Next Fiat Panda Could Be The Most Affordable EV

There will even be an adjustable dock to hold either a phone or tablet as it removes the infotainment screen altogether.

By Sahil Gupta


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Published on January 20, 2022

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  • The next Fiat Panda will be cheap and highly customisable
  • Fiat is also removing the infotainment screen on these cars
  • A docking station for phones or tablets will be put instead

Fiat parent only in 2021 made a bold bet on electric cars and now it seems like it is accelerating its shift towards electric powertrains. Fiat wants its next-generation Panda to be the entry-level EV option and perhaps be the most affordable EV, at least, in Europe. 

"Awaken the sleeping giant. That's exactly my point of view. We have not even started awakening the giant," said Oliver Francois, the president of the Fiat brand. 

The new electric hatchback has been designed with modularity at its heart. It will come with an option of 4 roof covers, 4 bumpers, 4 wheel wraps, and 4 paint wraps. 


The next generation Panda could be the one of the most affordable EVs

The interior accessories are interchangeable and can be installed in "plug-and-play" mode - from the cluster and storage pockets to the seats and child seats - directly by the customer. The exteriors are wrappable, the bumpers are customizable, and various roof covers are available to dress it up as the season's change or according to your own preferences," Fiat explains in an official release. 

Fiat is going out of its way to talk up its customization capabilities. There will even be an adjustable dock to hold either a phone or tablet as it removes the infotainment screen altogether. Francois revealed that the top-end trim of the 500e which is a class above the Panda will top out at 30,000 euros. 

 "There will be a future for Panda as a nameplate ... that's why I pitched the latest 500 initially as a convertible: high-end, full of options, and 30,000 Euros. Because the day I introduce the future Panda, I'll probably do the opposite. I'll introduce the most naked version with an incredible price," he said indicating a sub 20,000 euro price point for the car. 


Last Updated on January 20, 2022

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