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Atumobile Atum 1.0 Overview

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Battery Type

Iithium Ion Battery

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Battery Range

100 Km/Full Charge

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Charging Time

3-4 Hours



108 Kg

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What's New?

Atumobile is an electric two-wheeler startup based in Hyderabad. It had launched its first electric bike, the Atum Version 1.0, back in September 2020. It is the retro-styled electric bike, deliveries of which have started recently. Atum 1.0 is a small electric moped that runs on a battery.  The battery is built to last for at least two years. It is a low-speed vehicle as named by ICAT that is International Centre for Automotive Technology. It has a stripped back and it has a minimalistic styling. It is quite comfortable for a long drive on the highways but it is less comfortable for offroad conditions. the bike is powered by a 48 v 18.6 Ah portable battery that is of lithium-ion type. It can be charged within 4hours. This moped can run 100 km on a single charge. There is a 250 w electric motor that provides power for the top speed of 25 kmph. The vehicle doesn’t need registration and the driver doesn’t require any license.

The weight of the battery pack is 6 kg and it has an easy to carry design. It can be easily charged anywhere with a three-pin socket. The bike covers 100 km in a single charge. The battery and the electric motor come with a two-year warranty. There is a digital display and there is a LED headlight, taillight and indicators.

The automobile is a start-up that manufactures electric two-wheelers in Hyderabad. The company had launched its first bike driven by electricity back in September 2020. The price of the bike is 50, 000 excluding GST. It comes in colours like red, white, blue, black and grey.

The battery is connected to a 250 w motor. It doesn’t require any registration number and license to drive because the max speed is 25 km/h. There is a boot space of 14 litres and that’s quite useful. There is a telescopic front fork, there are spoked wheels, 4-inch width tyres, and mechanical disc brakes both front and rear. The electric bike is manufactured in Telangana. It can produce 15, 000 bikes a year. Right now it’s the capacity that may be extended depending on the demand.

Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Atumobile Atum 1.0 specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.




100 Km/Full Charge





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Atumobile Atum 1.0 Expert Review

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  • Rider does not need a license to ride this
  • Doesn't need registration
  • Good pricing


  • Low-speed electric bike
  • Average range
  • Availability and spares could be an issue

The Atumobile Atum 1.0 is the first product from Hyderabad-based EV start-up Atumobile. The Atum 1.0 is a low-speed electric bike with a retro-styled design developed for short distance commutes. The Atum 1.0 has a top speed of only 25 kmph, so it doesn't require a driver's licence to use it, and has a weight of just 51 kg. The electric bike can be charged in under 3.5 hours and has a claimed range of nearly 100 km.

How is the design of Atum 1.0?

It has a simplistic design. The frame is strong and lasts for a lifetime. There is a lifetime warranty on it. It is a sturdy electric vehicle. The vehicle has a motor power of 48V 250W.

It is not an ordinary electric bike. It is like a special electric bike loaded with features. There are LED headlight, indicators and taillight. That makes it extraordinary. It has a battery that once charged can drive the bike for 100 km. the electric moped can run at a max speed of 25 km/h. The battery lasts for five years and there is a warranty for five years and it’s almost maintenance-free. Atum 1.0 is an eco-friendly bike and it is 97 times less consumer of fuel compared to conventional bikes. The running cost of the bike is around 7 to 10 Rs per km.

The manufacturer is Atumobile and it is fueled by sustainable tech. The company has come up with the best electric bikes that are economical and safe. It is an eco-friendly vehicle running on a battery and motor. It is absolutely made in India and is quite affordable. It offers a hassle-free ride at almost zero cost per km.

How does the Atum 1.0 ride?

The bike is fitted with broad tyres like the big bikes and that means it is quite a comfortable ride even on rough roads. The seat height is 755 mm. there is a dual position footrest for additional convenience. The ground clearance is 280 mm. it offers extra comfort to the rider and it is suitable for people of various heights. This vehicle is perfect for short-distance commute.

How comfortable is Atum 1.0?

The Atum 1.0 with its broad tyers and a strong and sturdy frame along with a telescopic front shock-absorber and a dual-position footrest is comfortable for both the rider and the pillion.

How’s the Tech?

Atum 1.0 is powered by a Motor Power: 48V 250W, with a Motor Warranty of 1 year. The Battery is Lithium-Ion 48v 27Ah with a warranty of 02 years. The battery charging time during normal charge type is 3-4 hrs with up to 100km/charge. The Battery is Swappable. It comes with a Charger rating of 48V 6 amperes with a 1-year warranty on it.

The ground clearance is 280 mm. The Atum 1.0 has a High Carbon steel tubular frame that lends its sturdiness There is a lifetime warranty on the frame.

The Atum 1.0 has a storage space of 14 litres and is classified as an Electric Utility Bike. The Dashboard is of Digital type with LED Lights (head, tail and indicators). The brakes are Mechanical 160 mm Disc Brakes

The handle is adjustable and the Seat height is 750 mm. The Tire size is 20x4 inch.

How’s the mileage of Atum 1.0?

 Being an electric bike ATUM 1.0 travels at less than 10 paisa/km.

How’s is the battery life of Atum 1.0?

The batteries are what make Atum 1.0 special. Resourceful, leak-proof and safe, the battery pack ensures smooth rides, always. Since the Batteries are swappable you never run out of charge with Atum 1.0’s extremely lightweight portable Lithium-ion batteries. The battery is made to last for more than 05 years and has a warranty of 02 years.

How is the performance of Atum 1.0?

Autm 1.0 is durable, sturdy electric vehicles. Fitted with fat bike tires, Atum 1.0 is built for a wheely comfy shuttle for a short distance ride. For a lightweight bike, Atum 1.0 will have no bumpy rides even with a 120 Kg load.

Is Atum 1.0 a good value?

For a lightweight electric bike with the economical running of 10 P/ Km, and priced at a fairly low price of Rs. 50K, Autm 1.0 is a good value for money. It has a max speed of 25 kmph and has an advantage of a portable, swappable battery pack that can be carried to your apartment for charging. The 6 kg lithium-ion battery pack itself has a life of 5+ years with a warranty of 02 years and the strong & sturdy frame of the bike has a lifetime warranty.

Atumobile Atum 1.0 Price List (Variant Wise)

Atumobile Atum 1.0 price starting from 50,000. Atumobile offers Atum 1.0 in 1 variants.


Ex-Showroom Price

Atum 1.0 STD
Starts at
₹ 50,000
Electric, 100 Km/Full Charge,

Atumobile Atum 1.0 EMI Calculator

Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 50,000

Loan Amount




Duration (3 years)

3 years

EMI ₹ 1,648
For 3 Year @11.5%* Interest Rate

*Interest rate may vary subject to your credit score.

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Atumobile Atum 1.0 On-Road Price In India

Explore Atumobile Atum 1.0 pricing in India's major cities. Atumobile Atum 1.0 price starts from 50,000.

CityOn-Road Price
New Delhi₹ 54,654

Atumobile Atum 1.0 Mileage

Km/Full Charge
100 %
Better mileage than otherCruiser
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Atumobile Atum 1.0 Colours

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Atumobile Atum 1.0 is available in 5 different colors namely Orange, Blue, Grey, White & Black.

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Max Torque
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Atumobile Atum 1.0 FAQs

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  • The Atumobile Atum 1.0 comes with a comfortable seat that is well-cushioned and provides good support for the rider. While it may not be suitable for longer rides, it is comfortable enough for shorter commutes.
  • The riding position on the Atumobile Atum 1.0 is upright and comfortable, allowing riders to maintain good posture while riding. This helps to reduce strain on the back and shoulders, making it a comfortable bike for daily commutes.
  • The Atumobile Atum 1.0 features standard footrests that are well-positioned and comfortable for most riders. They are not adjustable, however, which may be a drawback for taller or shorter riders.
  • The Atumobile Atum 1.0 uses a Lithium-ion battery which provides excellent power output and energy density, resulting in better performance and longer range than other battery types.
  • The Atumobile Atum 1.0 has a range of up to 100 kilometers on a single charge, which is more than enough for daily commuting needs. The range can vary depending on the riding conditions and the weight of the rider.
  • The Atumobile Atum 1.0 battery takes around 4-5 hours to fully charge using a standard 230V household socket. The bike comes with a charger that can be easily plugged in, and it also has an LED indicator to show the battery level.
  • The Atumobile Atum 1.0 is designed as an electric bike that provides an eco-friendly alternative to traditional gas-powered motorcycles.
  • The Atumobile Atum 1.0 has a steel frame that is designed to provide a sturdy and durable base for the bike.
  • The maximum load capacity of the Atumobile Atum 1.0 is 150 kg, providing ample space for riders and cargo.