Chinese Grand Prix F1 Sprint Report: Max Verstappen Wins First Sprint Race Of The Season

The Mclaren star secured his first sprint pole of the season but it was all for nought as the Verstappen train continued its dominance.

By Yashraj Singh


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Published on April 20, 2024

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  • Max Verstappen took victory at the Sprint Race.
  • Lando Norris who took pole in the Sprint qualifying session finished eighth.
  • Fernando Alonso's podium hopes were dashed as he suffered a puncture.

After five years of absence, the 2024 Chinese Grand Prix at the Shanghai International Circuit kicked off with the first of the season’s six sprint qualifying and sprint races. 


The one-hour qualifying session, divided into three quickfire segments, witnessed Norris reclaiming the top spot after a momentary setback. Initially, his blistering lap time (1.2 seconds clear of the next best time) was deleted, giving Lewis Hamilton a fleeting taste of pole position. However, as rain draped the circuit, Norris with his lap ultimately reinstated, secured himself sprint pole, starting on the front row alongside Hamilton.
 Sprint 4


As the grid formed for Saturday's sprint, anticipation hung heavy in the air.  Hamilton, with a blistering start, darted into the lead, but Norris refused to relent, engaging in a fierce battle for supremacy. Unfortunately for the Woking team, Lando drew the short end of the stick as he went wide and dropped down to eighth.


Behind them, Max Verstappen, the dominant reigning champion, navigated the treacherous conditions with his trademark talent and determination. Overcoming early setbacks, Verstappen fought his way through the field, his eyes set on the top step of the podium. Fernando Alonso, who started third in his Aston Martin, showcased his massive experience and expertise, as a titanic battle for the final podium position unfolded behind him.


Sprint 3


Alonso, after a spirited battle with the Ferraris of Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc, suffered a puncture, ending his race prematurely. Norris, after an early setback, battled through the field to finish a commendable sixth, ahead of his McLaren teammate Oscar Piastri. George Russell, taking a gamble on soft tyres, delivered a stellar performance to secure eighth place, much to the delight of the home crowd.


Sprint 5


In the end, it was Verstappen who emerged victorious, his dominance on display as he crossed the finish line with a commanding lead. Hamilton, despite his best efforts, settled for second place, his best result of the season so far. In the other RedBull Sergio Perez, fought his way to third after passing Alonso, completing the podium.


As the dust settled on an exhilarating sprint race, fans were left eagerly anticipating Sunday's main event. The Chinese Grand Prix had delivered a spectacle worthy of its storied history, with twists and turns aplenty.


Finishing Order:

  1. M. Verstappen (RBR)
  2. L. Hamilton (Mercedes)
  3. S. Perez (RBR)
  4. C. Leclerc (Ferrari)
  5. C. Sainz (Ferrari)
  6. L. Norris (McLaren)
  7. O. Piastri (Mclaren)
  8. G. Russell (Mercedes)
  9. Z. Guanyu (Stake)
  10. K. Magnussen (Haas)
  11. D. Ricciardo (VCARB)
  12. V. Bottas (Stake)
  13. E. Ocon (Alpine)
  14. L. Stroll (Aston Martin)
  15. P. Gasly (Alpine)
  16. Y. Tsunoda (VCARB)
  17. A. Albon (Williams)
  18. L. Sargeant (Williams)
  19. N. Hulkenberg (Haas)


DNF: F. Alonso (Aston Martin)

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