CES 2023: Continental Showcases New Display Tech, Driver Identification System

Tech firm reveals new 47.5-inch curved ultra-wide TFT display with matrix backlight paired with a disappearing control display.

By Jaiveer Mehra


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Published on January 6, 2023

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  • Continental to put new wide-screen curved display into production in 2025
  • Also showcases a disappearing secondary display that goes along with the wide-screen
  • New driver authentication tech uses sensors built into the driver display for facial recognition

CES has for years been the showground of tech and electronics firms showcasing the latest developments in technologies that could hit the market. For 2023, Continental showcased its latest development in in-car technology with its new Ultra-Wide Curved Display, Invisible Control Panel and Driver identification technology.

The star of the tech was the ultra-wide curved display stretching 47.5 inches from A-pillar to A-pillar featuring matrix backlighting and the option to dim individual sections of the display. The wide-screen display, aside from featuring touch-based operations, also comes with an innovative disappearing control display called the In2visible Display. The secondary display – also featuring matrix backlighting - is covered by a semi-transparent surface that neatly blends with the dashboard. When not in use the surface appears to be a part of the dashboard with the display only appearing when required.

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Continental also showcased a new facial-recognition-based driver identification and authentication system

“The combination of our In2visible Technology with the Curved Ultrawide Display is unique because it solves the problem of how to keep the growing screens in the cockpit operable. Pillar-to-pillar displays in particular present a challenge of finding operating solutions that allow the driver and front passenger to reach the entire screen. The seamlessly integrated control panel, within the driver’s reach, solves this problem in the most elegant manner while also granting the request of many drivers to operate the display via touch control,” said Kai Hohmann, product manager, Display Solutions at Continental.

The company that the ultra-wide curved display will go into production by 2025.

The company also showcased its new Driver Identification Display which used sensors and cameras from trinamiX integrated within the driver display for facial recognition and driver monitoring. The system uses the built-in sensors to identify drivers climbing behind the wheel and provides additional functionalities such as authenticating in-car payments using facial recognition.

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