Groupe Renault Becomes The Second Largest Automaker In The World

The Renault Group's sales surpassed that of the Volkswagen Group, at least for the period of January-March 2017.

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Published on April 29, 2017

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  • Renault is now the 2nd largest carmaker in the world after Toyota
  • The group's sales surged ahead of that of the VW Group in Jan-March 2017
  • In India, Renault registered an increase of 9.9 per cent in sales
The Renault Group recently released its sales and financial data for the first quarter of 2017 and it has emerged that the Renault Group has become the second largest automobile manufacturer in the world after Toyota. Yes, it is slightly difficult to comprehend but the sales of the Renault Group have surged ahead of the Volkswagen Group, at least for the period of January-March 2017. The Renault Group sold 26, 58,019 vehicles in Jan-Mar 2017 coming in second after Toyota, who sold 27,07,251 units while the Volkswagen Group sold 24,95,100 units in the same period.
Manufacturer Sales in Jan-Mar 2017 Y-O-Y Sales in March 2017 Y-O-Y
Toyota 27,07,251 units 7.50% 9,93,024 units 4.30%
Groupe Renault 26,58,019 units 13.10% 9,85,530 units 10.10%
Volkswagen Group 24,95,100 units -0.50% 9,90,900 units 2.50%

Interestingly, the Volkswagen Group sold more units than the Renault Group for the month of March in particular. The VW Group sold 9, 90,900 units while the 9, 85,530 units in March 2017. If we look at the percentage growth, it is the Renault Group which has shown maximum growth.

While the Volkswagen Group has been in the top two automakers in the world in the recent past, the dieselgate scandal did hit the sales and the revenues of the company. The company has pleaded guilty in the U.S Courts for the same.

The Renault Group's revenue for the first quarter of 2017 increased by 25.2 per cent to € 13.1 billion. The group also saw 8, 73,678 new registrations in the first quarter of 2017, which is a 15.8 per cent growth over the first quarter of 2016.

Being more India-specific for the first quarter of 2017, Renault was able to capture a market share of 3.6 per cent and had an increase of 9.9 per cent in sales. Almost 27,000 units of the Renault Kwid were registered too. With regards to sales volumes, India is the 8th biggest market for Renault in the world. The Renault Group expects its sales in India to grow at eight per cent for 2017. The Renault Group consists of Renault, Dacia and Nissan, along with Datsun as well (in India, only).


Last Updated on April 29, 2017

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