Human Factor To Still Play Important Role Despite Greater Automation: Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes-Benz aims to reduce road accidents to zero by the year 2050 with autonomous technology playing a major role.

By Jaiveer Mehra


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Published on December 14, 2022

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    Road safety has long been a hot topic of discussion both in India and on the global stage. Mercedes-Benz has an ambitious goal to reduce road accident numbers to zero by the year 2050. While technology is undoubtedly set to play a major part towards the goal, the human factor too will still play an important role.

    Speaking on the implementation of autonomous technologies and its role in accident prevention at Mercedes-Benz Research and Development India's third road safety summit Dr Paul Dick, Director Vehicle Safety, Durability, Corrosion Protection, Mercedes-Benz AG, said "It plays a big part. We are on our way. It's not a revolution it's an evolution. We have to work on it every day to bring these technologies in the car. We had it just to avoid accidents like ADAS or active systems and then it's going up and up and up to the way that we drive automated.”

    The Mercedes S-class and EQS offer  up to Level 3 autonomous driving functions under certain condition in its home market of Germany.

    Paul stated that the roll out of these technologies would happen gradually on the global stage but would eventually reach all markets. He however also emphasised that a human factor would still play an important part going forward.

    “Behaviour of humans will be still be important also in ADAS cars, because you should be belted, you should be in upright position. You should, as a driver, even in an ADAS car ask all the others please (wear seat)belt. You are responsible as a driver for everybody in the car,” Dick added.

    ADAS technologies in recent years have seen tremendous growth across the globe with greater emphasis on automation. More and more vehicles are now fitted with level 2 autonomous technologies providing for collision mitigation functions, traffic and road sign monitoring, lane keep and change functions and more.

    In global markets ADAS technologies have gradually become part of the norm particularly in Europe with all cars now offering some levels of autonomous functionality. In other markets too ADAS systems are now becoming more prevalent including in India and now available in the lower segments as well, bringing this tech to closer to the masses.

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