Apple Bins Driverless Car Project: Report

As per reports, the company has decided to pull the plug on the project and focus on developing generative artificial intelligence.

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Published on February 29, 2024

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  • Bloomberg reports Apple has pulled the plug on the project
  • Latest reports put the Apple Car arriving in 2028
  • Project likely axed due to poor margins and need for further investments

The long-talked-about Apple Car project could be dead in the water. As per a Bloomberg report, the much-touted project has been killed off by the tech giant in favour of focusing on the development of generative artificial intelligence. The decision was reportedly conveyed to employees working on the project earlier this week by Apple COO Jeff Williams and project Vice President Kevin Lynch.


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As per the Bloomberg report, a large part of the team behind Apple’s self-driving car development is being reassigned to the company’s artificial intelligence division. There are however some employees that could be laid off by the company. The decision reportedly stems from the company anticipating lower margins from its self-driving car, as compared to its other products, as well as the need to make substantial investments going forward to bring it to market which would drive up the price of the car making it unviable.


The Apple Car project or Project Titan dates back to 2014 though it has suffered numerous setbacks and delays over the course of the decade. Reports from 2015 placed the Apple Car as hitting markets in 2019 though that was subsequently delayed to 2024 then 2026 and even further to 2028 over the ensuing years. Apple commenced on-road testing of its autonomous driving systems in California in 2017 though there was little detail on the company’s car.


In 2021 reports emerged of Apple courting multiple carmakers over the possibility of building the Apple Car as well as battery firms over sourcing battery packs though nothing was ever finalized. A big set-back hit in 2022 when the company moved away from its goal of offering a Level 5 autonomous vehicle in favour of one with Level 2 autonomous tech. Come 2024 Apple had yet to reveal a prototype or a sketch of its Apple Car nor any details entailing on the platform it would be based on.


While the Apple Car might be dead in the water, it remains to be seen if Apple will put its developments into autonomous driving technologies to use with the company having undertaken extensive testing of its systems. The company could still look to develop the system and offer it to other car manufacturers though there is no official word on the matter.



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