Qute Overview


Fuel Type

Petrol, Petrol+CNG




35 - 43 KM/L

Tank Capacity

0.0 L


4 Seater



C&B Verdict on Bajaj Qute
car&bike Expert Rating
Although it does not come with high-end features, there's no denying that the car is comfortable and affordable. With the model, there might not be some extras. But there are the must-haves that are required for a safe journey. The (ex-showroom) prices of Bajaj Qute ranges from ₹ 2.64 lakh (Petrol version) to ₹ 2.84 lakh (CNG version). Overall, it can be stated that this car is definitely a good value for money!
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Pros & Cons of Bajaj Qute

Things We Like

  • The quadracycle is compact in promportion
  • It can seat 3 people at the back
  • The engine is a small capacity unit and frugal

Things We Don't Like

  • Big compromise on safety features
  • Not much space for luggage
  • Cabini is crammed and without any features

Bajaj Qute Variants


Ex - Showroom


Qute Petrol

Manual,Petrol,35 KM/L

Starts at 2.64 Lakh

Bajaj Qute Features & Specifications

  • Engine CC

  • 217 CC
  • Fuel

  • Petrol, Petrol+CNG
  • Mileage

  • 35 - 43 KM/L
  • Max Torque

  • 16,19 Nm
  • Max Power

  • 11,13 bhp
  • Transmission

  • Manual
  • Length/Width/Height

  • 2752 mm /1312 mm /1652 mm
    • Child Safety Lock
    • USB Support
  • About Bajaj Qute

    With the boom in EVs in automobiles, car manufacturers are more concerned about upgrading and developing a new lineup of electric vehicles. And it's noteworthy for Indian fans to get their hands on the country's first-ever quadricycle manufactured by the one and only Bajaj Auto.

    It's 2021, and ever since 2012, the manufacturers have been implementing newer technologies with their quadricycle lineup! Yes, the new launch is not a surprising one as India had already received the all-new quadricycle in the year 2019 by Bajaj. But with the latest iteration, things are going to be different.

    As a matter of fact, the Bajaj Qute had already made the debut at Auto Expo in 2012. The production version got showcased at the event organized in 2016. With the approval, the Quadricycles have become the new class in vehicles that can get used for both commercialsas well as personal purposes.

    Talking about the engine, the Bajaj Qute is the twin-spark powered by the single-cylinder with a 216 ccdisplacement. In fact, this model features the mono-fuel capacity. So, this means that either it comes with the CNG or it has petrol availability. One cannot get both simultaneously! The mileage ranges from 35 (for the Petrol version having manual capacity) to 43 Kmpl (for the CNG version). Both the versions of CNG &Petrol engines offer 43 Kmpl of mileage.

    Now, coming to the design of this beast! Although it's a low-tier variant, its design doesn't seem so! The top features include a 12V accessory socket, USB support, FM player having two speakers, vents for the air direction around the windows (mainly for ventilation), and an indicator of the gear position!

    It is available in a total of four solid colors, including Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow. The model that has a seating capacity for fourpeople also offers a 4-Speed gearbox! And much to the knowledge of fans, the total number of doors is five.

    The car interior has an adjustable seat for the driver, analogue speedometer, vertical vents for ventilation, storage space, stylish lights, reverse lamps, steering wheel rack, wiper motor, tail lamps, and most importantly, the indicator lamp at the sides! So, these might be its USP!

    You can also get a small digi-screen with your car that is embedded on its dashboard. As a matter of fact, it provides information concerning time, fuel gauge, selected gear, as well as odometer. No air-conditioning or blowers are available with the model. However, if you want a better version of auto-rickshaw, then this car might be your choice. The seat belts are fantastic. Passengers can also get the grab-handles present for both co-drivers too.

    Both driving performance and safety are amazing. The performance is absolutely better than that of an auto-rickshaw. The frame type happens to be Monocoque Chassis. You get a smaller engine than that present in the motorcycle.

    However, the good thing is that it comes with nice torque and garners momentum without problems! The reason why it makes commuting easier between cities and small towns is mainly because of its compactness.

    Parking can get performed quickly and swiftly. The top-most speed can get reached to 70 kmph. In fact, it drives well on the broken terrain. It happens to be convenient for riding. You can try traveling at a long distance too! Even though it doesn't come with all the latest features of the full-fledged car, it manages to provide comfort while riding (even in rural areas).

    In a nutshell, it gives a crucial competition to Maruti Suzuki Alto 800, Renault Kwid and the Maruti Suzuki S-Presso!

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    Bajaj Qute

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    Qute Mileage

    • 35.00KM/L
      50%Better mileage than other Quadricycle
    • Fuel Type
      35 KM/L
      43 KM/L

    Bajaj Qute Price in India

    On-Road Price
    2.84 Lakh

    Bajaj Qute Colors

    Bajaj-Qute Yellow

    Bajaj Qute : Yellow

    Available for all variants.
    Bajaj-Qute Green

    Bajaj Qute : Green

    Available for all variants.
    Bajaj-Qute Blue

    Bajaj Qute : Blue

    Available for all variants.

    Bajaj Qute Images

    Bajaj Qute
    Bajaj Qute
    Bajaj Qute

    Bajaj Qute Comparison with Similar Cars

    Bajaj Qute Expert Review


    How is the design?

    The four-seater car is stylish and spacious. It has 5 gates in total and a 4-Speed gearbox. The Bajaj Qute has the following dimensions: a height of 2752 mm, a size of 1652 mm, and a spacing of 1312 mm. The wheelbase is approximately 1925 mm long. The four-seater car is stylish and spacious. It has 5 gates in total and a 4-Speed gearbox. The Bajaj Qute has the following dimensions: a height of 2752 mm, a size of 1652 mm, and a spacing of 1312 mm. The wheelbase is approximately 1925 mm long.

    The car's practical qualities make it a safer option despite its unattractive appearance. It also has a toy-car aesthetic and comes in a variety of colors. The car has a tall roof and a narrow body. In actuality, the intermetallic wheels are 12 inches in diameter. The body of the vehicle is accessible in both sheet metal and plastic. Last but not least, this car has metal pillars as well as a roof.

    This model is basically come up with the best features, like:

    • A position indicator for the gears
    • USB port
    • FM player with two speakers
    • 12 Volt accessory plug
    • Ventilation openings

    How does it perform?

    The efficiency outperforms auto-rickshaws. Its Monocoque Chassis structure form is smaller than solitary motorcycles. But congratulations to the designers who included a powerful torque unit in this vehicle. Overall, it greatly simplifies commutes compared to before. Additionally, it has some unique features that greatly simplify parking. Not to mention, the Bajaj Qute vehicle has a maximum speed of 70 kmph.

    The bajaj updated the features of the car online and they have the best feedback about the car. Many customers write down about the valuable usage of it and also describe the performance quality of the car, many say about the mileage, instead of that company claims that the BAjaj Qute has the comfortable seat setting and the feedback of the customers also describes the comfortable seating arrangements. Also, it added the best features of consumption of efficient fuel and economically convenient for travel purposes in intercity.

    How’s the Mileage?

    Since 2012, the automakers have been incorporating innovation into their quadricycle lineup, and it's now the year 2021. The successful innovation is not a surprise given that Bajaj already gave their brand-new quadricycle in 2019. However, with the most recent revision, things will change. In terms of the motor, the Bajaj Qute has a twin-spark, 216 cc dislocation, single-cylinder powertrain. in actuality, this model has a mono-fuel capability. This indicates that it is either CNG-equipped or has access to gasoline. The variety of mileage is 35 to 43 Kmpl (for the petrol edition with manual capacity). Both the CNG and gasoline engine versions have a 43 Kmpl mileage rating.

    How’s the Driving experience?

    The driving excellence of the Bajaj Qute deserves special attention. It does not include many elevated features, but what it does require will still outperform auto rickshaws in terms of efficiency. Monocoque Chassis becomes the chosen form of the frame. Compared to the vehicle's single-cylinder engine, the engine is relatively small. It does have good torque, though. Overall, it streamlines travel between big small towns and major cities. In actuality, users are competent drivers even in difficult terrain. With this vehicle, the long-distance journey is also made simpler. It comes in two variations: Qute petrol and Qute CNG.

    The valuable feedback of the customers claims that the car gives the most comfortable driving experience. There are many competitors in the market but the customer's feedback it proofs that Bajaj Qute also gives competition the other brands.

    How’s its off-road capability?

    A very straightforward yet extremely complex four-wheeler is indeed the Bajaj Qute. Simple because it has very few simple parts, which lowers the cost of maintenance and operation. But also complex because, in addition to being novel in the industry, it has also spawned a whole new classification. Most importantly it has not that many high features facilities so, for simple off-road purposes it will able to give the service. But for the rough off-road journeys, it is unable to give the proper service.

    What is the interior like?

    Its dashboard's tiny digital display is also incredible. In any case, it provides data on the fuel gauge, odometer, time, and selected gear. If anyone wants to have an auto-rickshaw with a better feature, then they can go for it. Users can choose it even though users won’t get blowers features or air conditioning. Along with the ratchet straps provided for both passengers and drivers.

    The interior has some interesting features such as:

    • Wiper motor
    • Analog speed motor
    • Tail lamps
    • Everse lamps
    • A seat that has the flexibility to adjust for the driver
    • Stylish and bright lighting
    • A huge storage space
    • Steering wheel holder
    • Wiper motor

    Tech and Infotainment:

    Advancing to this beast’s configuration. Although its design suggests otherwise, it is a lower-tier modified version. The highest feature is a 12V accessory socket, Fm player, USB compatibility, an FM player with the help of two speakers, an air ventilation system around the glass doors (primarily for ventilation), and a safety lock and gear shift indicators.

    Safety Equipment:

    This car provides its customers with a higher degree of confirmation when it comes with regard to safety features. The main safety features are described below:

    • The doors of the Bajaj Qute offer security and also added weather protection.
    • For a better visibility, this car also provides huge halogen handlamps.
    • For washing purposes, it provides a single wiper.
    • Visibility and security basically offer with the help of large widescreen.
    • A telescopic hydrostatic damper is included for dispersion.
    • Most importantly it gives the customers a comfortable ride because it has a softer bump cork.
    • It also provides a low fuel alert.

    Which variant to buy?

    This bajaj Qute actually has two variants, one is CNG based and another one is Petrol based. Now it can say that both variants have their various features, which might be the same. The price of these two variants is a little different. The petrol-based quotes price is a little bit lower than the CNG-based variant. Through this bajaj provides creative innovation and both variants have to give the customer to buy with their requirements.

    Which cars compete in this segment?

    One of the most widely praised and well-liked designs from the company of Bajaj Qute(RE60). Customers can choose from up to 1 version of this compact care, with the highest prices ranging from Rs. 3.61 lakh. The RE60 model of Bajaj provides the transmission option which is basically manual. And the Qute has a 13 hp maximum power at 5500 amp.

    Maruti Suzuki s-presso 2022, Maruti Suzuki alto k10, and Maruti Suzuki alto 800 are a few of the main competitors. The hatchback is actually very famous in many countries.

    verdict (value for money)?

    There is no doubt that the vehicle is comfortable and reasonably priced despite the fact that it doesn’t have many elevated features. It’s possible that there aren’t some spares with the framework. Although there are items that are essential for a secure journey. Costs for the Bajaj Qute petrol are from 2.64 and the Qute CNG from Rs. 2084 lakh. In conclusion part, it can be said that this vehicle offers excellent value for the money.

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    Bajaj Qute Alternatives

    Maruti Suzuki Alto 800
    Maruti Suzuki
    Alto 800
    ₹ 3.54 - 5.13 Lakh
    Maruti Suzuki S-Presso
    Maruti Suzuki
    ₹ 4.25 - 6.1 Lakh
    Renault Kwid
    ₹ 4.7 - 6.33 Lakh

    Qute FAQs

  • Bajaj Qute ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 2.64 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 2.84 Lakh. The Bajaj Qute on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 3.05 Lakh.

  • As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Bajaj Qute base Petrol+CNG returns 43.00 Kmpl, whereas its base Petrol counterpart gives 35.00 Kmpl.

  • Bajaj Qute has a seating capacity of 4 people.

  • Bajaj Qute comes with total 2 variants. CNG, Petrol are the most popular ones.

  • The price of Qute starts at Rs. 2.64 Lakh (ex showroom) and the Nanos price starts from Rs. 2.36 Lakh. Get detailed comparison between Qute and Nano on the basis of specifications, mileage, price & others.