Tesla Owner Uses Implanted Chip To Access Car

The owner, part of a beta testing group, has a chip embedded into his hand that lets him lock or unlock the vehicle.

By Jaiveer Mehra


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Published on August 23, 2022

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    Tesla has for a while now let users set up their mobile phones as the keys to their vehicles. However, one owner, Brandon Dalaly, has taken it a step further. Dalaly has had an NFC chip implanted into the back of his hand that has now taken over the responsibilities of the Tesla Phone Key. Dalaly shared a clip on social media tagging Elon Musk showing him having the chip implanted into his right hand and then locking and unlocking the vehicle by swiping the back of his hand against the sensor in the doors.

    "Finally decided to take my phone key issues into my own hands... literally. Tesla key chip implant," he wrote on Twitter.


    Dalaly also addressed some concerns from other twitter users about applications for the iplant saying that the chip could “also do things like store data, access control, otp 2-factor authentication, secure crypto wallet, and in the future credit card transactions.”

    As per reports, Dalaly is part of a beta testing group using the VivoKey Apex chip that uses NFC technology to store and share data and is not related to the electric vehicle giant. The chip is still in the phase of testing with a public release only to come sometime in the future. He also has a second chip implanted into his left hand that acts as the keys to his house, hold his contact card and more. 

    Speaking to Teslarati, Dalaly said that he used the chip as a backup in case the Phoney Key failed to unlock the doors and he left the car keys behind. Dalaly spent close to $ 400 to procure the chip and have it implanted into his hand via a specialist though the final chip could be more expensive in the open market given that Dalaly is a beta tester.

    Source: Brandon Dalaly, Teslarati

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