Ola To Add 10,000 New Electric Vehicles To Its Fleet

Ride hailing service Ola has announced that it will add 10,000 new electric three wheelers in India into its fleet by this time next year.

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Ola already has an E-cab pilot program running in Nagpur


  • The electric three wheelers will be deployed in three cities in India
  • E-vehicles barely account for about 0.1 per cent of the 30 lakh car sales
  • These E-vehicles will be three-wheelers

Ola, the Indian 'ride hailing' giant has announced that it will add a staggering 10,000 new electric vehicles to its fleet over the next year. These 10,000 electric vehicles will be electric three wheelers and will be deployed in three urban locations around the country. The expansion of the Ola electric fleet comes as no surprise as the ride hailing firm has already been experimenting with electric cars and three wheelers in the city of Nagpur. While the Nagpur electric powered Ola taxi project has seen some snags, mainly with drivers complaining about charge times and short range, the expansion is in line with Ola's plan to have over 10 lakh vehicles around the country registered under the banner by 2021.

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Cities like Delhi already see a huge number of electric three wheelers being used for local point to point transportation. With the government recently announcing that it is considering scrapping the need to get a special permit to run these electric three wheelers and buses, the number of electric urban transport vehicles is only set to increase dramatically. Currently, Ola has over 10 lakh drivers officially registered as a part of their ride hailing network and the number is expected to grow significantly if the above rule comes into play.

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Currently, electric vehicles barely account for about 0.1 per cent of the total approximately 30 lakh vehicles sold in the country. With a strong push towards electric vehicles from the Indian government - including the likes of introduction of green number plates and allowing teens between the age of 16-18 years to freely ride electric scooters, the number of electric vehicles sold in India will only go up in the near future.


Source: Inside EVs

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