Odd-Even Rule Kicks Off Today; 15 Lakh Cars Off Delhi Roads

Odd-Even Scheme in Delhi starts today, i.e. November 4 and will be implemented till November 15.

By Shubham Parashar


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Published on November 4, 2019

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  • The odd-even scheme will be implemented in Delhi from Nov 4 to Nov 15.
  • Govt. has said that it's receiving reports of 100 per cent compliance.
  • Over 15 lakh vehicles are expected to be off the road during the period.

Pollution level in Delhi has been alarming as we head towards winters. The city has been suffocating with toxic smog hovering over and the air quality index (AQI) has deteriorated to 494 on Sunday, falling in the severe category. In order to do its bid to improve the atmosphere of city, Delhi Government is up with its customary odd-even scheme which starts from November 4, i.e. today and will be implemented till November 15. In fact, Delhi's Chief Minister, Arvind KeJriwal speaking to the media has already said that there's been almost 100 per cent compliance of the scheme according to the reports his government has received and they're expecting almost 15 lakh cars to be off Delhi roads today.

That said, the state government has exempted two-wheelers from the scheme along with twenty nine other categories of vehicles including those of President, Prime Minister, emergency and enforcement vehicles and cars dropping or picking up school children in uniform among others. The State Government has deployed 200 traffic police teams to ensure smooth and effective implementation of the scheme and any individual who breaks the rule will be fined Rs. 4000 on the spot.

Tweets are actively being sent out from Arvind Kejriwal's twitter handle. The Chief Minister of the national capital has been urging the city dwellers and commuters to abide by the scheme along with requesting auto rickshaw and taxi drivers to not overcharge. Under the scheme, between November 4 and November 10, only those vehicles with registration number ending with an even numerical will be allowed to ply on Delhi roads today or on even days while those vehicles which last registration numerical is an odd number will be allowed to ply on odd days only.

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