner

    Ample’s system is designed for batteries to be a drop-in replacement for an electric vehicle’s original battery. The start-up says its modular batteries can fit into any electric vehicle, which will allow Stellantis to integrate Ample’s battery technology into its cars without reengineering vehicle platforms. 

    Moreover, Ample’s lightweight battery swapping stations can be deployed in public areas within three days, allowing faster establishment of the necessary infrastructure. The station immediately recognised an Ample-enabled vehicle with the battery swap taking place within five minutes. 

    Battery swapping has so far been available only on electric two-wheelers, especially as far as feasibility is concerned. Should Stellantis and Ample be successful in integrating the same, it will open new avenues towards lesser downtime on electric passenger vehicles

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