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Piaggio Loses Intellectual Property Battle With Kumpan Electric

The European Union Intellectual Property Office has rejected Piaggio's application that German brand Kumpan's electric scooter is a copy of the Vespa.

Piaggio has lost a plagiarism battle with German brand Kumpan expand View Photos
Piaggio has lost a plagiarism battle with German brand Kumpan


  • European Union Intellectual Property Office rejects Piaggio claim
  • Piaggio had claimed that the German brand's electric scooter is copied
  • The Kumpan electric scooter was even removed from the EICMA 2018

The European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) has ruled in favour of Kumpan Electric over an electric scooter plagiarism dispute. The EUIPO has decided that Kumpan's electric scooter does not violate the design filed by Piaggio for the Vespa. Piaggio had filed a plagiarism report against Kumpan Electric in 2018, and at that year's EICMA show in Milan, Piaggio even managed to get the Kumpan 1954 Ri Sport electric scooter removed from the Kumpan stand, claiming that it's a copy of the Vespa.


The EUIPO has ruled that the Kumpan 54 is unique enough and not a copy of the Vespa


German brand Kumpan Electric was forced to remove the Ri 54 electric scooter from the stand at the EICMA 2018

But now the EUIPO seems to have agreed with the German brand, and Kumpan will be able to retain the design of the electric scooter. The Kumpan 1954 Ri Sport is powered by a 4kW engine capable of reaching 45 kmph, and it does somewhat resemble the Vespa. But now, the German brand will be able to retain the design of their product and continue to produce them, with the new name Kumpan 54. Piaggio has already filed an appeal against the decision of the EUIPO.

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Piaggio has again appealed against the decision and as such, the dispute isn't over yet

Piaggio has also been embroiled in another design dispute with a Chinese manufacturer. In that case, the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) ruled in favour of Piaggio, declaring the Chinese design as invalid. The Chinese design was presented at last year's edition of the EICMA motorcycle show in Milan. The EUIPO found while taking the decision that the Chinese design "closely reproduces features" of the original Vespa Primavera model and "lacks individual character."

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The Chinese design was registered in the name of Chen Huang. According to Piaggio, the Italian brand has taken a series of measures against counterfeiting and more than 50 trademarks registered by third parties have been cancelled in the last two years. Closer home, the design of the Bajaj Chetak electric scooter was also embroiled in a short-lived controversy when Tata Motors Design Head Pratap Bose called out the Chetak's design as an "opportunity missed." Bajaj Auto Managing Director Rajiv Bajaj didn't take to the comment too kindly and even retorted that Tata's own designs had to point to the Land Rover connection in a TVC on the Tata Harrier.

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