Customer Accidentally Orders 27 Tesla Model 3 Electric Sedans Worth 1.4 Million Euros

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The German man and his father, who were trying to buy a Tesla Model 3 online, accidentally ended up buying 27 cars, worth 1.4 million Euros or Rs. 11.90 crore, due to a technical glitch on the company's website.

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The customer ended up ordering 27 Tesla Model 3 sedans, worth 1.4 million Euros or Rs. 11.90 crore


  • The German man was trying to order one Tesla Model 3 with Autopilot
  • Due to a technical glitch the customer made 27 attempts to book the car
  • The customer ended up paying a 2700 Euros non-refundable deposit

In what could be one of the most bizarre incidents, recently, a man accidentally placed an order for 27 Tesla Model 3 sedans online, in Germany, due to a technical glitch on the company's website. The customer, who goes by the pseudo name 'Ballon-Man' on Reddit, revealed the entire incident on the online discussion forum. He, along with his father, was trying to place an online order for a base trim of the Tesla Model 3 equipped with Autopilot function, which costs 52,000 Euros ( ₹ 44.29 lakh). However, while trying to pay the online booking amount, the website responded saying that the order could not be placed because of a payment issue. Surprised, considering they had filled in payment details correctly, the father-son duo tried placing the order again, and got the same response.

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The customer was trying to place an order for a Tesla Model 3 equipped with Autopilot function

In his post the user said, "After looking up problems with Tesla's website it became apparent that it wasn't our fault but Tesla's, since other users were having problems with the page as well. So, we tried again. Didn't work. So we tried again and again." Finally, after a total of 27 attempts they did manage to place the order and got the confirmation from the website. But, to their surprise, they had ended up ordering not 1 but 27 Model 3 sedans, amounting to a total cost of 1.4 million Euros, which is around ₹ 11.90 crore, approximately.

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He added, "All 27 times we tried to get through because it "didn't work", an order was placed but we got no notification. We only found out when logging in with our Tesla-Account on their website. We ordered 27 Teslas." Now, Tesla charges a non-refundable order fee of 100 Euros, which meant even if they cancelled it, they would still end up paying 2700 Euros, which is close to ₹ 2.30 lakh. So, later he called Tesla's customer care department and explained the situation, who understood their problem and cancelled the entire order, and even gave them back the entire deposit money. They were instructed to simply place a new order.


The Tesla Model 3 comes in 3 trims - Standard Plus, Performance, and Long Range AWD with a maximum range of 560 km with WLPT

The Tesla Model 3 is the entry-level model in the California-based electric carmaker's line-up, and it comes in 3 trims - Standard Plus, Performance, and Long Range AWD. While the Standard Plus option comes with a 170-kW electric motor, offering a maximum range of about 402 km on a single charge, the latter two come with a bigger 250-kW motor and offer a range of 481 km and 518 km electric range, respectively. The Tesla Model 3 retails starting at 43,990 euros in Germany, which is approximately ₹ 37.40 lakh, as per current exchange rates.


Source: Reddit

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