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Last Recorded Price:
4.69 - 5.47 Lakh

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Overview

Engine Capacity-icon

Engine Capacity

749.0 CC



17 KM/L

Fuel Tank Capacity-icon

Fuel Tank Capacity

13.1 L



6 Speed

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Prices

Harley-Davidson Street 750 price starting from 4.69 Lakh. Harley-Davidson offers Street 750 in 5 variants.


Last Recorded Price

Street 750 Vivid Black

4.69 Lakh
Petrol, 17 KM/L, 749.0 CC

Street 750 Colour

4.81 Lakh
Petrol, 17 KM/L, 749.0 CC

Street 750 Two-Tone

4.81 Lakh
Petrol, 17 KM/L, 749.0 CC

Street 750 STD

5.34 Lakh
Petrol, 17 KM/L, 749.0 CC

Street 750 10th Anniversary Edition

5.47 Lakh
Petrol, 17 KM/L, 749.0 CC

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Specifications & Features

Explore an in-depth overview of the Harley-Davidson Street 750 specifications and features, offering comprehensive details on its engine, fuel efficiency, mileage, brakes, max power, and tyre. Additionally, gain insights into the bike's advanced safety features.

Engine CC

749.0 CC




17 KM/L



Max Torque

60.00 Nm

Max Power

53.00 bhp


100/80 R17/ 140/75 R15

  • YesDual Channel ABS
  • YesEngine Kill Switch
  • YesFuel Warning Indicator
  • YesLow Oil Indicator
  • YesFuel Gauge
  • YesPass Light

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Mileage

21 %
Better mileage than other Cruiser
Check Street 750 Mileage in Detail

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Colours

View All Street 750 Colours

Harley-Davidson Street 750 is available in 5 different colors namely Vivid Black Deluxe, Barracuda Silver Deluxe, Black Denim, Performance Orange & Vivid Black.

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Harley-Davidson Street 750
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Ex-Showroom Price
₹ 4.69 - 5.47 L₹ 39.2 L₹ 1.23 L₹ 24.49 - 25.99 L₹ 12.7 L₹ 39 L
C&B Expert Rating
Engine CC
749.0 CC1833.0 CC220.0 CC1868.0 CC1131.0 CC1811.0 CC
6 Gears7 Gears5 Gears6 Gears6 Gears6 Gears
17 KM/L14.00 Km/L40.00 Km/L15.00 Km/L25.00 Km/L15.00 Km/L
Max Torque
60.00 bhp170.00 Nm17.55 Nm156.00 Nm97.70 Nm138.90 Nm
Max Power
53.00 Nm125.00 bhp18.76 bhp65.00 bhp100.00 bhp100.00 bhp
Disc/DiscDual hydraulic disc with 6-piston calliper, floating rotors and sintered metal pads (Front) / Ventilated disc with 3-piston calliper and sintered metal pads (Rear)Disc (Front) / Drum (Rear)Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)Dual Disc (Front) / Disc (Rear)
Fuel Tank Capacity
13.1 L21.1 L13.0 L19.1 L12.5 L20.8 L
Colour Count
Detailed Comparision
Street 750 vs Gold WingStreet 750 vs Avenger Cruise 220Street 750 vs Fat BoyStreet 750 vs ScoutStreet 750 vs Roadmaster

About Harley-Davidson Street 750

Harley Davidson, the Street 750 cruiser was launched in India at the 2014 Auto Expo. Having been around for quite a while, the iconic two-wheeler manufacturer came up with the premium cruiser that is available at an affordable price. Moreover, the company has worked upon the loop holes making Street 750 a viable choice in the premium cruiser segment. The 2225mm long bike gets a fairly large seat placed at a height of 710mm (unladen). The ground clearance and wheelbase stand at 145mm and 1535mm respectively. Power comes in from a high displacing engine with a capacity of 749cc

Harley Davidson Touted as the most affordable bike; hence the price has not lowered the game for this cruiser. Up front it gets a rounded head lamp and wide handle bars. The visually appealing dual tone colour theme is overpowered by black and a contrast colour. The large seat is placed a tad low which offers comfortable riding position, moreover the pillion seat is positioned slightly upwards and the grab rail is missing, hence there is no support for the pillion at the back. The design on the whole is leaner yet muscular and the tear drop fuel tank looks neat. Centre placed instrument cluster features speedometer and other switches but it appears sub-standard unlike other Harleys. Rear gets LED tail lamps along with indicators.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Engine Specifications & Transmission

Power is derived from the 749cc, liquid cooled, Revolution X V-Twin engine capable of developing max power of 47bhp and top torque of 59Nm at 4000rpm. A six-speed transmission is coupled to the engine which directs torque to rear wheel via a belt drive. Fuel economy isn’t imposing; the Street 750 pulls off around 17 kms in a litre.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Features

Features aboard include LED tail light, rounded head lamp, tear drop shaped fuel tank, digital speedometer, fuel warning indicator, fuel gauge, low oil indicator, low battery indicator, pillion seat, digital trip meter, trip-meter count, pass light, 17 inch alloy wheels etc.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Braking & Handling

Braking force isn’t as robust as it should have been which leads to low traction at high speeds. Although, the cruiser does well around the corners and handles well along the wide turns.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Wheels & Tyres

The cruiser rides on MRF tyres offered specifically for the domestic market. In front 100/60 R17 and at back 140/75 R15 tyres are employed. The tyres offer good amount of grip on road but lack friction at high speeds.

Harley Davidson Street 750 Competition

In the premium cruiser segment, Harley Davidson Street 750 takes on the likes of rivals such as Kawasaki ER-6N and Triumph Bonneville.


Ride quality
Good handler


Brakes lack force
Fit & finish.

Upcoming Models are the LiveWire and Low Rider S

Harley-Davidson Street 750 Expert Review

Harley-Davidson Street 750

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is a mid-range cruiser motorbike that was released in 2014. It was designed to bridge the gap between the company’s lightweight Street 500 and its larger, more expensive cruisers in the lineup. The Street 750 bike is equipped with a six-speed manual transmission and a blacked-out, liquid-cooled 750 cc Revolution X V-twin engine. The wet weight of the bike is said to be roughly around 233 kg, and the seat height is 720 mm. It can be purchased at a low price of 5.31 lakh (ex-showroom Delhi).

The 2014 Auto Expo in India marked the debut of the Harley Davidson Street 750 cruiser. It is the least expensive Harley Davidson that can be purchased in India. The legendary two-wheeler producer has been around for some time, and they are responsible for the inexpensive luxury cruiser. Additionally, the manufacturer has fixed the issues that prevented Street 750 from being a competitive option in the luxury cruiser market. The bike measures 2215 mm in length, and the seat is 720 mm in height (unladen). The wheelbase is 1520 mm, and there is 145 mm ground clearance. The 750 cc displacement engine provides the necessary thrust.

How is the design?

The Street 750 offered by Harley-Davidson is a light and nimble motorcycle that is simple to manage and manoeuvre. Its low seat height makes it accessible for riders, and its mid-mount controls provide a comfortable and confident riding position. Whether you’re using it for commuting or just cruising down the open road, the snappy handling of the motorcycle and the potent V-twin engine make it a ton of fun to ride.

Features aboard include LED tail light, rounded headlamp, the iconic teardrop-shaped fuel tank, digital speedometer, fuel warning indicator, fuel gauge, low oil indicator, low battery indicator, pillion seat, digital trip meter, trip-meter count, pass light, 17-inch alloy wheels etc.

The price of this cruiser, which has been advertised as the cheapest available, has not diminished its competitiveness. The headlight and handlebars are both rounded and very wide up front. The spacious seat is positioned low, providing a comfortable riding position, but the pillion seat is elevated, and without a grab rail, thus the passenger has no back support. The teardrop-shaped fuel tank is cool, and the overall design is sleeker but surprisingly powerful. The speedometer and other controls are located in a centrally mounted instrument cluster, but they look cheap compared to those on other Harleys. LED brake and turn signal lamps are installed in the rear.

How is the performance?

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 puts up solid numbers in terms of its performance. It can reach speeds of up to about 200 km per hour and accelerate from 0 to 100 km per hour in just four seconds. The motorcycle is equipped with a 750 cc V-twin engine that is cooled by liquid, giving it a good amount of power. Additionally, it features anti-lock brakes (ABS) and a traction control system, contributing to the vehicle’s already high level of rider protection. Power is derived from the 749cc, liquid-cooled, Revolution X V-Twin engine capable of developing max power of 47bhp and a top torque of 59Nm at 4000rpm. A six-speed transmission is coupled to the engine, which directs torque to the rear wheel via a belt drive.

The engine produces a maximum power output at 8000 RPM and a maximum torque of 59 Nm at 4000 RPM. On the topic of chassis characteristics, responsible for road holding, handling behaviour and ride comfort, the Harley-Davidson Street 750 has a frame with front suspension being a Telescopic fork. At the rear, it is equipped with Twin shock absorbers. The stock tyre provided with the bike is 100/80-R17 on the front and 140/75-R15 on the rear.

How does the motorbike ride?

The Street 750 model of the Harley-Davidson motorcycle is famous for its smooth and relaxing ride. It is simple for the rider to maintain control of the bicycle because of the large, well-padded saddle and the close proximity of the handlebars to the rider. In addition, the bike is not overly heavy, making it simple to manoeuvre, and the suspension has been adjusted to make the ride as comfortable as possible.

The cruiser utilises tubeless tyres, which are designed only for use on urban roads. The tires have a low degree of friction at high speeds but provide significant traction on the road. However, because the braking force isn’t as powerful as it should have been, there is very little traction when the vehicle moves at high speeds. Despite this, the cruiser performs admirably in the tight turns and maintains its composure along the wider turns, making the journey more comfortable for the rider.

How comfortable the motorbike is?

The Street 750 model offered by Harley-Davidson is widely regarded as one of the most accommodating motorcycles now available. It has a cushioned seat, wide handlebars, and a low centre of gravity, all of which contribute to the ease with which it can be ridden. In addition, a suspension system is included on the bike, which helps smoothen the ride by dampening the impact of bumps.

This motorcycle is an excellent choice for city dwellers who value their autonomy and want to commute easily and navigate through metropolitan traffic.

How’s the tech?

The Street 750 from Harley-Davidson is an excellent motorcycle for riders who are interested in purchasing a vehicle that is not only technologically advanced but also aesthetically pleasing. This motorcycle has a fuel-injected, V-twin engine that is both liquid-cooled and fuel-injected, making it ideal for riding in urban environments. In addition, Street 750 includes a belt final drive and a 6-speed transmission, all of which contribute to its effortless manoeuvrability. In conclusion, this bike is equipped with an anti-lock braking system (ABS), which gives riders the assurance they require when applying the brakes in heavy traffic.

It has a 3.5-inch electronic speedometer with a high beam, neutral, low oil pressure, turn signals, engine diagnostics, low fuel warning, blade key ignition and fork lock, and locking gas cap. 

How’s the mileage of the motorbike?

The Fuel economy of this bike isn’t imposing as other cruisers as it has a mileage of roughly around 20 kmpl. However, because the fuel tank size of the Street 750 motorcycle is around 13.2 L, riders may anticipate getting approximately 200 miles out of a single tank of gas.

Is the motorbike good value for Money?

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is often ranked as one of the most popular bikes available today. Those who are looking for a high-quality motorcycle that won’t exceed their budget should seriously consider this option. Street 750 offers an exceptional level of bang for the buck thanks to its extensive list of standard features.

The engine of the Street 750 is quite robust, and as a result, it can pick up speed swiftly. In addition, it has anti-lock braking systems (ABS), which offer higher stopping power. In addition to that, the bike boasts a supportive seat and a control panel that is simple to operate. In addition, Street 750 includes a warranty that is good for two years.

In general, the Harley-Davidson Street 750 is an excellent buy for its price. It is a high-quality motorcycle with an outstanding guarantee and a feature-rich package. Street 750 is a fantastic alternative for a motorcycle that won’t put a significant dent in your finances if you’re seeking one.

How is the after sales service?

Every Harley-Davidson Street 750 motorcycle purchase includes a first-rate customer support system. The company provides a comprehensive selection of services, such as maintenance, repairs, and even customising its products. They have a staff of highly trained and experienced mechanics who are always available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your motorcycle. You may also rely on the representatives working in their customer service department to assist you with anything else you might require. They will ensure that you are content with your purchase and that you will continue to take pleasure in riding your Harley-Davidson Street 750 motorcycle for many years to come by ensuring that you are happy with the bike.

Which Motorbikes Compete in this Segment?

The Top competitors for Harley-Davidson Street 750 are BMW R NineT Scrambler, Benelli Leoncino 500, and the KTM Adventure 390.

The V-Twin engine found in the Street 750 motorcycle has a capacity of 750 cc. Harley-Davidson Street 750 ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 5.34 Lakh and goes up to Rs. 5.66 Lakh and is offered in two different model types. The Standard model has a blacked-out appearance with chrome accents, while the Low variant has a lower seat height and enhanced suspension for improved comfort. The Standard model is available in both Low and High trim levels. In addition, both variants have anti-lock brakes (ABS) and cruise control as standard features.

Verdict (Is it Value for Money?)

The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is an excellent motorcycle option for those with a limited budget. It has an outstanding riding experience and is loaded with amenities, all of which make it an excellent option for someone searching for a street bike. However, the main attraction of this motorcycle is its price. The Harley-Davidson Street 750 is, without a doubt, an investment that is well worth it.

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Harley-Davidson Street 750 FAQs

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  • Harley-Davidson Street 750 ex-showroom price in New Delhi starts at Rs. 5.34 Lakh and goes upto Rs. 5.66 Lakh. The Harley-Davidson Street 750 on road price in New Delhi is Rs. 5.98 Lakh.
  • As for the claimed fuel efficiency, the Harley-Davidson Street 750 Petrol variant returns 17.00 Kmpl.
  • According to the experts, Indian muscle with global aspirations. That"s what Harley Davidson likes to call its much-anticipated made-in-India Street 750 motorcycle. India is amongst the first five markets in the world besides the US, Spain, Portugal and Italy which has got th...

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