Cars With Factory Fitted Air Purifiers

Beat the rising air pollution levels by buying one of these rides.

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Published on February 1, 2022

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  • Factory-fitted parts are always better than aftermarket parts.
  • Car air purifiers are almost a necessity in metro cities.
  • They even spread fragrance throughout the cars.

Air pollution levels reach dangerous heights in India each year. In such times, it has become necessary to have air purifiers in our homes. But for those who travel in their cars a lot, having car air purifiers is also pretty important. Sure, you can buy aftermarket air purifiers but anyone who has used aftermarket parts for their cars will tell you that they are not the same as having factory-fitted ones. Plus, they will also occupy the 12V socket that you can use for installing a phone charger or something else. If you already own a car, you can definitely go for such products but if you don't, we've made for you this list of 5 cars that come with their own factory fitted air purifiers.

Hyundai i20


Photo Credit: www.hyundai.com

The Hyundai i20 can be bought with an Oxyboost air purifier that sits beside the front armrest and provides fresh air inside the cabin. It even has a display that shows the air quality. There aren't many settings to adjust this air purifier so all you have to do when you want some clean air is just turn it on and let it do its work.

Kia Sonet


Photo Credit: www.kia.com

The Kia Sonet has turned out to be a big hit in the Indian market. If you wish to purchase it with a factory-fitted air purifier, you need to go for its HTX+ or GTX+ models. It's a two-stage air purifier that includes a HEPA filter for removing fine particles from the air and a UV-C ray unit, which further reduces airborne viruses and bacteria by up to 99 percent.

Hyundai Creta


Photo Credit: www.hyundai.com

The Creta is another among cars with factory fitted air purifiers made by Hyundai. The smart air purifier inside this ride can be activated through its infotainment screen, which always displays the AQI (Air Quality Index) inside the car. The car's Auto Healthy Air function has different levels of air purification. It can even be controlled by passengers sitting at the back through a small display and control panel.

MG Gloster


Photo Credit: mgmotor.scene7.com

The MG Gloster comes with a factory-fitted PM 2.5 filter, which provides its passengers with the ability to breathe in clean air. The Gloster has plenty of other luxury features as well. These include a three-zone AC system, paddle shifters, a 12-way power adjustment seat, and more.

Kia Seltos


Photo Credit: www.kia.com

Just like the Sonet, the Seltos from Kia also comes with a smart air purifier pre-installed. This is also a two-stage purification system. Kia offers 12 fragrance options for the cabin, including lavender, forest, and ocean.

The fact that we have five cars with factory fitted air purifiers already tells us that we can expect more in the coming years. How long do you think will it take for them to become a common feature in cars across segments?

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