Arrival Partners With Uber For EVs For Ride-Share Drivers 

The Arrival Car for Uber is expected to hit production by Q3 2023. It will be an affordable purpose-built EV designed for Uber drivers.

By Sahil Gupta


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Published on May 5, 2021

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  • Arrival is designing an EV specially for ride-sharing
  • It will also be taking input from Uber's driver partners
  • The car will hit production in 2023 and will also be available to rivals

While Uber has given up on designing its own vehicles for all intents, it is still in the game. It has partnered with EV startup 'Arrival' which will design a purpose built EV that's for ride-share drivers. Arrival will even invite Uber's drivers to participate in the design process. They are also looking at strategic partnership so that they can deploy these EVs in UK and EU, beyond the US and North American market. Arrival is no small operation. It operates in two continents and has over 1,000 employees. It most recently unveiled the Arrival Van and Arrival Bus. Its leaning is mostly towards mass public transport which makes it a great partner for Uber.


Arrival will design a car specially for ride-hailing services

"We are confident that electrifying ride-hailing vehicles will have an outsized impact on cities, and we are keen to support drivers as they manage this transition. Arrival Car will be designed around drivers' needs to create a vehicle that is affordable, durable, and desirable. We have had great success working alongside key partners to create our best-in-class delivery van, and we hope to replicate that success with Uber as we develop the best possible product for ride-hailing that elevates the experience of the passenger and improves drivers' health, safety, and finances," said Tom Elvidge, Senior Vice President at Arrival Mobility. 

This partnership is also important for Uber as plans on going green. It recently rolled out Uber Green London allowing riders to request an EV for no additional cost. It has also committed to making its service in London fully electric by 2025, while in the US and Europe, it broadly plans on going green by 2030. Globally, it plans on going fully electric by 2040 which is a more feasible target considering it has a huge presence in markets like India where electric cars haven't yet taken off. For some context, globally Uber has 30 million rideshare drivers. 


The focus is on minimalism and the back seat comfort

"As our cities open up we have an opportunity to make sure that urban transport is cleaner than ever before. Uber is committed to helping every driver in London upgrade to an EV by 2025, and thanks to our Clean Air Plan, more than and $163,135 million has been raised to support this ambition. Our focus is now on encouraging drivers to use this money to help them upgrade to an electric vehicle, and our partnership with Arrival will help us achieve this goal, " said Jamie Heywood, its regional GM for Northern and Eastern Europe. 

The Arrival Car for Uber is expected to hit production by Q3 2023. It will be an affordable purpose-built EV designed for Uber drivers. Interestingly, this vehicle is not exclusive to Uber. Right now they have entered a memorandum of understanding for a strategic relationship in the US, EU and UK. But if other ride-share companies want to purchase the EV, they will be able to buy it. 

The focus on the design of the car is on minimalism, space and comfort. From the renders, the backseat could be a bench and the front seat can fold up. It also seems to have a panoramic sunroof. 

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